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Systemic Left-wing Racism Against LEOs. 89 Officers Killed in 2019

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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:12 AM

originally posted by: ElectricUniverse
a reply to: Bluntone22

IMO, the only officer that should be charged with "intentional homicide" is Chauvin. The other three cops should only face "accessory to involuntary manslaughter." But because of the left's constant claims of "systemic racism", the other three former police officers will most likely be charged with "accessory to intentional manslaughter," aka "accessory to murder 1" which will most likely give them a very high sentence they don't deserve.

Meanwhile the police officers and regular civilians killed because of the riots/looting will most likely not get any justice whatsoever... That's justice for the left these days...

Thao standing watch? I dunno...

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:15 AM

originally posted by: slatesteam

Thao standing watch? I dunno...

I'm not sure if the other three will get anything, doing nothing is not a crime unless you conspired in the first place. The one officer said a number of time maybe you should get off of him, but he was out ranked... I think the others along with the one talking were also watching the area and not really watching the who thing play out.

I think for them wrong place at the wrong time, but the one who actually committed murder will go down hard, and that is good.

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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:19 AM
whos talking about a system here only You lol Come on Honest man .
Go be the most honest cop ever and when Your wife drives after haveing one to many be sure to put her in or when your best friend decides to try a little coco send tehm up for 6 months .
socialism LOLOL what a Joke .
On the other hand cops who Just stand Idling by wile another cop pockets some drugs or kills and man or or or .
never mind teh FACT you would NOT Put in your friends wife's girls sons .
No never mind that NO father would LOL But the point is valad never the less .

THE very best we can DO with POLICE is POLICE the POLICE and when one does POCKET drugs or have a extra UNKNOWN gun Just in case or places drugs teh rests alest REPORT that Instead of just Be a GOOD COP and pretend they did not see it .
because the way the cops are the MAIN requirement for being a GOOD cop is NEVER under any time report a bad cop OR watch how fast YOUR good cops just put out .

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:23 AM
cops are such angles NOPE not Millions of dollars of Drug evidence that never makes it to the evidence room LOLOL
and NO way DOES your good cop know eah and every cop who has pocketed said drugs .
EVERY addict knows the best Drugs you get are from cops .

and Of corse the Good cops dont have a clue snow white they are why they are almost as Naive as YOU lol
Your good cops who are Truly that naive well they should get another job not cut out to be a cop when a crime is being committed righ in front of them and they jsut cant tell .
I could POST pages of departments WHOLE departments that finly had to be TOTALY cleaned out New York is known for needing to house clean COPS every 15 years or so la as well But the smaller the city of town the LONGER is usaly takes to get that bad .

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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:27 AM

originally posted by: midnightstar
MORE LIES you think you can even say a word without it being a lie ?
Disarm who ? jsut were IN this thread is any thing to do WITH GUN laws ?
disarm teh BIGGEST LIE you people push !
Disarm 200 Million people LOLOLOL
AGAIN YOUR TRANSPARENT thank you Trump Only thing NOT a lie he has exposed the REAL scum who defintly are Pushing for a police state or dictator ship radicals Or jsut plan Russian China shills dont matter Your exposed better go find a hole to crawl into

Wow... and here I thought I might be discussing this topic with a somewhat intelligent left-winger...

So, we have gone from your total lack of reading comprehension in which you want to deny that your own left-wing leaders essentially said "policing as we know it should be a thing of the past, and we should disband police departments and find a new way which doesn't involve guns, doesn't involve using pepper spray on angry protesters, etc..." To now you are claiming that I must be a Russian or Chinese spy, alongside with the POTUS... This is turning more and more into a hilarious show of: "which left-winger tells the most radical lies they can throw at you..."

Perhaps you should spend your time learning how to write in English coherently before you start claiming people are "Chinese or Russian spies"?... Just a thought...

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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:35 AM
The US right now is just at the TOP of the corruption curve is all every 20 to 40 years corruption Builds starting small slowly getting worse Untill finly getting so bad teh Corrupt No longer even bother to hide it then every one can no longe rignore it and no one can no longer say Its JUST ONE MAN or JUST ONE COP .
and we clean house and start FRESH with NEW cops and the KILLING go down again I am 54 Just old enough to know of the 1960 when that last top of the curve was .

We did NOT become socialist NORE did we disarm the country we JUST FIRED and jailed teh Corrupty COPS got new ONES and started over .

Its just House cleaning time again either your that naive or your a radical or shill honestly I dont care which .
WE THE peopel OF teh UNITED states have decided WE need tO REPLACE alot of corrupt cops .
as for the Good ones well the ones who are will keep there jobs the rest will be new cops new police chiefs

You can take your socialism or Disarming and Shove it were the SUN dont shine

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:41 AM
as for who I am again I dont care who you think I am The ONLY issue is CRIME bad cops and LOOTERS or any crime .
This is NOT politics This is PEOPLE lifes there family there friends .
Good cops great we will have alot OF good cops heck the city I am has been clean our department for years cops do a fair job more and more now .
The LOOTERS did GET arrested 46,000 $ recovered mean wile ONLY 20 protesters arrested and 18 LET GO with 2 who DID accutly fight .
My city 500,000 people Really not to bad still needs work but not bad
good cops well better cops and we will keep working to make them better .
Alest we are NOt being shot tazed and gassed wile protesting awile the LOOTERS do get arrested its a start
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BUt if Politics matter to you we are rebubs mostly here and beinga repud city and STATE did not stop the looters from looting BUt the cops did arrest them
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extra DIV

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:48 AM

originally posted by: midnightstar
You can take your socialism or Disarming and Shove it were the SUN dont shine

Are you writing from a psychiatric ward perchance?...

You went from saying "no guns in the U.S." and now you want me to shove socialism, and the disarming of Americans which your left-wing leaders have been doing, both things which I detest?...

Stop talking/writing loco lady... Or are you under some sort of drug influence?...

edit on 7-6-2020 by ElectricUniverse because: correct comment.

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 12:53 AM
really SHOW that LIE I grow up HUNTING going to shooting ranges But if my stance on guns is a problem Ill take a NICE crome revolver thanks .

Again Take YOUR disarm LIE and shove it were the SUN dont sine as IF we could ever ever be disarmed LOL Biggest LIE of all .
really I am enjoying showing you for what you are .
You try making it about guns well we have almost 400 million of them you try saying we dont want police well we have police and we ARE FIRING the corrupt ones and HIRING BETTER POLICE .
You say socialism as if that means a darn thing some of our system is socialism Like PUBLIC POLICE--- PUBLIC schools PUBLIC fired departments
Alot of our system is capitalism as well after all every one wants to makea Buck lol
' some is a democracy and when WE get Corrupt POLICE we VOTE OUT mayors as well and o yes presidents who believe they can just hire fed Prison guards and use them against the Public .

But see that is the Beauty of Our system Radicals will always fail . As IF ANY ONE COULD DISARM US LOL .
as if any ONE president can just do what ever he wants with No over site .

You say I am not american LOL america is people from EVERY race every country and Most of us only want peacfull life .
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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:05 AM
a reply to: midnightstar

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:13 AM
enjoyed that movie Finly out of lies hu or you can keep tring the longer you do the more people will see you for who and what you are .
really You people are Helping get this moving Much much faster much much easier so please keep posting .
dont quite now surly I cant out smart your genus heck I never even went to collage and If you cant even shut me down your as weak as the man how HIDES in a basement with a newly Installed face around the white house .
Every thread you people have made has been shown for the lies they are .

all You have IS Numbers and your attempts of using them to make some kind of stand of corrupt police or even JUST ONE MURDER shows just how weak you are

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:14 AM
a reply to: ElectricUniverse

48 died? How many did they kill?

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:20 AM
what is REALLY FUNNY is MY stance on GUNS would be TOTALLY pointless in this post .
Does not matter if I love them hate them there are 400 MILLION OF THEM they are NOT going any ware LOL
as for police again MY stance DOES NOT matter love them hate them there WILL BE POLICE .
Your so weak All you can even try to do is attack me and Me I am NO ONE lol and MY views On socialism Does NOT matter one wite .
even IF i have DONE noting else I have gotton you to wast YOUR TIME attacking me one of the LOWER people powerless to change a Thing in NO position to Fight any one .
Me I am No one and you just wasted a entire thread and showed just how weak you are attacking the weakest OF US and still failing .
there are 2 or 3 more threads just like this one and in just the last 3 days I have derailed every Last lie little old me who cant even spell or type well little old me who Is NO one the weakest of the weak .

every last thread you people do the same thing attack the reply IN NOT ONE reply do you ever offer any solutions EVER .
You have NO effective responce to any thing Lefty lol socialism LOL my stance on guns LOL as if any of that means a darn THING .

Now numbers that your good at accutly I bet you get A + in math thing is lIves are NOT numbers and even Tring to degrade them down to Justa Number is enough to show Just how weak you really are .
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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:28 AM
a reply to: midnightstar

Flame away but generally speaking typing in random caps indicates insanity.

That may not be you but I hope this message may make you think twice about using caps.

They do not reinforce your point but rather make people think you still have AOL.

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:42 AM
what ever dont care flame is it well looks like the thread is burning .
caps are a good way To make a point the who reply is not in caps despret are you .
really you guys should stick to any form NOT mudpit .

I am thrilled you have been reduced to pointing out my typing style . the whole point to my replys to let people see just how weak this post truly is the MORE you attack me the More you show that .
Acutely figered by now alest someone would be smart enough to stop replying to replys they cant win .

See people can see just how bad my spelling is and how I used caps and Just how low and weak i am and also just how No reply to me has done any more then show them for the shills radicals or just plan naive they are .
as If one man could ever disarm 400 Million guns LOLOLOL as If one man could ever Disband all police as If one man could cause socialism what ever that really means .

Yep I really am just as weak as you say glad you pointed it out for every one and so neat and spelled right .
Because when people read my weak replys and they still show just how stupid someone who Pushes OOO NO police at all disarm 400 MILLION guns is you make the points for me .

when they reduce a man who was Murdered down to just a Number I dont need Numbers at all every last single person Knows it could have been them GET that Single - ONE .

Please keep showing people just how weak I am so they see how much weaker you are .

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posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 01:53 AM
How can there be racism against a profession?

Is there a lot of contact between black people a law officers?
Like, are black people and police more likely to get into confrontations?
Are blacks pursued by police at a high rate per capita?

Do white people in parks threaten to lie to police when black people ask them to leash their dogs?

Do black peoples fear and face police confrontation more than white people?

Just asking

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 02:03 AM
a reply to: midnightstar


You are the same person making the same claims in another thread in which you claim the left wasn't calling to defund the police, and essentially replace police departments with something else that "doesn't need guns, doesn't use pepper spray on angry protesters, etc...

A member of the Minneapolis City Council revealed this week that he and several other council members are working on finding out what it would take to disband the Minneapolis Police Department.

The announcement from Councilmember Steve Fletcher comes a week after George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis. During an appearance on CNN on Wednesday, he called the city’s police department “ungovernable.”

"The department is ungovernable,” Fletcher said. “Chief (Medaria) Arradondo is a leader that we've all had very high hopes in and that I imagined could play a role in envisioning the next version of public safety. But he has clearly not been able to make the culture change happen that we were hoping for and investing in.”
...Fletcher said in a Twitter post that it’s time to “declare policing as we know it a thing of the past.

“Our city needs a public safety capacity that doesn’t fear our residents,” Fletcher said. “That doesn’t need a gun at a community meeting. That considers itself part of our community. That doesn’t resort quickly to pepper spray when people are understandably angry. That doesn’t murder black men.

Now shush and go back to your psychiatric ward. It's past your medication, and bed time.

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 02:03 AM
a reply to: ElectricUniverse

When cops are killed, they die in the line of duty. It's common knowledge that it's called dieing in the line of duty.

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 02:06 AM
ill point out something else this time about the LOOTING its self that the police just stood and let happen .
Looters go into town Loot a store a mall No one gets hert that mall and that store ( as MANY business owners stated Just let them LOOT have FULL insurance )
For the last 2 Months they SOLD NOTHING the government steps in offering them a very short term LONE which wont even be enough to reopen so many JUST STAY closed .
Now they Just sold every last thing in that shop as the insurance will cover every last Thing stolen why they just sold 8 Months of stuff in 3 days .

And get the store redone to boot . Now that is a bail out .
You wonder why most owners did Not life a finger then stated On TV how they dont care the store got looted and burned ?
at the end of it a few looters did get hert a few cops Both of which put them selfs in harms way .
very very little residential looting or vandalism in any city after all STORES are all open and every thing is free why bother homes .

Does NOt make looting good . But shows there is a LOT more going on corrupt cops who are told let them loot .
at the end of the day every one except a very few make more money in 3 days then in the last 3 months

posted on Jun, 7 2020 @ 02:06 AM

originally posted by: ColoradoJens
a reply to: ElectricUniverse

48 died? How many did they kill?

Really?... Most police officers don't even shoot at anyone, much less kill anyone...

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