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UFO / Faerie Lore Connection?

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posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 06:56 AM

originally posted by: p0sthuman

Perhaps the beings from lore went from being mystical from an interpretative standpoint, to being interplanetary/interdimensional.
My belief is that they have always been the latter.

That's one way of looking at it mate and despite the medieval church attempting to stamp out the 'irrational belief' in Faerie lore it really is impressive that the canon has endured for this long - perhaps there's some element of truth to it and nowadays it's just disguised as (aspects of) the UFO subject.

As already mentioned, there are a surprising number of common folklore traits from around the world and it's quite difficult to find an aboriginal tribe who doesn't tell tales of Fae, earth elementals or little folk - also found it interesting that the one word which keeps turning up again and again in both Faerie lore and UFO research is 'trickster'.

Recently read John Keel's book 'The Eight Tower' which was a very intriguing one and these two attributes of 'Ultraterrestrials' did seem relevant:

•They may be composed of energy, inhabiting the spectrum (wavelength) of energy in which we cannot see. 

•They me have evolved on this planet, though they are far older than the human race.


Also thought Jacques Vallee's book 'Dimensions' was a very interesting one and it's freely available on PDF file here.

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posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 07:13 AM

originally posted by: MPoling

When I was in Mexico visiting the Aztec Temples I asked an older local if aliens ever showed up. I expected him to laugh at me. To my surprise he said yes. He advised they are very small, around 2-3 feet and darker in color. They do not cause any harm but love to run around the temples and play. A little bigger than FAE but interesting none the less.

Thanks for posting that MPoling, it's pretty amazing just how much info is actually out there on Faerie folklore but in Mexico it looks like they're dealing with the Aluxes, the Chaneques, the Zips, the Cucui and the Jimaninos.

Also lots of very freaky UFO incidents from Mexico and have always been very intrigued by this one from over Lake Tequesquitengo (near Mount Popocatepetl).

posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 08:45 AM

originally posted by: IMSAM

The parallels between fairies and aliens are undeniable. This phenomenon takes different guises during the aeons. Back then it was fairies. now its aliens.

Hola good to see you mate and know we've both been discussing these parallels for quite some time now (as have lots of other folks on these boards).

Found the Fae description of having wrinkled skin, large heads, small bodies and skinny arms and legs very interesting - the description of the Seelie Court riding the wind on a giant cloud selecting humans is also rather freaky.

originally posted by: IMSAM

i found it most peculiar when i read an old story of fairies mutilating an animal.

Yep seems they enjoyed paralyzing/killing/kidnapping cows but couldn't source an actual mutilation - any pointers to the animal account you mention?

Nice one for bringing up the water connection as well - the sheer number of UFO reports involving water (or the collection of it) is pretty mindboggling.

posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 09:11 AM
Logged in to say, this is one of the most compelling reads I've seen on ATS for many a year. Thank you for compiling this, I'm fascinated by the subject matter and correlations. Awesome!

posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 11:04 AM
Haven't watched that Hancock clip yet, but nearly every shamanic initiation involves spirits cutting the initiate open and inserting quartz crystals and magical stones into various parts of the body.

"Magick wands" are often pressed against the head, thereby either inserting a crystal or stone, or directly transmitting information or powers to the initiate.

Shamanic implants

posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 03:43 PM

originally posted by: ufoorbhunter

Ta mate gonna watch it now

Nice one mate, some more background info found in this interview.

When it comes to Fae lore apparently 'Devas' appear as bright spheres of light and 'Dracs' appear as purple floating blobs - there's also 'Limniades' which look like small circles of pure light.. but I'm sure they'll be plenty more examples out there.

posted on Apr, 9 2020 @ 08:17 PM
Ufos and humanoids definitely dont seem to like they belong in one place, even though Vallees connections with Aliens an Celt Faeries are great. The word Faeries does seem like a generalization of sorts though for anything out of the ordinary, much like the old belief in Greek Daemons, might as well mean spirit.

Funny thing is the belief in angels, wether Juda, Christian or Islamic might actually be based off the two...and Dragons.

The one thing I find odd, when it comes to most mythologies is how there depiction of Saytr like or horned creatures in differing cultures, some were made of light others, wood, bone, maybe metal too. In one of Jacques book he mentions a short story of priest encounter with Goatman whose praising Christ apparently confront of him, an then literally fly off an disappear.

It would be surprising if the various religions an cultures were seeing the same thing, even though from their own perspective, especially when it comes to humanoid sightings maybe, almost like its reflection of the environment.
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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Hey Karl,yes indeed i have, i have made a whole pdf full of interesting tidbits like these. Heres the account. I will post a big chunk of it as it has really interesting point which i will highlight in bold. The book is of one Anna Eliza bray and the title is "A peep at the pixies" on page 152.

Immediately Friskey (for such, it seemed, was the name of this Pixy) took down from a nail, where it hung near the door, the ponderous key (the weight of which was almost too much for him), and with it, at length, the young gentleman managed to unlock the door. To his utter amazement, what should the old farmer next see, but one of his fine fat oxen driven in by myriads of little creatures ; some sitting on the animal's back, others pulling him by the ears, a few swinging on his tail, and a couple of rogues, one perched on the tip of either horn, amusing themselves by turning about, in their antics, like the weather-cocks on the tops of the pinnacles of Tavistock church.

This Pixy progeny, though numerous, were by no means very handsome. The tallest of them was (said the old gossip, the narrator of this most wonderful history) not higher than her kitchen candle-stick; that was, about six inches from crown to toe ; and the miniature Pixies, or dwarfs among them, were scarcely half so tall. They looked, added this observing old dame, for all the world like little stoats, standing on their hinder legs. They had fierce black eyes, large mouths, and red fiery tongues,flashing and shining like pen-knives, as they thrust them out. This band of little imps, who seemed to be of no very gentle or amiable nature, soon drove the poor ox near the kitchen chimney. Then, urchins though they were, they threw him down in a minute; all hands set to work and fairly skinned him, being careful in so doing not to break the hide.

Whilst this operation was going on, another party of these diminutive monsters (if so they may be called) busied themselves in bringing in great logs of wood. It was truly wonderful to see such little creatures capable, by their numbers, of removing such loads. The logs were disposed upon the hearth. One of the Pixies then breathed upon them, and immediately they kindled into a flame. Friskey next clapped his tiny hands, and forthwith three obedient Pixies appeared, each mounted and sitting between the prongs of a pitchfork turned upwards, and so they glided onward towards the fire. The pitchforks stopped of them selves, and then the urchins dismounted; and one putting his fork into the nose of the poor ox, whilst the other did the same to his rump, and the third poked at his side, they had him up in a trice, and contrived to suspend him ready for roasting before the fire. And then they all set to and whirled and turned him backwards and forwards and round about like so many mad turnspits, and basted him with the cook's ladle and with all the butter and cream that they could steal from the dairy; for Pixies are very good cooks, and know that meat is never delicate or tender unless basted with care.

The roasting was soon finished ; for a fire kindled by such means is strong, swift, and subtle in its operations. And then, exactly while the old farmer in his biding bole could count seven, three times was the ox lifted up and three times again let down, before it was transferred to the large kitchen table. This done, one little wretch, far more ugly than all the rest, with something bright and sparkling about his brows (the form of which the farmer could not exactly make out), stamped with his tiny feet, and bade the whole band to the feast. In another moment, out flew a thousand little knives, each in shape resembling a cutlass, and each Pixy fell to " tooth and nail/' on the good cheer, cutting and carving and helping himself They all seemed highly to enjoy their supper, and chatted and talked as fast as they ate in a sort of squeak very like the squeak of mice in a corner.

These little wretches contrived in a few minutes, to devour fat and lean, and every part of the ox except the brain, the eyes, and bones and sinews. The bones, however, were picked quite clean, and looked to tbe wondering farmer, to be as white as drifted snow. They were then cast under the table. But how the old man did tremble and quake with fear when he saw that one of the small bones of the beast had fallen near the entrance of the hole in the wall, where he lay concealed. He had, however, courage and presence of mind sufficient to stretch out his hand and catch up this small bone. He then shut to the little softly-sliding panel that formed a sort of door to the entrance of his secret retreat; for he Avas so overcome with terror that he could not bear any longer to behold such a scene of mischief, and could hardly suppress his groans for the loss of his favourite ox. However, he could not forbear^ now and then, taking a peep at what was still going on.

Presently he perceived the Pixy company set to dancing and capering like mad things ; and this they did in a ring, holding each other by the hand, and making a humming noise like a tune (though a very wild and strange one) which was only interrupted by the mouse like squeak and a sort of chuckling, for that was their manner of mirth and laughter. After they were pretty well tired with their sports, the little Pixy who looked more old and ugly than all the rest, gave a sharp shrill cry, and immediately all the party began to collect the scattered bones, and to put them together with wonderful ease and precision, fastening them with ligatures and sinews. The little creatures, however, in building up the ox, missed the small bone, and appeared greatly alarmed lest it should bring upon them the anger of their king.

But after consulting together, they seemed to form a plan to conceal it from him pretty readily. They next laid out the skeleton of the ox, as clean and as perfect as if they had been doing it to oblige any Surgeon Hunter, or Professor Owen, for their schools of anatomy. They then took the horns and the hoofs (which they removed before supper) with very great care ; and, lastly, drew the skin over the bones with admirable dexterity. It went on without pulling, for there was no flesh left to create the slightest difficulty. This finished, once more all joined hands, made a ring, and danced three several times round the ox ; and, lastly, all united in uttering one small shrill piercing cry. This was repeated thrice more, " and thrice again," as the witches say in the play of Macbeth, " to make up nine."Several of them then climbed upon the creature's back, as nimbly as young cats, and placed themselves about the head, and seemed to breathe and utter sounds in the mouth and ears.


posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 02:30 AM

All these rites being accomplished, the leader among the Pixies took several pieces of birch from a broom in the kitchen, and, making one after his own fashion, proceeded to rub down the ox, from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Whereupon the animal began slowly to re-animate. First he opened one eye, and then another ; shook his ears, and rolled out his tongue ; and then he gave such a sudden whisk with his tail, that he tumbled off from it a dozen or two of Pixies who were amusing themselves by hanging upon it, as ship-boys do upon a rope ; and, lastly, he gave such a bellow, that it even startled the old farmer in his hole. Their sport for the night being accomplished, and fearing the ox, with his bellowing, would disturb the house, the Pixy tribe proceeded to drive the poor beast towards the door ; but they could not do even this like other creatures, for they did it by teazing and pinching him in a very wanton manner. And then it was found, that, for want of the small missing bone, the animal limped terribly, and went lame on one leg. They all, however, got out, much in the same way that they got in. Friskey staid behind, to lock the door and hang up the key, and then bobbed through the key-hole after the others.

So what do we have here. One fairy being taller than the others just like in 99% of abductee accounts.We got a humming sound, we got a poor ox being fairyhandled etc. And before i forget i had another account which i sadly didn't save in which this same process was done in the middle of a field and the only line i remember was that "They pulled the skin tout to the bones" and the animal while dead looked perfectly normal like a trojan ox of sorts. Then the farmer went near the animal to see it was hollowed like a scarecrow and no blood whatsoever was to be seen.

Of all the accounts i have red the most interesting was the connection of fairys and water where i live. Many ufos may not be craft as we know craft to be but lifeforms of sorts.Thats why we see them dive into lakes and rivers.

ps also notice that while the big black eyes are there,we also have a big mouth. This phenomenon like a master trickster throws little wrenches like that constantly so to muddle the waters and keep us bamboozled all the time
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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 02:49 AM

originally posted by: ConfusedBrit

there was one ye olde story called 'The Lost Boy' that was mentioned once whilst we were was sitting in a West Looe pub.

Pubs really are the best intelligence gathering clearance houses aren't they mate - thanks for sharing that one and you've just reminded me of the curious fact that the 12th Century tale of the Green Children Of Woolpit has an almost identical version from Banjos, Spain in 1887 - looks like a bit of cross cultural contamination to me (unless of course it's true) and always wise to be aware of it when looking into folklore.

Having said that I always wondered why the MOD pre-selected 'folklore specialist' David Clarke to be their sole media spokesperson when it came to their release of (non secret) UFO files - obviously lots of hype (and cynicism) about the whole thing but perhaps they know something we don't.

Also, been looking a bit further into British / German folklore and did come across some cheeky 'Sky Boogies' which were said to dislike humans (a lot) and be completely covered in dark brown hair - did put me in mind of this great thread from Firemoon.

The Phenomenon" and the changing of the guard?

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 03:22 AM

originally posted by: athousandlives

I first came across this connection when I read Hancock's 'Supernatural' a couple years ago, great book

Appreciate your comments mate and that really is a great book - who knows, maybe those cheeky shamans actually are experiencing perceptions of different dimensions.

In case you've not seen it there's a relevant thread here from Skyfloating and one of the shamanistic paintings also contains a flying saucer.

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 04:02 AM

originally posted by: IMSAM

So what do we have here. One fairy being taller than the others just like in 99% of abductee accounts.We got a humming sound, we got a poor ox being fairyhandled etc.

And before i forget i had another account which i sadly didn't save in which this same process was done in the middle of a field and the only line i remember was that "They pulled the skin tout to the bones" and the animal while dead looked perfectly normal like a trojan ox of sorts. Then the farmer went near the animal to see it was hollowed like a scarecrow and no blood whatsoever was to be seen.

Pretty amazing post right there mate and definitely looks like some parallels do exist with modern day mutes.

The 'steamed clean' jaw strips and cleanly excised tongues have always intrigued me and did once read that certain Fae folk enjoy sucking the blood of cattle (so that may explain the lack of it and ventral neck puncture wounds) - the small teardrop shaped abdominal holes through which inner organs are removed are also quite fascinating (and disturbing) and ATS member KellyPrettyBear did once make this very curious observation.

There are also two known cases, where the hemoglobin has not only been completely removed from the bodies, but it appears to have been broken down, so that only the iron is left behind. 

Now.. in Faerie lore, fairies were deathly AFRAID OF IRON.. so if 'faries' were involved, it makes a lot of sense that iron-phobia.

In many cases it's also said that no track marks can be found around these animals (even in snow) and perhaps one of the freakiest aspects of the lot is that, out of all these 1000's of cases, noone's ever been caught in the act doing it (just like Missing 411).

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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 04:29 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Oh yes a great deal of iron dread is present. Now in some parts they are called fairies,in others jinn.Heres an interesting tidbit

Thomas Keightley – The fairy mythology Illustrative of the romance and superstition of various countries p.21

When the Zôba’ah, a whirlwind that raises the sand in the form of a pillar of tremendous height, is seen sweeping over the desert, the Arabs, who believe it to be caused by the flight of an evil Jinnee, cry, Iron! Iron! (Hadeed! Hadeed!) or Iron! thou unlucky one! (Hadeed! ya meshoom!) of which metal the Jinn are believed to have a great dread. Or else they cry, God is most great! (Allahu akbar!) They do the same when they see a water-spout at sea; for they assign the same cause to its origin. The chief abode of the Jinn of both kinds is the Mountains of Kaf, already described. But they also are dispersed through the earth, and they occasionally take up their residence in baths, wells, latrinae, ovens, and ruined houses. They also frequent the sea and rivers, cross-roads, and market-places. They ascend at times to the confines of the lowest heaven, and by listening there to the conversation of the angels, they obtain some knowledge of futurity, which they impart to those men who, by means of talismans or magic arts, have been able to reduce them to obedience.

It does feel like a tower of babel effect has taken place, many people around the world talk about the same thing,with a different name to suit each ones era-beliefs-culture etc. Now in our technological civilazation its aliens.

This part comes from a giant of the ufo field in my opinion,one that is unknown to many

Ted holiday - the goblin universe p45

A large body of testimony holds that fairies are repelled by iron.

This observation may turn out to be very significant because many modern students of UFO phenomena are convinced that geomagnetism is fundamental to the production of the effects. And iron—as any first-year electrical student knows—is reactive to magnetic fields.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that UFOs are intimately related to magnetic forces and therefore that soft iron, at the local level, may indeed have an inhibiting effect on the phenomenon.

Reverend Robert Kirk had this to say

The Tramontanes, to this day, put bread, the Bible, or a piece of iron, in womens bed" to prevent newborn children from being stolen by fairies; and "they commonly report, that all uncouth, unknown Wights are terrifyed by nothing earthly so much as by cold Iron

According to katharine briggs a folklorist if i am not mistaken there is a distinction between iron and cold iron. In some stories fairies avoid cold iron like the plague. GEnerally many cultures hold that iron is the bane of evil spirits hence horseshoes and other items are put over doors on in barns etc

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 05:45 AM

originally posted by: Specimen88

Ufos and humanoids definitely dont seem to like they belong in one place, even though Vallees connections with Aliens an Celt Faeries are great.

Thanks for the comments mate - both Faerie and UFO occupant reports do seem to be global in scope - also found it interesting that certain specific areas of the world are known to be associated with them.

Also liked this quote from a book published in 1910:

There seems to have been always and everywhere (or nearly so) a belief in a race, neither divine nor human, but very like to human beings, who existed on a 'plane' different from that of humans, though occupying the same space. This has been called the 'astral' or the 'fourth-dimensional' plane.

Why 'astral'? why 'fourth-dimensional'? why 'plane'? are questions the answers to which do not matter, and I do not attempt to defend the terms, but you must call it something. This is the belief to which Scott refers in the introduction to The Monastery, as the 'beautiful but almost forgotten theory of astral spirits or creatures of the elements, surpassing human beings in knowledge and power...'

Free E-book - The Fairy-Faith in Celtic CountriesBy W. Y. Evans-Wentz

..also think British ambassador Gordon Creighton made some interesting comments in this clip.

originally posted by: Specimen88

It would be surprising if the various religions an cultures were seeing the same thing, even though from their own perspective, especially when it comes to humanoid sightings maybe, almost like its reflection of the environment.

Maybe so and who the hell knows what's going on?

Have looked at quite a few UFO ooccupant cases and suppose this one from Argentina in September, 1978 is a good example of 'high strangeness' - plenty more out there though.

Jacques Vallee - The Juan Perez UFO Case

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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 05:55 AM
I bought a book on fairies last week which I haven't had time to read. I had an experience last fall which I can't explain to myself. I am an extreme gardener, I spend at least two hours a day in my garden in the middle of a clearing in the woods on three acres. When you spend your life outside and traveling you do start to see weird things, if your eyes are open. I am over half a century old, I have O.A. In my knees. Running or walking fast is not possible, and I need readers to see up close now. Here is what happened, I was weed trimming last fall for three days. That day I was in the woods by a small creek that runs through my front yard in a dip area. I had my husband's tall big rubber boots on. A copper head snake appeared, I weed trimmed it because they are poisonous and it was going to strike. I couldn't find it afterwards. It disappeared. Snakes , lizzards, mice, and rats roam the woods here. I have many stump holes in the front dip area from large pine trees rotting away. I kept weed trimming when a six to seven inch pure white bug with two sets of wings flew up from the leaf litter, in a straight line, fast for thirty feet, and flew back down into the ground. I was dumbfounded and stunned. I haven't seen anything like it in sixteen years here. i couldn't run after it in big boots with arthritus. I spent days looking up moths, butterflies, and Dragon flies on the internet afterwards. Nothing in my state matches this bug. A Dragon fly in South America was the only thing close. Thi s thing i saw was bigger and thicker than a delicate Dragon fly. Here's the thing, dragonflies flit around errratically, so do moths and butterflies in a slower way. All three insects usually visit with people. This thing was fast and direct and going from the ground to the ground. It was not cold out, probably 68 F. The insect was pure solid white with wings at the shoulders and two at the back feet end area. I have filled all the stump holes with ash from the burn pile this winter. There were ten big stump holes. The part of the woods the strange bug went into we don't keep manicured, it is a wild natural woods. My yard feels like a happy peaceful place filled with all the animals of the woods coming and going all year. I don't know what I saw, I wish I did. What i experienced is that possibilities are out there and life is a mystery. I don't think ufos and fairies would be connect ed. I took astronomy in college. Anything comming here from space would be very intellectual. Not a creature hidding in the woods or meadow.

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 06:29 AM
Great thread.

For me the connection is not in doubt - I would even extend that to the visions that pre-empted the majority of religions.

The big question is why, closely followed by what !
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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: karl 12

Cheers mate and many thanks for the other link, I not had chance to view the other one yet as working still and when I went to view it was 2 1/2 hrs long, wowzers, defo one for when I finish slaving later today. Happy Easter btw

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 07:50 AM

originally posted by: ultimafule
Haven't watched that Hancock clip yet, but nearly every shamanic initiation involves spirits cutting the initiate open and inserting quartz crystals and magical stones into various parts of the body.

That practice is mainly confined to Australasia and some parts of South America. The stones are imagined to be part of the sky that has fallen to the earth and therefore by incorporating them, the 'shaman' achieves the ability to 'see' from the sky during their dreams and visions or rather when they take 'flight'. Since the sky was identified as a living being, the stones were the body of that being, hence it was considered a union which only certain individuals were deemed capable of maintaining. Where the primary 'god' or divinity is the earth itself, then the stone is similarly believed to be the 'bones' of the earth. Some cultures commune upwards, some downwards depending on the relative environment. In any hot arid environment the upward tends to prevail, temperate zones tend more to seek answers from below...most do a bit of both.

More widespread is the initiation myth that the 'shaman' has a vision or dream that portrays his being torn/cut/or otherwise dismembered into tiny pieces, and then reassembled by the spirits/deities/messengers/sacred birds or beasts depending on the cultural norm to be reborn as the 'shaman'. These beliefs too generally involve the incorporation of an essence or object representing the 'divine' (in whatever form they perceive that to take at any given time/place). It is this that joins the 'shaman' and the 'divine' in communication. The reanimation and insertions of course take place in the 'spiritual' realm but it is equally essential that the 'shaman' possess the ability to spin his vision into a good yarn since their whole reason for their being is as an intermediary between the various non-corporeal realms and the land of the living.

'Fairies' reflect similar patterns of interpretation, becoming less tangible as belief in an 'underworld' becomes first a negative (hell and purgatory etc) before being dispelled by scientific rationale. The period inbetween did untold damage to our understanding of what a 'shaman' does or has that makes them a 'shaman', as well as our understanding of fairies as an epiphany or emanation of the underworld or the Earth, but it is clear that it is one that like 'shamanism' varies from culture to culture and in time and place. Consistencies that exist tend only to do so bewteen cultures that share similar environments and lifestyles, but that also informs us of how widespread, geographically, such beliefs are/were and indicates they both possess elements which are ingrained at the deepest level.

posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 08:29 AM
a reply to: karl 12

It definitely is global, but it looks like they appear more in certain locations then others an at different times across history. Even a change in appearance, while other depiction sound consistent through the ages and a weird transition of from magic to technology like late 1800 air ship sightings.

And yes, who the hell, human anyways, really knows what going on let alone what they actually are at all.
Alot of the times, they sound like a cognition or hallucination of sort but way to real to considered as such. Thing is alot there actions sound incredibly childish to even animalistic in more recent times.

I just dont think they are what they appear to be, especially if there is some sort of psychological factor to, let alone actual advanced technology being involved. Like nut an bolt ufo being manned, while other ufos seem more like they are alive an unmanned.

I did try making various assumptions on ATS that alot of different mythical creatures were one in the same due to their characteristics. Like Serpahim from Judaism means burning ones, with host of other names too, to the Islamic Jinn or Ifrit (a fiery being which can swim, USO maybe) to even the Devas an the Naga in Hindu.

Thing is it does become a jumble of a mess especially with Eastern lore an various superstitions.

Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, an truth is stranger then fiction. Great video, and loved his comment on the Vimanas an the bible. Some of the Angel's in the believe do sound like Vimanas like Thrones or Ophanhim, while Islams depiction of angels is they are made out of light.
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posted on Apr, 10 2020 @ 11:22 AM

originally posted by: IMSAM

It does feel like a tower of babel effect has taken place, many people around the world talk about the same thing,with a different name to suit each ones era-beliefs-culture etc. Now in our technological civilazation its aliens.

Awesome post mate, and yes it most definitely does feel like that.

On levitating men and stealing cattle from W.Y. Evans-Wentz's 1910 book:

Generally, the hosts were evil and the fairies good, though I have heard that the fairies used to take cattle and leave their old men rolled up in the hides. One night an old witch was heard to say to the fairies outside the fold, "We cannot get anything to-night." The old men who were left behind in the hides of the animals taken, usually disappeared very suddenly.

I saw two men who used to be lifted by the hosts. They would be carried from South Uist as far south as Barra Head, and as far north as Harris.
Sometimes when these men were ordered by the hosts to kill men on the road they would kill instead either a horse or a cow; for in that way, so long as an animal was killed, the injunction of the hosts was fulfilled.'(p.106)

Fairies and Fairy Hosts ('Sluagh'). 'Generally, the fairies are to be seen after or about sunset, and walk on the ground as we do, whereas the hosts travel in the air above places inhabited by people. The hosts used to go after the fall of night, and more particularly about midnight. You'd hear them going in fine weather against a wind like a covey of birds. And they were in the habit of lifting men in South Uist…

Some modern reports of levitating cattle (one involving strange sounds).

This case involving claims of a levitating calf from May, 1973 iis also an extremely bizarre one.

One Of The Strangest Alien Abductions Of All

And managed to find the link to mutes in burned circles.

About that time there were also several burned areas in farmer's fields surrounding the Air Base. I saw two of the circles. The burned circles were approximately 30 feet across and had a dead cow in the center. All the flesh was burned from the cow, but no blood was on the ground or apparently in the cow. Some of the cows had neat, clean burned out cavities in the abdomen about a foot in diameter, and a foot or so deep.


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