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70 crimes you can pick from a list the CCP/PLA way of justice no pick stay forever

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posted on Jun, 10 2020 @ 07:06 AM
Full Title : Chinese re-education camps ask detainees to pick a crime off a list before holding a sham trial
Chinese re-education camps ask detainees to pick a crime off a list of 70 infractions that you need to confess you have committed or you are threatened you will never be released.

You got to hand it to the socialist/communist Chinese they know how to get their way when dealing with people. In some ways I supposed that since the majority of the Uighurs having not been turned into organ donors it is a good thing..... while many of the Falun Gong can not say the same as there have been reports of them giving their all (hearts, livers etc etc) for the CCP/PLA.. A totalitarian regime tends to make up the rules as they go along under some recently printed bastardized law they just dreamed up to make it all appear legal.. All I can say is beware of unjust laws dreamed up by socialist/communist/control freaks no matter where they call home.

Yesterday German outlet Deutsche Welle published an exclusive story based on interviews with four former detainees at Chinese re-education camps in the western province of Xinjiang. All four described a day, after months of incarceration and propaganda, when officials handed them a list of crimes and told them to choose the ones to which they wanted to confess.

“They threatened us: ‘if you don’t pick anything, that means you did not confess your crime. If you don’t confess, you will stay here forever.’ That’s why we picked one crime,” one female detainee who was imprisoned in March 2018 told DW.

Religious activities considered illegal are often as vague as "disrupting social order," according to Timothy Grose, a Xinjiang expert at the Indiana-based Rose-Hulman Institute. "Officials can basically interpret them any way they want," he told DW. "The entire (legal) system is just silly, it's arbitrary."

Since 2016, the Chinese government has been arresting ethnic Uighurs and Kazakhs and imprisoning them in what is officially called "Vocational Education Training Centers," but have been referred to in the West as "re-education" camps.

It is hard to say exactly how many people have been imprisoned. According to estimates, at least 1 million of the roughly 10 million Uighurs and Kazakhs living in Xinjiang have disappeared into the vast network of prisons and camps.

posted on Jun, 13 2020 @ 06:24 AM
I figured there would be at least one defender of the CCP/PLA as they seem to come out of the woodwork when anything negative is said about Chinese totalitarian way of doing things..

One of my best friends is/was a little red book carrying undercover agent for the CCP many years ago. She escaped China and now lives in the states.. If you think I am hard on the CCP you should hear her !! She used to be a member here but got banned a few years ago for she is not politically correct in anyway.. Very refreshing IMO


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