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posted on May, 9 2020 @ 05:14 PM

While sitting around trying to amuse myself I did some musing, and the silly things we say and do, or the name of animals and why they are called what they are, or the way we come to conclusions, or the different perspectives and objectives, like a pinball smashing against the clackers, or the dominoes that fall aimlessly all around.

So many things are amusing to me, like does a cat know it's a cat? How do any animals know what we call them? Do they understand the words we say? It amuses me to think so many people talk to their pets and think they understand them. The animals have a brain, but is it really possible for each and everyone of them to understand the language we speak in any country?

The cat in Japan or the cat in Turkey, same species, different languages does not know they are a cat, nor do they care what you are saying in any language, do you have some tuna or catnip is all they care about. The same can be said for any animal anywhere. Feed me.

The day we went to school and began geography classes they showed us maps and the teacher usually had a globe on a spinning contraption, the Earth has to be a round ball, the model of the globe says so, it spins just like the Earth does, on a tilted axis, like a top does, only the Earth is a round ball and a top is not round.

The Earth has never been proven to be shaped like a ball, but I bet it is more like a top. Round from a specific view, not a ball like we have been taught, but shaped with a curve for better centrifugal motion while it spins, a ball is not aerodynamic, there is no resistance to create spin, so if the Earth was round how could it spin at all? Is there a giant hand up there like you need to spin a ball? Physics.

Who decided what a cuss word is? Any language has these suspect words that if said they are filled with vim and vigor, and yet they are just words. If I tell you I am vamooshed, do you have any idea what I am feeling from the word alone? How about if I yell it? What if my face is red? Maybe I have a frown? We call each other names that are supposed to inflict emotion of some kind or demonstrate a disgust we have about something, but they are just flippity words, carkles, stupitified, jurgley and mean a variety of nonsense. Language.

Life can be random and still have a purpose, actions can take place that have meanings, reactions occur, so tell me how everything is Gods plan, divine intervention, when it is something good, it was meant to be, but it is random. Everything meant to be is random. Being random is Not meant to be, it just happens, but what about free will, oh someone else has free will, too, and all of it is random, so how is a random reaction to a random action supposed to be Gods plan? Religion.

Why is drinking a cows milk supposed to be healthy for humans? Are we cows? Why does a chicken lay eggs? Why is a clock 24 hours? 60 minutes? seconds? Why do they call them monkeys? Ostriches? Elephants? Alligators? etc. Why is it called gravity and not uppity or downsey? Why is it called a 2x4? Hammer a nail? Why do we call it a plane? And so it goes, the words we use to describe something very rarely make any cents to me.

posted on May, 9 2020 @ 05:16 PM
link and here is a group of words that have been determined to be negative, do you agree with the list?

posted on May, 9 2020 @ 07:11 PM
This can be fun. A link to the Online Etymology Dictionary.

There's a old saying "believe people when they say who they are" but it also applies to what words they use, sometimes very subconsciously so. What you think someone just said may actually in fact may not be what they said but something else entirely.

Looking up common words is a hoot!
Cats may not know the entirety of the English language, but rest assured they know the word "kitchen".

posted on May, 9 2020 @ 07:54 PM
a reply to: Caver78

Or, why do they call them hamburgers, they are not made from ham. Pepperoni is not made out of pepper.

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