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The Black Community

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posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 09:10 PM
As a black man in America I've never accepted, nor ever will accept
this ridiculous term. It's just one of many social constructs foisted
upon us by Egalitarians as a political tool of manipulation against
us since the 50's.

In my understanding, only the naive and greatly misinformed
have failed to connect the dots that current events are more
of the same. From the same mindset/groups responsible for
staging Rosa Parks bus trip and several civil rights events
in the past.

Ignorance is a choice.

posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 09:28 PM
I think the term itself has been used to keep a wall between Black Americans and American society as a whole. It implies a unique identity which has some truth to it but it is also a chain tying them down. The political value of keeping various groups separate is high, expanding the old communist dichotomy of class warfare.

posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 09:30 PM
a reply to: PhilbertDezineck

Ill return tomorrow with links. But yes. It does

posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 11:42 PM
the real problem with America is tribalism, its not being black that brings mistreatment, its the fact that they are seen as weak due to being vastly outnumbered and therefore easy to exploit, its not about wealth or race or whatever, its why jews and Asians are generally treated like White people and not exploited, and when they are they get justice, because their strong family and social structures backed by powerful corporations, banks and domination of the global economy.

i don't see things improving much until blacks match Whites in population size, or when they develop a strong social structure with significant economic and political power, legislation regarding equality are just stopgaps to give them a chance to realize the real reason they are mistreated, become strong as a whole and then the real change will begin among the white population and racism will disappear.

America is a meritocracy in disguise, where only the strong are respected and thrive, that won't change any time in the future like it did with other Western nations, its why we have been so hesitant to adopt the changes seen in many Western nations that have improved life for their people. the black community needs to show strength from now on or they will get nowhere in their battle for equality.

posted on Jun, 12 2020 @ 10:56 AM
a reply to: DOcean

"Mate"? Sounds like you're not from America. So you're going to school me on how things go here, based on stuff you've read on the internet?

You do know that you only have to look at a persons Avatar to the left of their post to see if they have posted where they're from don't you? Also some of us have traveled outside there own little back water town and have friends who are different colours and from other cultures and countries, some of us can look outside of the disease that is social media?!?

See, this truly is the free, land of opportunity. We don't honor kill. We don't cut off hands of thieves. We don't behead adulterers. We don't mutilate genitals. We don't cane our criminals. We don't do any of the inhumane, barbaric things they do to people in other countries.

Apart from those force feed on absurd American propaganda, we all know how "Free" America is and it ain't that free "mate".
I'm so glad to see you don't honour kill, I mean, you say it like thats something special, like no other western country treats its citizen to that kind of freedom?? American has the biggest prison population per capita across the world, thats something to be proud of right? You also kill some of them!

We even have programs in place, directed toward the people we feel that we've slighted in the past!

Slighted?? How about killed or enslaved and then subjugated till the 60's, and the native people were treated just as bad.

That said, we are certainly not perfect. It hasn't always been this way. But, part of that FREEDOM allows you to leave and relocate anywhere in the world, any time you want.

Except you have to continue paying taxes to the country you no longer live in, that has freedom written all over it??

Oh wait...unless your country of choice won't take you in. Which is a very real possibility.

You've just show your ignorance right here and how some Americans see themselves as high and mighty. The majority of my family have tracible roots in my country for over a thousand years, I think in comparison, you're the "immigrant" here "mate".

A woman spilled hot coffee on herself in a drive thru......

Your ramblings about hot coffee aside, maybe the hostess was made to pour coffee from a poorly designed dispenser or work on an uneven floor which resulted in an accident who knows but what does that have to do with your butt hurt about community?

But 9/10 times, if you are not happy with some aspect of your life, there is a good change that the choices you have made that led you there and leave you stuck there;

But if you truly feel that there is an oppressor preventing you from making any of these changes (and not just your mom who lives on the main level above you), please let me know and I will personally do everything in my power to help you take care of it.

Is this your life story, are you not happy with the choices you made, do you feel oppressed by your mom? Do you need a shoulder to cry on?
Is this why you feel threaten by the "Black community".

posted on Jun, 12 2020 @ 11:17 AM
a reply to: DOcean

And to further sink your BS "Systemic and cultural racism" comment...

You may think it's BS
But here's why you have systemic and cultural racism.

But of course it has nothing to do with oppression or racism but all to do with Accountability.
Funny that????

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