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Need A Covid-19 Distraction? Check Out This Amazing 300 Car Barn Find!

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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 11:27 AM
The location isn't disclosed, because the total value of these cars is well over a million dollars.

This barn find consists of 300 cars that were stored in three large warehouses. Many rare cars were discovered; an AC Cobra, a ‘Cuda convertible, a Plymouth Superbird, a Ford GT, as well as many other European and American classics.

If you're a car geek, or gear head, you'll probably enjoy this 30 minute video.

This is a car by car tour of most of the vehicles in building #1. We are limited because of light and physical space in reaching all of the cars within the "Barn". There are approximately 300 Barn find cars in total. This is only building 1 of 3. Ferrari's, Lamborghini (possibly Nicholas Cages LM 002), Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Mustang, Ford GT, Dodge, Camaro, Corvette, Cobras, Rolls Royce, and so on.

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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 12:55 PM
a reply to: shawmanfromny
Who is this guy. Talk about a hoarder. There was that one car they said he bought when he was twenty. How many years has this been going on.

Not like Leno I guess who keeps his cars clean and ready to roll and in show rooms. This is storage, deep storage. Not as if he was getting ready to present them to buyers. This is simple, oh, not so simple, hoarding. And it's not as if he would be able to drive them himself, take em out for a cruise.

Not to mention the time spent, the years spent. And the chore of storing them and the expense of the racks as well. It all speaks to over indulgence of wealth. Hard to wrap my head around.

When I was a kid we would visit our cousins the next town over. They had an early predisesor of Hot Wheels. Bunches of them with little doors that would open and wheels that would roll along. Little metal toys. We would get the box of them between the four of us and build our fleets, one choice at a time, we could collect our little cars. But when we were don picking our our fleets, what was there to do. Nothing.

This really is a shame, to find all these gems hidden away like that.

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 01:14 PM
I have a weakness for blue Ferraris.

Cars do not do very well sitting unused.

I have a sporty car that I drive 1000 miles a year. A more expensive or fancy car wouldn't make sense, I want to USE it.

Pure sports cars don't work well on crappy roads or in snow (rolls eyes), mine is more of a Grand Touring car, a Mercedes CLK 500 convertible. I don't want more or less of a car.

fwiw, I was just watching some of Jay Leno's garage...not a bad show. Of course I was groomed on Top Gear....I know more about the world from TG than anything else.

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 01:17 PM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire
an early predisesor of Hot Wheels.

For god's sake don't take them out of the original package!!! (rolls eyes)

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 01:41 PM
Wow just WOW!

Shared that with a car nut buddy of mine

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Couldn't agree with you more. This guy was the ultimate hoarder, but everything was fairly well organized. Did you see all the "crate" engines and the cases of oil and STP gas treatment at the end of the video? SMH. I'd be happy getting my hands on just some of the tools he had scattered around that warehouse.

posted on Apr, 11 2020 @ 12:53 AM
Sorted from oldest to newest.

The full episodes are all cut down to little more than highlights. Still a good library.

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