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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 11:31 PM
Ridden with the blaze of emptiness, my hands tremble as I reach out of this barrier. Searching for solace that im quite aware is unattainable and contentment that doesn't want to exist. Theres an empty shadow that fills lingers in the room, and im grabbing out towards something that isn't there.

and im wishing on something that isn't a star
but theres something in the air hung by a light glow
im getting tired with just words
getting tired with not being okay.
Colour bleeds away from everything in my veiws and the technicolor radiance from the sky was turned off like a lightswitch. its not time for bed, becuase i can't seem to sleep, when the cries get too loud. The back of cigarette packages are filled with void words that mean little or nothing to anyone but myself. i dont even smoke, but that's okay, becuase im not alright and i dont care.

singing in the shower with a lamp to guide my tones
somethings on the floor, watching me dance to the water beats.
i cant seem to remember when i've ever been alone
with nobody around and nobody sees me cry.

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