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RFK Jr Speaking at Ramtha Compound

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posted on Mar, 12 2005 @ 12:53 PM
Not sure if this is politics, current events, or religion --
(there are so many forums that run over each other,
I can't tell anymore .... )

I guess politicians will look for votes where ever
they can get them. Perhaps he's getting ready
for a presidential run? Or perhaps he knows he'll
have a receptive audience with his anti-Bush
environmental speech. This is an interesting read ...

Excerpt -
March 8, 2005

Robert Kennedy Jr. is scheduled as a featured speaker
at a school that has been called a “cult.”

The son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), one-time Attorney
General of the United States and brother of President John F. Kennedy
(JFK) will soon be appearing in Yelm, Washington to lecture at the
controversial “Ramtha School of Enlightenment.”

The school is led by former Tacoma housewife J.Z. Knight, who claims
that she is the chosen channel for a 35,000 year old spirit and prehistoric
general from the lost continent of Atlantis named “Ramtha.”

According to the school’s Web site Kennedy should be passing through
for his presentation this Thursday.

His topic will be “Crimes Against Nature,” which is a critique against the
Bush administration’s environmental policy.

But what does Ramtha have to do with RFK Jr.? And why would the son
of Bobby Kennedy want to speak within her gated compound?


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