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A Spiritual Journey

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posted on May, 26 2020 @ 07:42 AM
A Spiritual Journey

Have you ever looked up at the sky, at a specific place and time,
Day or night, morning, afternoon, evening or dark, there, right there,

That place looks familiar to me, that place is calling me, a moment,
In space, near the Sun, beyond Jupiter, out past Neptune, over there,

No over there, yeah that is the spot, twinkling away, dimmer and brighter,
Disappears and comes back later, not sure of the name of it, but it is there,

Wait, I seem to have a memory recall button, somewhere, yeah, okay,
Perhaps I do have a name at my disposal, but not a spelling I can decipher,

Symbols and numbers are what I see, a Triangle (pyramid ?), 8 & 9,
Curious to me, these are numbers and a symbol that feel very comforting,

You see the energy they bring, and to be harnessed together,
Tethered forever, the highest power, imploring my very soul,

Take the journey, follow the path, feel the light and energy that flow,
Beyond the darkness that consumes us all, there, that is where I shall go.
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