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Spinning Plates on Big Pointy Sticks. How much belief is required to keep them from falling ?

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posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 10:59 AM

One of the most incredible things to witness in the last couple of days being posted throughout social media, FB the Twittersphere etc, are the leaps and lengths that Trump's supporters are willing to take, to somehow, some way, try to justify his absurd comments at the “ Disinfectant Briefing “
Following the great showman's example for obfuscation and chicanery, his ardent followers have displayed, with creditable vigour and immense enthusiasm their absolute best party act yet.
I have to ask, do they really believe it ? Or is it all an act ?

Roll Up..Roll Up.....I give you.....Plate Spinning !!!

Plate Spinning.

Yes, that old novelty act of seeing how many plates can be kept in perpetual spin while precariously balanced on the pointy end of a wobbly stick.
You are bound to have seen them...those showmen, big red comedy ties, clownish make up...;-)

Anyhoo, they get a couple of plates spinning really fast while they are balanced on the end of a tall pointy stick of bamboo or something. Then they run around, balancing a few more, setting them spinning. All the time their collection of sticks and spinning plates atop them is growing in number. More plates...more spinning.
Running faster and faster, the more plates they get in motion....twisting, stretching..contorting themselves in all directions.
Having to go back and make sure they don't forget the the first few they set spinning. Give them a quick wiggle, get the force of motion going again before they dive onto the next few...then the ones after that and so on.
They keep them all going while we watch, but our attention always wavers back to the ones that are beginning to lose that centrifugal force and looking so shaky, that at any second it is going to come crashing down to the floor and smash into smithereens. Sometimes the performer catches it just in time and gets it back into a safe revolution. Other times..they are just too overwhelmed by the sheer number of spinning plates and we see them crash to the floor, smashing into little bits of broken glass.
And everyone sighs.....because although we all like to marvel at the expertise of the showman, we all know that once there are so many plates revolving, so many that he cannot possibly keep them all going round and round, we know the inevitable will happen. We are aware that these rotating discs of china ( no pun intended ) are eventually going to crash.
But we can still applaud his efforts.

So if you are still with me...
Right now, all around our favourite and/ or hated social media platforms, and beyond.... these defenders of the exalted one are rotating fragile justification porcelain on the end of a pointy stick.
How many can they keep going ?

He never said that“ ….
No, the world watched him say it in real time.
Smash !!!

He might have said something like that, but it was taken out of context
…..No, there is only one context, " inside the body " talking about UV light
and this one, " by injection inside " talking about disinfectant.
Both in an invasive medical context.
Crash !!!

Yeah, ok , he said it, but he was just musing..thinking out loud. If you listen carefully without your liberal ears, you can understand better what he really meant
….No, he speaks english, we are adults, we can understand words, even when they are all tossed together into a salad.
Bang !!!

Yeah he said it, what of it? He is a stable genius. He knows things we don't know. That is why he is the president duh! He probably has a 4D plan to heal the world with a UV laser that you don't know about. In fact a lot of what he talked about is already used to cure things with magic Ju Ju medicine. We have actual anecdotal evidence of these quack practices working. I have been shoving UV light tubes up my @ss for nigh on 30 years and have never had a haemorrhoid etc etc etc"
No, or should I say Hell No !! let's not ingest the disinfectant, why not ? Because it is poison and we will die.
Shatter !!!

It was a cunning plan all along, Ha!! you all got played ! He was talking to the fake news media. Being sarcastic...that was what he has said he was really doing. haha jokes on you !!
….No. Couple of things.
Firstly, he said it to his medical/science experts, he was looking at them and addressing them with his word salad, not the press. Even asking them to “ check on it “....with “ medical doctors “
Secondly, “sarcasm” demands a certain level of wit and intelligence, neither of these have ever been evidenced by anything that this man has ever said or done.

Truthfully....I have a quiet admiration for all of his, (dare I say “ worshippers” ?)....ok devotees, who are preaching the party faithful. It must be so hard to maintain your loyalty and support when you are on the 3rd or 4th plate, and he comes out with the sarcasm excuse.
Of course, they do have the option of just letting all their plates smash to the floor, deleting their twitter account, making a new one maybe. But, on the whole they remain loyal and steadfast.
Their efforts should also be applauded.
And like an old showman, trump will be happy, happy, happy, that everywhere people are talking about him.

[ Tread Carefully out there in Social Media World... Broken Glass, everywhere !]

posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 11:13 AM
Let them eat tidepods. Or drink bleach, I do not care anymore.

posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: cosmickat

OP I think you have made a fantastic thread. And I was fully expecting to see some debate on here, but I believe you may have caused another plate to fall.

Well done

posted on Apr, 26 2020 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: cosmickat

I think that it isn't belief that keeps the plates spinning, it is the constant supplementation of 'spin'.

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