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The freezer rig

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posted on Jun, 9 2020 @ 05:01 AM
As the temperature rose , so did the seas .

The inundation was complete .

Acid oceans with lots of civilisation soup .

Toxicity of air and water took their grim toll.

Survival for the few left , has moved to Antarctica .

There is no snow or ice here , and the weather is on
steroids . The balance may be lost for quite a while .
No one knows.
Hurricane conditions do not let up near the equator.
Outdoor work is over really .
We all live underground .

Everything is provided by AI , and any jobs for people are
supervisory . My task is to build a giant refrigeration system ,
Around the continent …. well , two big islands anyway .
Powered by ocean currents , the project is modular ,

… made from salvaging drifting shipping containers found on the
outer edge of the local seaborne garbage vortex …

(now THAT'S a dangerous job )

We chain 'em five high and wide , compressors inside ,
weather side huge condensors
… with the layered pipework running inland .

This has now accumulated snow , and within another hundred years ,
the plan is to have a 50 km. wide , ring of fresh ice around the tortured
landscape , and within it's perimeter .a forest , and farmland ….
a new start for mankind .

… and the environment .

The end

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