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Online Lingo and Confusion barriers

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posted on May, 22 2020 @ 08:30 AM
I recently set up an account on a gaming website that is popular among the kids today. Roblox. My kids have been playing for years and during the Covid shutdown they play it alot to mask their boredom. So I decided to setup an account and go on to play games with them and or to pass time.
Each game tends to have a chat room as well as your main account so that you can discuss the games with other players. Roblox has alot of role play games where chat would be involved to support the role play experience inside the game.
In the short period of time I've been on the site I have noticed strong censorship in the words that can be typed into their chat features. This can be a tad cumbersome because words that shouldn't appear to be censored are. Ok no biggy here, the gaming site is geared mostly to children I guess so it is geared toward the security of our young ones. Words and numbers that aren't aloud to appear get covered up with #.
Something I've noticed in the games is odd aggressive behavior on the parts of some folks that seems unwarranted and out of the blue hate and very negative in nature. Here is just one example of extreme behavior I've encountered, I am sad to say there has been alot more...
A game I frequent allows 20 players into each server for game play. They have many individual servers. When you click the play button you are randomly thrown into a server to play the game. Every time I am in the game, other players always ask someone to leave the game and they ask saying so that my friend can join the game with me. One oddity I have witnessed is It happens every single game ya join on this particular game and I'm sure it gets annoying to players just like it has to me. So this latest time someone spoke up in the chat room asking someone to leave I took it upon myself to offer a suggestion on how to get around their dilemma. I informed them that they could go to the servers list and find one that isn't full so they could join with their friend together, I've done this before so I know it is doable. Another option would be to purchase your own server in the game, you can spend robux and get a server for one month or subscribe month to month. I did this just in this particular game b/c I was playing it so much. I played this one game so much my kids began to tease me.
I just enjoyed the game so why not. So anyways back on subject... I offered other solutions to this players dilemnia and I was being kind and polite and helpful and teaching them the other ways to get around the obstacle of a full server. Well...
Right after I made this suggestion I get met with pure hatred and animosity from the player who was asking someone to leave the game. They used an abbreviated 3 letter acronyum and when I looked it up the meaning was "stupid", they typed IDC (i don't care), they said "B", and they said trapper (drug dealer) which I also had to go look up to find the meaning of. I had to look up some of the acronyms and words to know what they even meant.
So I was kind of taken aback at the hate that was pinpointed and directed at me right after I was trying to be informative and helpful to someone and offering up a solution that would be a win win to everyone. But instead I was met with extreme hate. Woah I thought. Anyways after I looked up the meaning of the acronyms so I could correctly communicate with the player I went back to the game to confront and discuss further with them their negative behavior but they had left the game at that point so I didn't get the opportunity to ask them why they were being so hateful toward a stranger who was trying to help them. I'm none of those labels they were calling me and I was pretty confused at the online hatred toward a stranger, it is a tad worrisome if ya ask me. I hope this isn't where our future generations are headed. Its not the only occurance so I'm not bringing this up based on one occurrance. This is based on a repeated pattern I've seen (witnessed) and experienced on this gaming platform (I'm not a gamer on any other platform and really never have been) in the short 2 month time frame I've been there learning and playing during my down time which tends to be alot during shutdown.
So back to the censorship of words and numbers... the kids have found a way to get around the censored words with a whole new vocabulary or lingo that they use online. One I am not familiar with so that I often have to go looking up the meaning behind some of these acronyms and crafty words they are using to get around the censorship. I remember predicting years ago that our people were going to create a whole new language to use via online chat forums in this technically advanced age of being online. I often joked aboout what it would sound like for them to actually speak this new language. As in do they go around speaking IDC or do they actually say the words out I Don't Care. This is a wonder of mine. Its a 2nd language I suppose.
Another change in language and lingo I've noticed is words that are somewhat negative get changed into a positive meaning. They take on a different definition. An example would be the word "sick" which can mean cool or good. So it starts to become difficult and hard to comprehend and understand what is really being said when particular words get used. When the word is used is it the negative version or the positive version... one wonders ? How would one ever know, well I suppose it could be determined by the basis of the ongoig conversation and which direction it was headed in. Or if your not clear just point blank ask the person who said the word. This is why as soon as I found out the meaning of those words the other player began to spew at me, I then went to ask them for clarification about it but they had left already.
In this scenario I witness people using these words that can have double meanings in chat rooms and it leaves those around them wondering if they are being pleasant toward them or negative toward them. It seems like an underhanded way for someone to be nasty with an appearance of being nice and I'm not too certain how I feel about this. It seems or appears they are hiding and its not even a game of hide and seek so overall the feeling is not one of good but more of an inappropriate manner. If it were good there would be no need to hide behind a word that could twist and turn into confusion or to abruptly change when they get questioned about it. If it were good, they'd have no problem being clear and precise from the start right ? It doesn't need to be hidden in any mannaer in any way at all right ? If they are so hung up on hiding then you can be certain they are up to no good. They have given them selves the opportunity to bail on the implication and meaning at the start it seems. Oooh how convenient.
It looks like this is a new norm too. To always be confusing so that they can swindle their way out no matter what they say or do behind the scenes. They remain hidden so that they can make statements, make accusations all behind the scenes and under cover... none the wiser to an innocent person they choose to target on a whim of hate. So to all you peoples out there be weary... be very weary of anyone who hides behind such fodder If they can't point blank be an effective communicator straight up and direct with you on any matter, know they are likely up to no good and being very deceitful.

posted on May, 22 2020 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: leolady

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

posted on May, 22 2020 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: trollz

What? ^

Leolady, while I know you were being helpful I have to ask, where have you been? The online world, especially with younger ones has been like this for awhile. All they know is someone was standing in the way of what they wanted, rightnow! They do not want to be 'taught' or even the suggestion of being told what to do. I completely agree about the confusion of online lingo- I'm often having to go look up things!

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posted on May, 22 2020 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: leolady

Most of them are kids (or adults who develop a child like mentality during gaming) and they do not care about your advice and do not want it either. They go there to play, not to be scolded by adults.

Young people have always had their own lingo. Each generation had their own words and phrases that have been mysterious to adults. With the rise of on-line activities now there are more acronyms added into the mix. I have to Google terms they use myself. At least we have that luxury- our parents had to figure it all out for themselves!

posted on May, 22 2020 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: leolady

Much of what you have to say reminds me of ATS. Many times I attempt to add to a thread a perspective on the topic, an aspect on the topic that I consider to have been over looked and am immediately met with derision and accusations of being ignorant. Maybe I am but that is besides the point, it's the need of some to elevate themselves and the only way they know to do it is by diminishing others.

We can see this a lot in our culture. So many movie and TV characters put on '' attitude'' or '' tude''. ''Posturing'' is now common place. Instead of just ''being'' a false image is presented that is seen to ''fit'' more with that persons view of reality.

As well, there is this anonymity part. Where you are autonomous there is no fear of reprisal so why not act out, act out in a way that you are not allowed to in ''the real world''.

Maybe I'm just making all of this up .

And yes, words evolve in some cases to mean the opposite to different generations. Like the word socialism. When I comd from socialism meant that the workers themselves controlled their own means of production. The workers of the farm owned the farm and the workers of a factory owned the factory, hence sharing the profits from the product equally amonst themselves.

Yet today, to many, socialism means some kind of super rich internationalists who basically want to rule the world after having made their billions in capitalist enterprise, which of course is exactly the opposite of what it meant in my day.

posted on May, 22 2020 @ 01:11 PM

originally posted by: trollz
a reply to: leolady

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Unparalleled transforms meaning beauty hidden abstract cheetoes for all.

posted on Jul, 13 2020 @ 02:44 AM
a reply to: leolady

"To always be confusing so that they can swindle their way out no matter what they say or do behind the scenes." -leolady

In my experience with getting people to exchange thoughts with you, generally people want to use words which they definitely don't have a sure grasp on what the words mean.

My impression is that people unwittingly or wittingly prefer to be into wishy-washy speech, so that they won't be pinned down on a say disputed issue.

For example, my topic is on: God exists or not,* and right at the start I already submit that I do care for posters to first that we work together to arrive at mutually agreed on meanings i.e. definitions of crucial words.

And you know what? Almost everyone prefers to eschew working with me as to come to mutually agreed on meanings of words, because then they can stay wishy-washy with their thinking and writing.

You seem to be experiencing the same dismal conduct.


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