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Why did no one march for Tony Timpa? This will be important to Floyds case...

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posted on Jun, 9 2020 @ 03:33 PM

originally posted by: Boadicea
a reply to: Justoneman

Dairy farmer told me that the scum rises to the top with the creme and the farmer has to separate the two to have a decent product. That analogy fits. They do just care to keep on doing what they wish to do. It is up to us to separate the creme de le creme and poop can the rest.

That is an excellent analogy -- thank you!

We know that people are imperfect. We know that includes people in all walks of life, including law enforcement. We can use our own thought and reason to make the relevant distinctions. We don't have to accept the scum with the cream. We can throw out the bad and keep the good.

It's not all or nothing.

Here is one, from an old blues musician..America is the great melting pot, the scum rises to the top, the people on the bottom get burned. Very fitting I think.

posted on Jun, 9 2020 @ 10:04 PM

originally posted by: highvein
a reply to: matafuchs

Well why don't white people protest it?

First of all, the right doesn't have billionaires, like Soros, the Gates etc, and most of Hollywood left-wing celebrities paying for the bail of "left-winger protestors", paying protestors to go all over the U.S. to make false claims about "systemic racism," etc when this is false. Conservatives/the right we have to pay ourselves for everything, and at this time a lot of people don't even have a job...

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posted on Jun, 9 2020 @ 10:51 PM
Easy, because it doesn't serve the cabal's narrative.

posted on Jun, 10 2020 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: matafuchs

I didn't hear about it either, and in fact I hadn't even seen this post of yours before I posted mine.

If you notice the video of Tony Timpa's death only garnered a bit over 2 million views, mostly recently, even though the released video is over a year old and the case has been around longer for 3 years. But Floyd's different videos have garnered from 10-13 million + in just 5 days. This shows the fact that most news media, and liberal social media, don't care when a problem doesn't fit their narrative.

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posted on Jun, 11 2020 @ 01:48 PM
first let me say this should not happen to anyone....

to all the posters who ask why didn't WE protest for tony timpa...well why didn't YOU protest for him none of you did...WHY all mention EVERY thing flloyd ever I did a little research....not only was timpa off his meds..but he had coc aine in his system...but you all leave that out of the story.......

a reply to: ElectricUniverse

posted on Jun, 12 2020 @ 02:49 PM

originally posted by: eletheia

originally posted by: bastion

I'm not sure if I'm interpreting what you're saying correctly

I realise that I sometimes have an odd way of expressing myself, and this

board is international with mostly Americans..... I'm thinking you got the gist.

In the UK the media has a policy of not mentioning the race of people unless it's relevant to the case or race was the motivator or cause of the crime committed.

If that is true I can't say that I have noticed ..... because that was my very point!!

And when UK is reporting US crimes/cases I tend to find it happens too and that

is the point of my post. In the US I have noticed they use the expression African

American a lot....... and I wonder why, because I feel that feeds into any situation

and endorses racism.

Mentioning the race of someone when it's of no relevance to the case is against journalism ethics and the rules set by the Press Complaints Commission as doing so achieves nothing apart from sustaining racism.

Exactly my point, However I am noticing more and more the lack of ethics

in journalism and the media, and more so the once neutral BBC!!!

Yeah the UK press adopted the policy of only mentioning race when it was relevant to the story in the 80s to late 90s as they realised their content was radicalising people and was spreading racism. Hpwever The Press Complains Commision is/was a toothless organisation and Paul Dacre, Editor of the Daily Mail was the head despite the Daily Mail being the most prolific offender so it's easy to goo unnoticed.

UK news tends to open with the actual news and story taking place - i.e 'An armed robbery took place in a bank in X US news has always made a point of saying 'a black man robbed a bank... an African american robbed a bank etc... as 95%+ news is about bad things the net result is racism or racist behaviours as the average American is exposed to eight hours or media a day.

I think there have been some efforts in the US press since 2010 to only mention race when relevant to the story but there's still a long way to go - the shooting of the black jogger a few weeks back was widely reported as 'two white men kill blacker jogger' which is the first time I've seen US news mention people we white when a crime occurred but two weeks later it did emerge the murder was saying racial slurs rather offering help to the innocent person he'd hunted down.

I used to watch BBC everyday since being a knee high, 24/7 from 2000 - 2008 ish but not owned a tv since then. What bits I have seen of BBC News were terrible quality news reports with a lot of words being spoken and footage being broadcast but the newspieces scraped the surface and provided very little factual info. Certainly nowhere near the in depth reporting of the70s/ 80s/90s or even the 2000s.

There's so many trainee journalists these days that only the ones with no morals or ethics tend to make it and it's far cheaper to have three cub reporters and severn interns than it is one qualified reporter.

posted on Jun, 12 2020 @ 06:12 PM

originally posted by: Komodo

....some one... Changed the rules of investigation and protection to what I call an all license to be 'Judge Dread' if need be.

Mobilised a sleeper cell?

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