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Covid-19 Intuitive Dynamic Analysis Template

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posted on Apr, 7 2020 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: one4all

Note to self....remember to enjoy 2 cups of Rosehip Tea today....with a bit of coconut oil as a liposomal carrier....the bloodstream loves the o2.

posted on Apr, 7 2020 @ 01:31 PM
Parasites and their friends use astronomical amounts of iron as fuel...and produce a lot of damaging pollutantsand byproducts because of it...hence badly infected people are pale....anemic...does this link help clarify why the blood must be treated quickly ?Even though they are still lieing and making massive efforts to stay away from the truths....they are misrepresenting their scientific findings intentionally this is not accident….what do you think happens when all of the iron is consumed by your bodies bugs even in your blood?...yet the blood loses its ability to deliver oxygen.....Truth Feedback Loop?

Remember the"virus" lies and auto-correct the word placement using the correct word in the article.

So close but yet so far complicated when it is so simple. 182386efcb
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posted on Apr, 7 2020 @ 04:55 PM
People need oxygen...NOW....widespread change of protocal is needed NOW.....Drs WILL EFY CONVENTION If they are given data they can make Professional decisions doesn't have to be Peer Approved right now because the Drs that CARE will apply now and take punishment later....what is on this thread is all simply one persons perspective however when a professional Dr or Researcher reads it puzzle pieces might fall into place for them with their deep knowledge and acumen.....these people are to busy to think outside of the box...but we are not...anyone who is an Anon or just anyone who cares about everybody with a YT channel can feel free to get this thread connected to this DRs videos so those interested can have a read.



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posted on Apr, 7 2020 @ 09:03 PM
You feeling okay, man?

posted on Apr, 8 2020 @ 04:02 AM
Worry not.
The short story is this.
If you know what it is and where it goes and how it behaves you can find it and kill it.
The human body has rules and to break those rules is to break a Truth Feedback Loop.
We can kill it much quicker than it can kill us.

I phoned an ER DR. yesterday in the USA and has a short convo with him.He was appreciative and interested and thankful for the efforts.

The education and SOP that are followed by Dr.s has been as bastardised as anything to keep them from breaking big pharmas conjobs up.IN many cases they can not and will not just "try" something for legal reasons many many legal reasons....Trump pushed medicines through processes that had been in many cases designed to hinder their spread....this was to help Drs. IMHO.

Intubation is killing to many people by burning out their lungs.

The blood itself is a polluted irritant full of living bacteria that are constantly and consistently producing damaging chemical byproducts related to their life cycles and that is depositing viral contaminants into the body …..the bloods ability to carry oxygen is being hindered.....harder working lungs are not bringing in enough oxygen to the system....a ventilator simply keeps the lungs going mechanically until the lungs are damaged and burn out.....and it does not increase the volume of oxygen being held in the blood or clean the blood .....a sudden mass migration of pleomorphic bacteria from the belly to the blood happens and it overwhelms the IMMEDIATLY BEGINS POLLUTING IT IN A MASSIVE WAY DEPENDING UPON THE VOLUME AND VERACITY OF YOUR INSITU ALREADY EXISTING PLEOMORPHIC POPULATION....when these bacteria migrate they are in HYPER-REPRODUCTION the impacts to the bloodstream are massive and incredibly damaging and happen incredibly fast.

The belly must be cleaned of bacteria and hosts...the blood must be cleaned of living bacteria hiding there and the pollutants they produce...or the blood itself must be enhanced so it can carry o2 properly again with some shortcut.....I dont know a transfusion the addition of specific things like fresh hemoglobin or whatever the Pros suggest to return the bloods o2 carrying ability....once you kill the bugs you still have to clean the this means that ventilating the lungs can only be done under specific pressures and parameters for limited amounts of we do have a clock running....the critical issue is understanding that there has been a FLOOD or a MIGRATION from the belly to the bloodstream of a pleomorphic bacteria that has been taken into the body in one of 2 forms regular bacterial presentation and viral sized but alive presentation...the bacteria being is not being introduced to the body it is being re-introduced into the human body in a "triggered" form that immediately signals all other insitu quiet bacteria of its type to become excited and to morph and change shape and mass to viral size and shape while in the belly so as to immediately exit the stomach and enter the bloodstream...this is an extremely fast cascading effect.

The insitu "quiet" non-morphing pre-existing pleomorphic bacteria are the GUNPOWDER....its harmless without a spark.....the Pleomorphic bacteria floating around in the fluidic conduits is already "morphed" once and is "turned on" or is now a spark to the VARIOUS SIZED KEGS OF GUNPOWDER already stored inside our bodies.....once that spark reaches the Keg of Gunpowder a cascade effect begins that is unstoppable....clearly the size of the spark is not the issue here....the size of the Keg of Gunpowder inside us IS.....soooo..without further adeau step #1 for everyone is to immediately decimate the insitu resident pleomorphic bacteria NO ONE KNOWS THEY not waste time questioning and just remove the powder keg or get it all wet whatever you choose to do....its not hard nor dangerous to wipe out these stomach bugs totaally in just hours…..and then we can bolster the blood with oxygen to snuff out the little spark easily ….so ventilation of the lungs is really only needed for a short time not a long time when used in unison with a stomach remedy and a blood remedy......if you just ventilate and do not treat the belly then you just keep the cycle going...migration of newly produced and immediately triggered belly bacteria to the bloodstream will continue to occur …. while you are making little headway and burning out the lungs.

First treat the belly then treat the blood and you might never need to intubate.

We can wipe it out in the belly and the blood EXPEDITIOUSLY especially if we use ventilation in supporting the process how and when needed without damaging the lungs(short medium pressure duration)....speed is of the essence and we have it in our side even though it looks the other way around.

If you have taken the quick easy steps to eradicate the insitu pleomorphic bacteria...which is as simple as eating foods that kill them or taking meds made from foods and plants that kill them its a matter of minutes not even hours...its a contact kill situation in the belly....well then when Covid-19 enters your body no matter how you catch it it has no one to "trigger" to iniate the mass migration from belly to bloodstream and you end up with a cold like symptomology.

The difference between a cold and death is now coming down to the volume and veracity of the insitu pleomorphic bacteria that people enmasse carry every day.

Just my generic non-professional take on it al

posted on Apr, 8 2020 @ 04:04 AM
a reply to: ComebackLogic

Excellent,a bee to the HoneyPot,the thread attracted a cheeky little"bugger" sure why you came but welcome and do enjoy the show please.
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posted on Apr, 8 2020 @ 04:11 AM
If we apply the Tactical Dynamic Template of the Pleomorphic invader we are provided with a Truth Feedback Loop.....lets use it with this data and see what happens see if it fits underneath our template if we just change a few words and meanings ok.

posted on Apr, 8 2020 @ 09:46 PM
Great news....lots of interested people are following the bastardised medical techings that have put us in the mess we are in....they are dutifully misrepresenting as much factual data as possible following their bastardised status quo which is full of outright lies.

The great part is they are not intelligent enough to understand that a virus is dead and it is a catalyst/ does not live....but something that does live in viral contaminant size shape and mass is a Pleomorphic Bacteria...all the squirming and BSing in the world will never ever change this....there is no "engineered virus"...forget it viruses are dead catalyst materials....we could not possibly be blitzcrieged like we are by Covid-19 by dead material because its not possible to put that much where it is ending up that fast....simply put.....there is a LIVING BACTERIAL INFECTION within our bloodstreams and it is wreaking havoc....take any and all research done by anyone claiming that viruses are the cause of this in any way and ANY data surrounding viruses can immediately be attributed to this pleomorphic bacteria because the entire VIRUS LIE is wrapped around this Pleomorphic Bacterias activities and life cycle.

So simply take all their findings and apply Pleomorphic Bacteria wherever they say virus...and you will be on the right track.

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