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The Big Reveal - The Political Connection - Agenda - Depopulation

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posted on May, 18 2020 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: BlackArrow

Then by all means continue connecting the dots on the depopulation agenda that isn't actually happening.

posted on May, 18 2020 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: BlackArrow

I can see you are “deep into” the garden-variety theories, and you’re starting to remind me of General Ripper ... so I won’t bother you much more.

Watch after your precious bodily fluids.

posted on Feb, 14 2021 @ 03:06 AM
Connecting the dots updated history; it's been awhile since I returned to this post. For those who read it, how much of what you have seen come to light?

Facts the virus alters reproduction have been proven.

Vaccine news/rumors
Vaccine + second infection = hyperactive immune system resulting in body crashes.
Vaccine = A rare disease that affects a total of 50,000 people in the world.
Vaccine + Vaccine = roulette wheel of pain/torture/disease.
Vaccines being added to flu shots; ensures high amounts of vaccine drug in people who decide to get both. Deadly.

Previous vaccine attempt against CV.
Last vaccine was created in 2005 and again in 2012(same issue; first test was mice.. went to kids for their natural immunity then rats again years later) after they figured out 2 of 35 child test subjects died to a reinfection (no one else was infected with another spiked protein infection- as of today 26 cases suffered this in the world.. yes it's small.. however that means 28 of 35 previously tested/vaccinated kids are dead.. 4 died in the original trials after being purposely infected with covid to see results.. (32 out of 35) to date no one else has died from this yet, because no one else was given the vaccine in 2005. Because both times ended in failure/abandonment. (This test was conducted in china both times.. funny wuhan was the start zone).

So with no way to link the new deaths to the old results because the tests were done on minors, and those adult minors are now dead, they rereleased the exact vaccine to the public) On rats ALL got very very ill on the second infection and 30+% died.

Scientist worrying about the reinfection of people who get the vaccine by a "challenger spike protein" which causes severe illness at 100% rate and death at 30%+ a massive rate higher then what we have seen. - depop

Implementation of 5g and satellite at warp speeds, when people can't even feed their families. These things have taken priority over families.

Virus shutdowns blocked funding from businesses to Trump, while they do unconstitutional impeachment, and obvious fraud. -money grab; political play

American tax payers are now required by law due to EO to pay for abortions in other countries not just our own. Doesn't matter your religious or political beliefs your say is no longer your own. - unconstitutional in it meshes faith and state which are deemed seperate and protected, as well as it being passed as an EO to avoid congress voting which would never pass. Leading further into bankruptcy of our country

Domestic terrorist- killing and used as political soldiers. -depop

Feds buying all the bonds, while sponsoring 35 out of 37 cities with riots all had a fed reserve bank, while deeming businesses non essential but forcing them to accumulate debt . -slave agenda by entrapment; depop efforts

Amazon has contracts with every intelligence agency. -further spying and tracking.
Social media silencing what they don't want heard. -controlled information
Google buys fitbit- personal details of millions obtained, including mapping patterns and sleep schedules.
Apple watch detects covid; covid appears in kiwi fruits and many other produce
Vaccines trigger "false positive aids virus"
Random deaths linked to vaccines

Untrained resident doctors killing people -depo
Regular drs killing people -depo
People killing themselves; depression etc - depop

Spikes in death rates have gone up since vaccines hit.
Links to "surging cases" seen in democrat majority run cities only.
Riots in democrat cities only.
J. Powell controls markets -fed funding to domestic terrorist groups as seen in all but 2 cities with a fed run bank.. (repeated info) no need to write it in the books. Fed doesn't keep stocks/bonds etc

Markets block normal people from participating in wild and crazy #, revealing clear and obvious market manipulation which leads to many companies bankrupting for no reason.

Millions of animals needlessly slaughtered -surpression
Millions of gallons milk dumped -surpression
Millions of crops destroyed -surpression

New targets for war incoming Russia and Iraq, since Biden has been in office. Rumors of a new war soon to come.

Racial divide failed;
History erased;
Trump attacked big business/social media outlets google/youtube, facebook, twitter- media blacklisted ALL information from Trump back for the 2nd half of his campaign.

Close down the country, but let in 500,000 immigrants in without screening, like they own the place. - reducing funds available to americans. Awaiting to see what happens next

Pretty sure I missed a few things here and there.. but too tired to write it all out.. will come back later, with sources galore.
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posted on Feb, 14 2021 @ 03:25 AM
Those weren't theories. Everything was backed by 10-20-30yr news articles. The insults weren't required, when. I can list everything in whatever source you deem right for you. News papers? Head to the library it's there in black and white.
Most of the sources go back pre 1995 which was when most media outlets got bought out.

The ones I grabbed were reposts. You can find them in older dates if you use your eyes or any search engine.

When in doubt use the way back machine
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posted on Feb, 14 2021 @ 03:37 AM
It i

originally posted by: BlackArrow
a reply to: Gryphon66
Those weren't theories. Everything was backed by 10-20-30yr news articles. The insults weren't required, when. I can list everything in whatever source you deem right for you. News papers? Head to the library it's there in black and white.
Most of the sources go back pre 1995 which was when most media outlets got bought out.

The ones I grabbed were reposts. You can find them in older dates if you use your eyes or any search engine.

When in doubt use the way back machine.

Don't doubt. It is happening.

posted on Feb, 14 2021 @ 03:45 AM
a reply to: fernalley
Yeah scary stuff, I have a lot of work to do. Like looking I to the new owner of amazon. Currently know nothing a out him.

People are eagerly buying bitcoin which is regulated harder then they realize.. it's a line of code that literally pinpoints your location.. and every person that it connects to.. it's literally contract tracing online.

That is the system people are buying into.

posted on Feb, 14 2021 @ 04:07 AM

originally posted by: BlackArrow
a reply to: fernalley
Yeah scary stuff, I have a lot of work to do. Like looking I to the new owner of amazon. Currently know nothing a out him.

People are eagerly buying bitcoin which is regulated harder then they realize.. it's a line of code that literally pinpoints your location.. and every person that it connects to.. it's literally contract tracing online.

That is the system people are buying into.

Can't imagine being played

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 06:48 PM
Commenting because I can't remember how to bookmark.

Need some time to work my way through this lot.

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: Tulpa
Your going to like this, and pretty sure I nailed the real reason for bill gates divorce

Eldest daughter* gets married 2019, rumors and then confirmation of pregnancy(unknown date).

Bill gates disappears 6-8 months, and suddenly a divorce and no grand child.

"But daddy, I want to protect my child."
"You can't, you can't.."
"These vaccines are your legacy pa. I will show them they are wrong about you! Inject me doctor"
-injection occurs... Third trimester abortion occurs, mother and daughter devistated.. mother cannot forgive father because his actions finally harmed their own family. Thus a divorce ensues.

"Leave us alone, we need time to grieve and start our lives over again."

"But Malinda... I didn't sponsor that vaccine only the others."
"We can remain friends in the public eye, but your dead to me".

Daughter spends the first week since the announcement with daddy, him trying to fix it, and make it up to her. While her mother Melinda puts on the bold face to break the news as the first in the public eye.. (means she ended it, and he did something really bad, and was busy with his daughter.. so it literally makes 100% sense considering she's 25/26 and freshly married).

Let's see what he does next.

If a baby magically appears in the Gates family, it was either stolen, or adopted to replace the one she lost.. it will NOT be biological, despite claims if this occurs before 2022.

Fact: celeb/rich and famous pay for their wealth by not having privacy. The only time they will be left alone when requesting is when dealing with the death of someone. This is the unspoken rule of ALL media, and entertainment outlets. (Bill Gates)

May 07, 2021 · Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes out in support of ‘limited’ vaccine waiver (For PREGNANT WOMEN; a few other categories exist where you can get exemption.. based on medical evaluations)
(Puppet Biden) (Do not get vaccinated, if you intend on becoming pregnant in the future 2016). (May 11th, exemption for pregnant women) - Less then a WEEK after Bill Gates and Melinda 'support' letting pregnant women be without the vaccine. Despite the CDC claiming in 2016 to not let pregnant women be vaccinated as it will harm the fetus.

More coincidences? Maybe, but it is a pattern. Considering the fact the 'lockdowns' did NOT create a baby boom like they were expecting.

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posted on May, 19 2021 @ 07:27 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus
Explain this:

Mar 28, 2021 · Bill is also into synthetic meat, not that he would be eating the fake meat or getting a covid vaccine, but you will. Look at all the money Bill Gates and the Foundation will make, and soon there will the marriage of the Bill and Melinda Foundation with the American Medical Association. (google description of link).

The American Medical Association, founded in 1847 and incorporated in 1897, is the largest association of physicians—both MDs and DOs—and medical students in the United States. The AMA's mission is "to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health."

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posted on May, 19 2021 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: BlackArrow

"(water is not a human right)
Search Nestle, Bill gates, etc.. (you might need to go back a few years for bill gates, but nestle will show up really quick)."

wow! you did an awesome job matching everything up like you did and presenting your case. After having researched all these things for 30+ years...I don't even have to go to the links to know you are right on this!

Also, I was you remember the Jesse Ventura conspiracy show a few years ago? He was finally uncovering truths about things going on but I don't know why he quit doing the show. Anyway, one of his shows was about how the water supply is being changed and Nestle company was doing some pretty suspicious looking things. I believe in Michigan if I'm not mistaken.

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 07:52 PM

originally posted by: BlackArrow
Explain this:

Explain what? How it's not relevant to depopulation?

posted on May, 19 2021 @ 07:55 PM
a reply to: TruthJava
Thank you for actually taking the time to look at a few links, most of the badmouthing is people who didn't even bother to look.. I have a small bit to add since that post was origionally written. You can mark it off as a checklist. Sadly I didn't get much into the water conspiracy personally. But I was introduced to the 'facts' when I lived in California, and Oregon. I came across a lot of data including them being the cause of the actual droughts there though. By using expired documents to continue to pump water at an insane rate.

Living in California, I personally witnessed a huge Lake(forget what it was called, but it was kinda shaped like crater lake of org, like deep down in a vally. To get to the water you had to go down stairs that went down at least 3000 feet,

Anyway one time I was there I noticed that it was drained so badly one summer. I had to actually look it up, who was 'documented use' of that lake.. Sure enough it was by Nestle. They had a plant on the other side of the lake and pumped over 500billion gallons a day from the lake. You could easily still see the wet lines in the lake for days.

Then an old guy actually walked up behind me and my friend. Must of been in his 70s. "I have been here all my life, and I have never seen the lake this low. When I was a kid, you could litterally just jump off this ledge and go swimming"

I looked down (and I am terrified of heights) "No way you would just jump off and go swimming. Then he reached out and pointed to the lines in the ground, kinda like the different layers of stone/etc. Which you can clearly see.

"When I was a kid it came up to that limestone right there, just below the dark layer". Despite the other side being a couple miles.. The layering of the stone was obvious, and it was near eye level. Didn't even need to really look down to see where he was pointing. So in essence that 3000feet drop was only about 5-10feet, when he was a kid.

In fact this conversation and experience is what started me researching into the water issues of California to begin with. This isn't even 'southern' cali. This took place Northern, like near butte county. I would expect southern to have some issues.. But that far north.. yeah... no..

Because of the drought Nestle caused, people were restricted from washing their clothing more then 2 times a month during that drought. I started to realize it was Nestle after I started seeing pictures of the way Nestle drains and leaves lakes. Cracked, barren. They have a huge history of doing this. They also don't even bother to follow local laws, as soon as they get permission. They will milk any late until it is 100% bare 1500 feet below the surface.

(Confirmed theories) Depop, Supress, Control and Divide.

+Adding Vaccines cause abortions within 7 weeks to checklist, Often sooner - rates up %450.
+Adding Vaccine spreads through 'shedding' a natural process in which human shed dead skin sells.. (Exfolitating people.. same principal, but occurs naturally..)
+Adding Live Microrganisms found in Pfizer's vaccine
+Adding Death by cloths in Astrozenica
+Adding Various ailments, forged deaths and more linked to covid statistics and vaccines.
+Adding Increase in deaths of cities, and towns with higher rate of vaccines.

+Adding BLM country Divide to checklist, event world wide.. - Authorizing Legal Military Action against Civilians? (Racial Divide Growing)
+Adding Merger of Bill and Melinda foundation to the AMA foundation checklist - Total Control of the Medical Field for 80-90% of all medical control in the US, they now own the Medical Field and can issue whatever orders they seem fit.
+Adding Agricultural buyout by Bill Gates to checklist - GMOs? Whats that? Interestingly enough, instead of just partnering with Del-Monte he decided to outright buy 70+% of the farmland in the US.

+Adding Israel War to the checklist.
+Adding US about to get involved in Israel War. (Good oppertunity to cause more chaos..)
+Adding Communism entering Canada to the start of the end of the free world theory, and suppression.
+Adding Villianizing unvaccinated people, or moronizing vaccinated people. - Further split by demonizing forcing one side to suppress another beyond Race.
+Businesses selling private data, allowing hacks under the rouse of 'payoffs' to one form or another
+Oil Pipeline shutdown for Majority of East Coast,

Financial Control
+Adding Giving away taxpayer money to various pet projects that have nothing to do with crisis.
+Adding Giving away money to other countries, to pay for their pollution
+Adding Giving free handouts to illegals.
+Adding Fed writing checks to themselves.. and then printing more money. (Caused the crash in 09)
+Adding Business buyouts massive scale. Mergers making the most powerful businesses like AMAZON and GOOGLE more powerful then our government. To the point we can no longer divide their businesses.. Like we once did to Microsoft.
+Adding Authority to private businesses to be their own government

+Oil Company paid bribe on a hack that only needed to be rebooted into safe mode and system restored...Most COMMON HACK IN EXISTENCE! (If you ever encountered one of those 'pay this and we will release your hard drive back to you hack/tricks) 9 out of 10 times its just a webpage thats forced front on a web-browser.. and all it takes is a system reboot into safe mode.. and a cache clear w/o opening the webpage to reset it..) This hack was a payoff to someone. It was paid in Bitcoin, and days later, the fed clearly states bitcoin is not a 'spending currency' you can NOT use it to buy goods.. which causes Bitcoin to crash. Just long enough for someone to cash out at max value before a selloff.

The bitcoin lock system hack is one of the most common hacks in existence. These regularly occur on naughty websites(fiance's loves those things). Most people see the pop up and pull the plug and put it back in and its gone. Literally all it takes is a reboot/restore, depending on how quickly you act to it..
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posted on May, 19 2021 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus
Okay, you have a guy who wants to commit mass genocide on the public, he takes over farmland and healthcare. He is the number 1 supporter of "Using a virus to depopulate the planet fairly without getting his own hands dirty" How is that not relevant to depopulation?

Vaccines are proven to have hazardous materials S105 In their ingredient which is flammable and not for human or vet consumption/injection or application.

Aside from that, its not just depopulation. Thats just your biased view, this was a forum that linked EVERYTHING together. Many 100s of EVENTS AND AGENDAS (more then 1) that linked to where we are today. It was you and a few others who straight up assumed that it was about "just depopulation." Yes in efforts to avoid 'climate' issue depopulation is a goal of those 'in charge'.

But this was always MORE then that, and the fact that you didn't even bother to read/look just means all you did for 8 pages was troll. Because nothing you put forward added to the actual conversation itself. I decided to relook over this forum, because I put years into gathering this info, and you think in 2 seconds just by saying without even looking it validates what you say as 'the real deal'.

You have yet to prove any of my posts and/links wrong, you've yet to submit any form of 'acceptable source' to you, that i can post the same info to you in. But the entire time all you did was attack my character. You sir, are a troll of the extreme, who speaks not reads, who suppresses not enlightens. Who provides little meaning to any conversation he is in. So with that, I will leave it at, as I rather not lower myself to your level.

You seem like you are a smart person, and I would love for you to give a review of even a percent of the info I have actually submited a review, who know's you might even learn something. Be able to contribute to more then just biased, comments where you didn't even review the product because it doesn't line up with your personal agenda. Simply at this point your a man trying to submit reviews on tampons, when all he can do is hold it. Its just not in your league, because your unwilling to open the package and 'experiment'. (Aka: get a feel for more then just what the title suggests, it was only titled that because I had no other way to label 100s of events..)[

With that I will leave it with the saying "Never Judge a Book by its Title, as the content might just surprise you." In this case.. this entire submission.
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posted on May, 19 2021 @ 10:06 PM

originally posted by: BlackArrow
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus


Everything I have said.
And it's going great

I watched it. I don't know where this guy gets his info from, but it's not correct. The statement about Fauci and his NEJM article caught my ear - and you can easily see that what the presenter said is bunk, simply by reading the actual article in the NEJM for yourself

Or if you don't want to... Fauci never actually "wrote an article".

He and two coauthors reviewed the literature (what other people wrote) and summarized what little information was available at that time (so they're writing in March 2020 about papers professionally published and peer reviewed in January and early February... just as the data was coming out.) They list the approaches being used to try and get a vaccine as well as multiple (including chlorquinine) treatments being used in those early stages to try and help patients recover.

Their conclusion was this:
The Covid-19 outbreak is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenge of emerging and reemerging infectious pathogens and the need for constant surveillance, prompt diagnosis, and robust research to understand the basic biology of new organisms and our susceptibilities to them, as well as to develop effective countermeasures.

I noted several other points that were equally bad, including the statement that all one had to do with humans was set up a problem and then present a solution and society will change. This (as anyone studying humans knows) is not even remotely workable. It presumes something in economic theory called 'rational economic human'.

You can read about this fictional human here

Humans don't act like that, as a rule.

What that means is that every single "program" to bring about "One World Order" will fail completely because humans don't act like that. And, in fact, they'll go do things that will toss your "program" off the rails so far that you won't be able to bring it back on track with any sort of action.

We aren't robots. This speaker presumes that everyone in the world except the people who like his video are somehow behaviorally locked into a certain action... and he's very wrong about that.

posted on May, 20 2021 @ 05:21 AM

originally posted by: BlackArrow
Okay, you have a guy who wants to commit mass genocide on the public...


posted on May, 23 2021 @ 11:24 AM
If you want to depopulate the planet, why would you choose to get rid of those who comply with main stream media?

Wouldn't it be better to seek out those who hold alternate views and eliminate them first?

Just curious

posted on May, 26 2021 @ 11:10 AM
a reply to: Wildbob77

Why not? Braindead followers that offer nothing but repetition that a basic robot is be capable of. Example Flippy the burger flipping robot gets his meat cooked right over 98% of the time for 4$ a day instead of the demanded employee 15$. Can you say that about any burger joint you been to? I think not.

1. Those who comply can easily be tagged like dogs or cattle. Tracked and easier to keep track of, it's harder to track down a person who isn't tagged amongst the millions that are.

2. Those who literally believe "Hi I am from the government and I am here to help". Obviously has brain damage.. if you don't remember the government sending a tank through a city just because her mother wouldn't give her daughter lobotomy pills that made her daughter angry and aggressive.

3. They have repeatedly come after the children, and parents are in the way.

4. When has government actually done anything for the people themselves? I mean all they do is write stupid laws.. like "don't push a moose out of a moving plane". Which wouldn't be needed if stupidity was lower. After all they do NOT want to live in a world of Idiocracy.

5. It has recently been proven that those that get the vaccine have a brain defect that prevents them from thinking critically about anything. Their IQ is also lower. So any form of advancement will be slower or next to none.

6. Stupid people breed faster then smarter people. - they will wind up having to erase another 70% of the population in another two or three generations.

7. Stupid people don't know the difference between compost and recycling.

8. Stupid people actually agree to allow their children be unsupervised online in a predatory world. As well as share pictures on no restricted/private social media websites of their kids first day of school which 9 out of 10 times is linked to a location, hence feeding abduction rates.

9. Stupid people sue because hot coffee is hot.

10. Stupid people cause more problems overall, maybe not this time. But they are also the ones out on the streets burning their hometowns and shops to the ground. Because someone told them to.

11. People who actually relied on the government to find an answer to the problem means that they will be the first to drain government resources. They are the first to claim unemployment, and the last to get jobs. After all, look at the teachers union. Hell-bent on avoiding kids that don't transmit the disease, until they get a shot.

12. Stupid people hand over their life savings to con artist because of the "myan calenders coming to an end", or "Y2k bug" then get stuck draining resources, and handouts from the government. They are the prime excuse of "daddy I need 300$!".. "for what?", "I need a new hat".

13. Limited and valuable resources are wasted on the stupid. A new 1k phone paid for by the government every year, instead of necessities. 300$ shoes, 10,000$ rims. "Man I be saving my check all year for the rims bro". Stupid people do stupid things with money and then create problems claiming they are "poor". Like the Mexican families with 15 cars for 2 adults. (Not racist if it's true! - not all of them but MOST of them do this).

The only reason why their death rates weren't as low as the Africans is because they are willing to not only run drugs, but also cheap labor. How are the wealthy gonna get a Mexican maid of they all dead?

So Africans, If denied service they get to play a race card instead of being smart about things, and then they claim they are poor because of their culture.

There is a reason more Africans died to the virus/vaccine and it wasn't healthcare disparities. They were targeted because they choose to live that lifestyle despite job security having been in place for them since the 1980s that clearly stated all companies must maintain a minority of 20%(despite total minority population of Africans being 12.5%). When none of the other brothers bother to apply at your job no matter where you work, or what you do that job guaranteed. If not, race card.

How much more reason you want? They know these things, and honestly it's a headache catering the the bs.

Cold hard truths Ina PC bull# world. Stupid people have nothing to offer, and the IQ of this generation proves that we need to reset the clock. Oh and one more fact. The general IQ from 2 generations ago, the average dropped from 110 to 73.

Now a question for you, do you really think the elite want to keep their promises of handing over billions of dollars to those that offer nothing to society? When they seen first hand what stupid people do in numbers?

Here's a tip, it's easier to win a war with "the element of surprise" then it is to attack head on. But don't worry not all hope is gone for those that got vaccinated. You will be paying for your lives now, 100$ a month 5-10g. The minute you get told you have to pay for your booster shots in order to keep living is the day many people will die.
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posted on Jun, 18 2021 @ 07:23 AM

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