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Information Deception In Covid Deaths Uncovered

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 03:59 AM
a reply to: Thecakeisalie

In the USA, the MSM's goal is to remove their nemesis President Trump from office in this November's election. The media is working with the Democrats in Congress, and in Industry, to latch on to whatever they can find to hurt President Trump. They've been at it for 3 years. Covid-19 is just the latest "tool" in their chest.

They are all enemies of Americans, because they do not care if we suffer financially/emotionally, from their obsession to unseat Donald Trump.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 04:39 AM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

A general practitioner is still a doctor. Governments have even been using medical students whom aren't doctors, or nurses yet, to help with COVID-19. BTW, why would you say "maybe they came back for a week or two"? Why would the Italian government only use retired doctors, and nurses for just a couple weeks when COVID-19 has been around for 3 months +? That makes no sense.

As for PhD in psychiatry?... They have to be a doctor of medicine first before focusing in psychiatry. Studying for doctor of medicine includes 2 year studies into anatomy, biochemistry, medical ethics, pharmacology, physiology and psychology.

Psychiatrists have to learn a lot, including medications and they have to know if a combination of medications they are prescribing, or some other doctor is prescribing conflicts with the medication the psychiatrist wants to give to the patient and might be lethal, or toxic to them. I don't know where you got the idea that psychiatrists cannot be used to help in COVID-19. More so since there are lots of patients whom have COVID-19, or their families whom might need the help of a psychiatrist.

Also, whom is telling you that autistic children, or autistic adults are not also victims of COVID-19?... It's only logical to have "communications & speech therapists" and other medical related staff helping patients whom have COVID-19.

As for dying from pneumonia?... Pneumonia is one of the symptoms/illnesses that patients with COVID-19 can get. COVID-19 attacks your lungs, so yeah you can get pneumonia from COVID-19 and die from pneumonia. But it is related to COVID-19. If that patient hadn't caught COVID-19 he/she wouldn't have gotten pneumonia.

"People may have cough, sputum and shortness of breath," Reddy told UPI. "COVID-19 causes acute lung injury, which is characterized by air spaces getting filled with fluid, protein and cells. It is similar to other viral pneumonias in the end results -- inability for the lung to adequately oxygenate the blood."

The type of pneumonia associated with COVID-19 has been described as an infection that affects the air passages that move air between the lungs and the outside world.
COVID-19 appears to cause severe pneumonia in a greater fraction of people than influenza, and it also spreads more easily." At this point, there is no cure for the pneumonia associated with with COVID-19, so doctors are focusing on providing "supportive care," Reddy said. This involves the use of ventilators to help the lungs maintain high oxygen levels until the infection resolves and the organs are able to function normally on their own.

COVID-19 tough on lungs, can cause difficult-to-treat pneumonia

You are making assumptions which are wrong.

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 05:34 AM
No I am proving a point based on information available that not all the doctors were frontline troops as stated by the media.

The call was made for volunteer retired doctors on the 3rd March, those on that list were all dead by the 17th March. Make of that what you will. So yes the Italian medical profession took a risk and within 2 weeks 40 doctors were dead or let's say 30 if we discount 10 speech therapists psychiatrists and 1 orthotic doctor

I know damn well what the symptoms are thanks, i was merely reiterating the fact that for the man listed of dying of double pneumonia was recorded as a covid 19 death but it wasn't known if he was ever tested. nor do we know if he was already in hospital with pneumonia and THEN contracted covid 19

I doubt very much the ICU wards and emergency rooms are full of psychiatrists foot doctors and autism speech therapists never heard such drivel, if a doctor really needed to know a psychiatric patient's medication and couldn't ask the patient themselveds there are such things as phones! Often patients bring their medication with them to hospital too. But in this instance i.e. a global pandemic whereby those that end up in hospital are at the worst point of the virus I doubt it would even be considered. It is still fact that the majority of the doctors were over 70yrs of age and most probably hadn't seen the inside of a hospital in year let alone an ICU or surgical ward.

I think its you that is making the assumptions here....I feel you are being pedantic for whatever reason of your own but feel free to go through the list of 40+ doctors yourself and check them out I simply don't have time nor the inclination

But again the op is about the scrubbing of data and the hiding of information

a reply to: ElectricUniverse

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 06:18 AM
I'm on the fence when it comes to vaccines. I've been smoking since I was 15. I've gotten the flu every year my entire life until 4 years ago when I started getting flu shots. They don't work 100% but at least I don't get as sick as I use to. I went 3 years without getting the flu until this year. I got the shot in October but got the flu in January and early March. When I did get sick isn't wasn't half as bad as what I experienced before I started getting the shots. I was told it was a bad year for the flu. I asked the doctor why I got sick after having the shots. I was told either it was a similar strain or it was a mutation. He said their not 100%.

Either way I will continue to get the shots. I believe they do work most of the time. Going 3 years without getting the flu so I'm a believer. When I did get it it wasn't nearly as severe as in the past.

I don't know what it is with my grandmother. She never gets the flu and hasn't had it in decades.

I'm not afraid of vaccines but I don't want to be a guinea pig either. I would be weary of any vaccine rushed in an emergency situation.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 06:35 AM
I've never had the flu shot so can't comment personally, but my brother gets it each year but this last winter he was quite poorly with it lasted for ages as was my 83yr old dad who we seriously thought we might lose he was so off it. Apparently they keep changing the vaccine as the flu mutates so much so it can really depend on which strain of flu is prevalent as to which vaccine you get

The rushing through of a vaccine for this virus is what worries me too especially if Governments go through with the immunity/vaccine certificate to allow you to go back to work....that's kinda blackmail to me

a reply to: wantsome

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: Edumakated

I made a thread about the mortality rate in Europe, there is a link where you can get historic statistics:

Coronavirus death toll Europe, official numbers - NOW AVAILABLE!

Note that the screenshot is not current. In Italy the death toll has now actually reached the level of a severe influenza a few years back. Follow the link and see yourself. Still, it is nothing that would justify these extreme measures. Not even in Italy. A word of caution: The statistics are still not definite. Will take a few more weeks.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: carewemust

That's a massive stretch. Much of the world is doing versions of lockdowns. They are all in on the plan to crash the economy to hurt trump's reelection chances?

Please... the world does not revolve around Trump. Your theory may have plausibility if the U.S. was one of the only countries to go on a lockdown or other economy hurting measures.

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Some of this is a little odd. Can anyone tell me if the Covid 19 test will give you a positive for any type of Covid. I dont know if this is the case I am told it is.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 08:59 AM

originally posted by: blueman12
a reply to: carewemust

That's a massive stretch. Much of the world is doing versions of lockdowns. They are all in on the plan to crash the economy to hurt trump's reelection chances?

Please... the world does not revolve around Trump. Your theory may have plausibility if the U.S. was one of the only countries to go on a lockdown or other economy hurting measures.

This is a power shift of that I am certain. Which way it will go I am yet to determine.

White hat vs Black hat

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 09:11 AM
a reply to: ManyMasks

I believe this whole thing is a psyop,

On the fence here. I am hearing from peeps I know hospital wards empty. Low virius calls on NHS 111 but last week the old man down the road went to hospital. Trouble breathing.

I have watched over the last while a wave pass through power structures through the world. The mass arrests of human trafficker. Intelligence organisations being challanged /Mass arest of MS13 (deep state) Take down of Saudi Arabia (deep-state) The arrests of Hollywood member / congress members not re standing / likes of clintons being investiaged / CEOs of large companies steping down / nationalising Federal Reserve. Now getting whispers of tunnels being bust open to free peeps. I talk carefully dont want post removed. Its a nice narrative almost too good to be true.

Where we go one we go all.

At the same time I see distrubing movement.

The Virus (if its real or not)

Global calls for a new currency

Calls for electronic currency

Calls for mandatory electronic vaccines.

Talk about global government.

Removal of rights

Half the world under curfew / house arrest.

Whats going on. I dont really know. I can see evidence of both sides and in both cases the VIrius is just a move on a chessboard.

Something is afoot

Happy days :-)

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 11:41 AM
a reply to: purplemer
All I have been interested in is making raised beds for potatoes and thinking about which herbs and flowers to get for my garden, and burning old wood.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 01:04 PM
It's clear and simple when you let Dr. Shiva explain it to you in 52 minutes.
They can be knocked out by a right hook but it's like knocking out a cop. A dirty cop but still.
Dr.SHIVA Speaks on X22 Spotlight
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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 01:19 PM
Well my own thoughts are probably without foundation, but there's only 1 country who can benefit from this and that of course is China.

With so many businesses already going to the wall, many are looking for investors and bailouts prior to liquidation or administration. Today Debenhams has 10 days to find an investor, Laura Ashley has gone as has Carluccio Restaurant chain. Now as we are aware, China has been creeping into almost every country buying up property and businesses like crazy and colonising parts of Africa, there's hardly a country now where China have not gone into. So how ideal would it be for them, who are known to play the long long game, to crash global economies, buy up shares and head towards global economic domination? They "accidentally" release a virus, allegedly combat it in record time, send out faulty equipment and testing kits then swoop in like white knights with their "expertise & technology" to save the day? How many companies will be bailed out by chinese investors?

Strange how we see covid 19 in almost every major town & city throughout Europe & USA but according to China their outbreak was limited to Hubel Province only, somehow Beijng & Shanghai weren't affected with just 1 case being reported in Shehnzen. China of course put it down to their superb containment, but yet didn't stop international travel and that I believe was purposeful. They were stockpiling supplies from other countries as early as the end of January. They were reporting no new infections from the 18th March and Beijing was crying out for a return to work for boost the economy. despite leaked tweets and reports from people saying the virus is still there and the figures are wrong.

China are now on track apparently for some serious exponential growth....quite a turnaround from last month don't you think? What they are attempting to show is that China's system of Government is far superior to that of Western Nations

I cannot think of any other country that is going to benefit from this disaster other than China and no its not all about Trump!
The short video below shows the reach of China and the badly worded broken English comments of support for china make for interesting reading

a reply to: purplemer

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Ministry of Truth. Lol.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Have you been living under a rock? Italy is hard hit, and they don't have the doctors or staff to take care of the amount of patients that have fallen ill, and yes people can die of COVID-19 in a week or two, and even less than that. As for your claim that retired doctors, nurses and medical staff cannot be in the front-line you are making another false claim...

The reason they are being called back is because there are not enough doctors, or other medical staff to help with COVID-19 patients. They weren't recalled back to count butterflies, or look at the pretty rainbows. They were called back to treat patients with COVID-19.

As for your claim that retired doctors might have had pneumonia, and then got COVID-19, that is extremely unlikely. Even though the Italian authorities have been desperate in getting even medical students whom haven't graduated yet, they would have not hired/re-hired any doctors with pneumonia, and before being hired retired doctors and medical staff would have been checked. You don't think that other medical staff/doctors would realize that a doctor had pneumonia? Do you not know that people with pneumonia show symptoms that medical staff/doctors would recognize?

I don't know why some newspaper might have taken off the age of doctors, but you are making mountains out of an ant hill.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

Now you are making some sense. Yes, I agree that China is either taking advantage of an accident, or they wanted this to happen. However, I doubt that they have COVID-19/SARS-CoV2 under control. They might be able to hide it for a bit, but eventually they will get another pandemic from COVID-19/SARS-CoV2. The virus is already out, and we know it can be contracted by animals like bats.

China doesn't have one of the best healthcare in the world, contrary to what some might claim. The Chinese dictators in fact called for people whom showed symptoms to be locked in their own apartments. Chinese activists have stated that Chinese police had been blocking doors, and windows of people suspected to have contracted the virus and these people were just let to die. The amount of people from China that died from this is a lot much higher than the CCP alleges they had.

This is what socialist/communist regimes do. Cuba, North Korea, etc do the same thing they lie. Just like Cuba lies about their "great healthcare and education for all Cubans." Communist dictatorships don't allow independent journalists/human right activists, not even from their own people, to get any information about healthcare/education etc. Instead they give false numbers to agencies like the UN, and then the UN proclaims those are the numbers when in reality it's all lies, and false propaganda.

Unless the CCP had a vaccine it's almost a 100% certainty they will get another epidemic again from COVID-19/SARS-CoV2.

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 07:18 PM
What if you had a vaccine already, then released it on your own population as patient zero, and weaponized it as a terror and economic weapon? Victims real and imagined pile up on videos leaked to the internet accidentally escape your censors. Your buddies on the WHO making sure to demonize the idea of a travel-ban as "xenophobic" and also fan the flames of panic: "pandemic!" Bought media and politicians are useful idiots and the media can be relied on as a proven fear machine. Soon everyone is shutting down their own countries and industries in a panic #dosomething!
Your economy bounces back faster than anyone else's bc you "contained" it through draconian action ( and a quiet vaccine or treatment), meaning you become the number one face in the game at the table while everyone else looks to you for help. Your sphere if influence expands rapidly, while the EU and US are all hands on deck to save themselves. You disguise the deliberate act under the guise of bumbling response and tyrannical panicked response. Ie welding people on homes was for foreign consumption, masses of spray trucks spraying water on the streets posing as disinfection efforts, etc all part of a play put on for foreigners... Bonus points for pointing out how well you handled it compared to the EU and US leaders who are so antagonistic to you on trade.

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posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport

BTW, did you take pictures of that website? Because both links show the same thing.

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