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Why is the over 80 or close to over 80 crowd ruling the US and ruling the world?

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posted on Apr, 4 2020 @ 05:29 PM
Just for comparison
FINLAND - Prime Minister is 34 female
UKRAINE - President aged 42 male
NEW ZEALAND - Prime Minister 39 female
DENMARK - Prime Minister 42 female
AUSTRIA - Chancellor 33 male
EIRE - Taoiseach of Ireland male 41
FRANCE - President male 41
BELGIUM - Prime Minister female 45
NETHERLANDS - Prime Minister male 53
SPAIN - Prime Minister male 48

According to Bloomberg the average European leader age has dropped quite significantly whilst worldwide it has increased. The average age in europe now is 52yrs

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posted on Apr, 4 2020 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: PhyllidaDavenport
Thank you. Those are the figures I did not know. As for Britain, I think the demand for comparative "youth" was shown by the choice of Blair and Cameron.

It does rather look as though "old leadership" is specifically a local American issue, in the democratic world.

posted on Apr, 5 2020 @ 11:04 AM
Believe me, you’ll learn so much with every passing year. I can’t believe how much more knowledgeable I am at age 63 than when I was 62! And it’s not just things like history, geography, current events, economics, politics and everything under the sun that you learn about. It’s also life itself, the good and bad things that happen. You come to know what’s truly important, and what isn’t worth worrying about.

People are living longer and maintaining their physical health and mental faculties longer, too. I know a bunch of people in their mid-70s who are unbelievably intelligent, competent and energetic, including world-class physicists, engineers and attorneys. I think more and more world leaders are old because they’re at the peaks of their abilities; younger people simply can’t match their knowledge or experience. This will only increase as we learn how to extend our lives even further while maintaining our minds and physical well-being.
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posted on Apr, 5 2020 @ 11:58 AM
The whole idea that age = decrepitude is a western-European trope.

Because of the youth movement of the 1960, western pop culture worships youth and views old people as hogging all the resources that youth should inherit.

Alzheimers is a western phenomenon. There was a book about 10 years ago that documented this, called "the Blue zones," about how diet goes with life expectancy AND functioning in old age.

In Middle Eastern an asian culture, teachers and local civic leaders are expected to be in their 80s. In Isreal, study of Kabalah, the mystical side of the Torah, is not permitted to begin until one reaches the age of 60. There is a a lot of mathematics tied up in the symbolism of Kabalah, which you'd think would be impossible for doddering old men to grasp.

The Ulammah of islamic cultures is similarly staffed by men 70+. The ruling council of Iran is an example. Westerners (especially Americans) are taught to see Iran's leadership as a bunch of insane zealots; but they are seen throughout Africa and Asia as an example of a high-functioning regional power that was built from the rubble of the 1979 revolution. And Iran is seen as unique for retaining both fundamentalist islam AND high technology. Which if the western stereotype was accurate, wouldn't be possible for a bunch of old men in their 80s.

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