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The Art of Ambivalence

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posted on Apr, 13 2020 @ 01:18 PM
Hi, how are you?
Me? I'm fine thanks, except everything sucks. But you know how it is, right? I had big plans, last week. With sports, redoing my eating plan, learning how to code, a pile of books is waiting for my attention... big plans, great plans, probably the best.
But exhausting and is it really worth it? I mean with this c-word, tanking the e-word, it could be the end...
Of course it's not. But it could be.
And then I am having a bit hypochondria, really with fever. Might be the C., I don't think it is, but I'm dizzy and tired and coughing, so you never really know. I'm fit and healthy and young-ish, I don't think it'll kill me, but it could.
It's all so annoying and boring, laying around all day thinking about all the possibilities.
I wish someone would kick me in the a-word so I get going. But that'd be really mean. I'm sick, who kicks someone who's probably not, but maybe as good as death?

Laplace's demon is eating me alive. It basically says if you'd know everything you could predict everything.
Great stuff, right? Stating the obvious on steroids.
That's a big problem for me still, because I don't know my past, I don't know what to do now and I don't know my future. It would be nice to be sure of something.
I saw UFOs, ziggzagging lights, got no clue what that was.
A lot of weird # happened, I can't explain.
Ever since I'm stuck in this endless "what does it mean?" loop. Control loop? But why?
A lot of things could be, but I don't think they are. In that regards the current global situation matches my inner ambivalence.
Welcome to my world.

A song is a prayer atheist and theists and antitheists can share.
So please stand up and let us sing

And shake your booty, please. Or not. If you feel like it. Maybe

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