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Legend of Gerrard

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 04:19 AM
Ok, first, I am doing this on wordpad, don't have MS Word, so no spell check. Second of all, this isn't even the whole first chapter, it's really long, so I figured I would post the first part of it, see if anyone likes it.

Legends of WeatherLight........................By JTL


In a land ravaged by war, death, and destruction, the Amry of WeatherLight fights for the loved ones at home, the homes they built with their blood and sweat, and for the WeatherLight Empire. Two soilders are part of this fight for freedom. Gerrard, a human man who's family was killed by an invading army of Crovax, Lord of the Mountains, while the other is Karn, a Silver Golem made by ancient magic for protection, but sadly his creator was killed before Karn could be completed and is without a true soul. In the mountain ranges controlled by the goblins and giants of Lord Crovax they fight with their comrades hoping to push back the invading force.

Crovax, Lord of the Mountains controls the goblins, the giants, the wurms, the moggs, and all other creatures of the mountains. He was once part human, part giant, but after years of magic and sorcery has created a new body not human or giant. His hatred of other is only surpassed by his hatred of his failures. Twice failing to destroy WeatherLight and Urza, his fury only makes him stronger.

Then last is Volrath, a Oni of tremendous power, a great and powerful sorcery has made him into a demon that fears nothing. His Empire of Urborg, land of death, zombies, witches, and other horrifying creatures is the most powerful, but the smallest. Consisting of swampland and marshes, he borders WeatherLight and Urza but has not yet formally declared war on either. Many centuries old Volrath is respected by all, and feared by all, except one.......

Ten years have passed, Gerrard is still alive, as is Karn. Gerrard after many heroics in battle and in life has gained the following of the people. When the Emperor died, Gerrard gained control in a peaceful uprising lasting four days.

Chapter 1

Sitting in his chamber, Gerrard waits for Karn. Swirling the wine in his glass, he is patient knowing Karn may be awhile. Promoting his friend to Commander of Weatherlight has made Karn a busy man of great importance. Finally, there is a knock at the chamber door and Karn comes in. Karn knees before Gerrard "So My Lord, why have I been called?" Gerrard waves his hand for Karn to sit down. "Karn, I have told you not to call me Lord, you are my closest friend and closest relative, even if not by blood." Karn sits down and grabs himself a glass. "Fine Gerrard, but while I am here, please share some of that wonderful wine you always have." "Karn, there is something we need to discuss....."
"Gerrard, if this is about the fight with the goblins near the border of Crovax...."
"NO! This has nothing to do with that, but Crovax does. I have been talking with Urza and we have been comparing our information. We agree that something is going on between Crovax and you know who."
"Why would he? Volrath has been peaceful for years, he has never interfered with us, or Urza. He is evil, he may even be souless, but that does not mean he would do anything rash."
"True, but as you know there have been three raids on our merchant wagons and one attack on our land. Sources say all of the attacks were done by Urborg creatures. With the attack from goblins you just mentioned, and the additional attack Urza has had recently, one can only conclude that Volrath and Crovax are up to something. I have asked for our ambassador to the Elves of Hirio Forest to come here for she has been in Urborg before, she knows what it is like. Until she get here Karn, how about another drink?"

"Ma'am, we can't let you in, what do you think you are doing?" A guard desperatly tries to stop a woman from entering the castle to no avail. "I was requested by Lord Gerrard to attend a meeting, move now or I will kill you." The guard backs off a little, but still has a job to do. "Ma'm, if you tell me your name we can send for someone to escort you to the Lord's chamber room, but only after we confirm your meeting."
"The name is Mirri of Hirio, Ambassador of Hirio to Weatherlight, and if you call me "ma'am" one more time I will kill you anyways. Now MOVE!" Shoving her way past the guard Mirri makes her way to the staircase.

Karn drinks his wine, relaxing with his former war comrade. "So, The Ambassador, what was her name again Gerrard?"
"Mirri, a woman of great talent. I am assuming you have never met, right Karn?" Gerrard goes over to a bookcase and starts searching through the books.
"No, never have, but have heard she is only part human, what else is she Gerrad?"
"Hmpf, you will see, I had an artist paint a picture of all my staff along with whatever else I needed to know about the person. If I find it you will see. She is quiet a beauty for only being part human."
"Beautiful is she? You wouldn't happen to have picked her for other reasons besides knowing both Elf and Weatherlight, along with her knowledge of stealth?" Karn raises an eyebrow as Gerrard pulls a book out of the bookcase.
"No, she truely has her talents. Here it is though, done quite well I might add. If you like you can see your painting also, page thirty-one."

Walking down the hallway, Mirri meets another guard, one not such a push over. "Ma'am, I must insist you leave now before I draw my weapon."
"What? You need such a big sword for little ol me? I have a meeting with Lord Gerrard now, and if you make me late, I will see to it you are forever using a butter knife to guard the Lord." Knocking this guard out of her way she gets to the door and enters without knocking.
"Sorry I am late My Lord, your guards were not aware I had a meeting with you." Seeing the large Silver Golem also in the room she walks over and introduces herself. "Hello, I am Mirri of Hirio, Ambassador for Weatherlight, and who might you be?" Karn shakes her hand. "I am Karn, Commander of all WeatherLight troops, Protector of WeatherLight, and welcome you to some of Gerrards wine if you like."


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