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Mass Animal Deaths For 2020

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posted on May, 2 2020 @ 08:32 AM
I read another members thread linking a mass bat die off in Israel to a warning from the heavens. A communist paper [Sputnik] ran the story back in Russia. Seems to me the newspaper was attempting to incite a religious frenzy among the Covid-19 situation. I also checked three newspapers in Israel and could find nothing on the bat die off. Although it did happen.


So look at the above link. I know that the web site is a doom and gloom pitch site but look past that. My point is look at the mass die off of animals and fish within YTD 2020. I am not a fan of Greta but the people of the world do need to clean up our act. Also, it is noted that mass die offs of anything living on earth have been ongoing since this planet was created and that man also didn't have anything to do with it as he wasn't around yet. I am just saying we need to clean up our act in a controlled doable sane manner. Possibly similar to the plan which Germany launched

Germany's Climate Action Programme 2030

What say you?
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posted on May, 2 2020 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

Ummm...I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment that we are a positively filthy species...

Personal hygiene aside...we have historically...lived and built on the garbage heaps/sewers of the preceding generations...

Think of all the human waste permeating the ground under and around these ancient cities...yeesh...

Beyond that amusing little thought train...Every effing body on the planet should feel enough sorrow at their own clean up the oceans the fresh water aquifers...and the land...

But...but...but...the economy...and can I get another helping of expensive cheap glitter to salve my moral terpitude...



posted on May, 2 2020 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

I've been seeing reports of mass animal die offs for 20 years now.
I'm thinking it's actually mostly natural.

Yes we need to me cleaner on this planet. From the biggest business right down to the individual.
We're to smart to be poisoning ourselves.
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posted on May, 2 2020 @ 09:16 AM
a reply to: YouSir

Nice! To you sir

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