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Soros-Funded Prosecutor Freed Every Rioter and Looter Jailed in St. Louis

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posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 06:26 AM
I have done a thread about the Soros funded organizations a couple of weeks ago and some took notice. Does anyone think someone like Soros funds anything without some kind of payback ?

So now we have Prosecutor in St. Louis who has released everyone for looting and rioting..

Schmitt is the A.G. and it sounds like he is not happy with Kimberly's decision as I would expect most people would be questioning her actions..

“We’re going to be very active and I’m going to do everything I can in my power as attorney general to prosecute these people,” Schmitt said. “Again, this is unacceptable.”

The reason this is happening is because St. Louis circuit attorney Kimberly Gardner is an operative of George Soros, the far-left billionaire who is also bankrolling ANTIFA terrorists across the country.

Soros filled Gardner’s coffers through a Super PAC that funded her advertisements while she was initially running for the office in 2016. She was bankrolled by the Safety & Justice Committee, a Soros front that gave her many donations throughout her campaign. She received a total of at least $190,750 from Soros to fuel her political ambitions, and she is now letting the criminals run wild to satisfy her paymaster.

Gardner’s status as a Soros puppet enraged her opponents as well as the police union in St. Louis. One of her opponents noted that Gardner would not be serving the people of St. Louis because of the cash her campaign received, which, of course, comes with strings attached.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 06:48 AM
This type of corruption is so blatantly obvious that the dems don't even try to hide it anymore. All these politicians and prosecutors etc need to be exposed and thrown into prison.

Soros needs to be tossed into a trash compactor. That guy is a legit terrorist. People just need to follow the money and it will show that it usually starts with him.
Releasing these rioters is an act of terrorism to worry and stress the public because they now know they are less safe.

This prosecutor needs to be investigated, disbarred and then be prosecuted themselves.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 07:33 AM
Wasn't just St. Louis.

New York,Chicago pretty much everwhere.

Those thugs either had charges dropped or lessened.

Both rioting and looting are felonies.

It's laughable once you know who thinks their going to exercise any control whatsoever over us after the last week. If or when they get back power.

Eff them.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 07:51 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

from your source's source... accidentally omitted...

A St. Louis police spokesperson tells KMOX, "Relative to the protest arrests, all 36 individuals have been released. Two individuals were released on summonses, and the remaining charges have dispositions of 'Pending Application of Warrant' (PAW) or 'Refused' for police follow up."

Sources tell KMOX that in addition to the two cases in which summonses were issued, eight cases have been presented to the Circuit Attorney. Gardner is asking police for more evidence before deciding on charges on those suspects. Police have not yet presented the other 26 cases for prosecution

eta: actually this doesn't have to be a conspiracy at all. ANY ATS member in the area can further investigate and request to see the release documents..

don't just say Soros, this is easily traceable and proven.

should people be locked up without being formally they do in other countries we frown upon?

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posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 08:02 AM
Lets hope Schmitt can actually do something about it, he is the Attorney General after all for that state.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 08:08 AM
I wonder if they're part of the 10%-15% that aren't very good people ? 👁️⭕👁️

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 08:09 AM
They've been releasing people without bail for months in NY.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 08:38 AM
Trump needs an emergency Hotline for Ex-Cons who get their Parole ect held over their heads by their Parole Officers and are coerced into rioting or doing more crimes right now....every level of the System has been tainted and the Parole dept has been full of mad people and graft for eons.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 08:45 AM
Hope they refuse to show up and the guy is on the hook for the full amount of bail...would serve them right.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 11:30 AM
Gardner has made a fool of herself since day 1. She has REFUSED to take cases from individual police officers based on her dislike of them personally. Get a DUI in Saint Louis and the ticket is written by a certain officer...guess what ... you are off. Have a family member murdered and she doesnt like the detective investigating it? GUess what? murder goes unsolved. She is literally like that. Her prosecution rate is something like 10% of cases. She doesn't even try, she doesn't even care. She just wants to bloviate about how she is a "civil rights leader" and so on.

I am not sure if she is just stupid, or evil, or a combination of both. She definitely needs to be disbarred, but the political machine in STL area is afraid to do so. They are all cowards.

Also, and this is very important, she was like a soros package deal with Saint Louis's current mayor. On day one the mayor had a confederate statue removed from Forest Park that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE even knew about or ever thought about. This was probably one of the most obvious virtue signals the world has ever seen. It was like she sent out people to scour the town to look for the damn thing. Once they found it, oh they made wings start a flappin and claws start a scratchin.

Its kind of amazing this Soros plague that we all seem to suffer. No attempt is made at anything rational or civil on even the tiniest molecule of human existence.
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posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 03:12 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen
I wonder if they're part of the 10%-15% that aren't very good people ? 👁️⭕👁️

Joe Biden who is going to beat Joe Biden really meant to
say that 10 - 15 percent of Republicans are bad people.

posted on Jun, 5 2020 @ 03:19 PM
Hopefully the DOJ will charge a few people if for nothing else
but to get the violence to stop.

This guy won't be getting off from any local government,
DOJ charged him with intent to incite a riot.

He made it easy for them, posted it to facebook.

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