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Acceptance is Ridiculous

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posted on Mar, 11 2005 @ 10:40 PM

The terrifying truth of the NWO is here on ATS.

Compartmentalization is the biggest threat to Information that exists.

People like David Icke are hated because Information is Not Acceptable in a Society that demands Acceptance No Matter What.

George Bush senior is a known Paedo according to Icke, Dubya and Tony Bliar were sexually serviced by Jeff Gannon is the implication at and

These things do not feature in the mainstream because the Mainstream Loves The Lie.

The Lie is all that matters, it doesn't matter if Rumsfeld demanded Aspartame be introduced into Foods in the USA and then he sold the company for $12m to Monsanto, what matters is that Aspartame is kept out of public scrutiny.

Yet, still, in here, we see Wankkks saying "Oh there is no NWO" when, of course it was Daddy Bush who coined the phrase into common usage on September 11 1990, 11 years before the two towers fell in controlled explosions.

There is no truth when the Lie is all that matters.

the Mainstream Loves the Lie
ATS loves the lie, it can control the Lie in here, it can break the Lie into "different" subject matters...when the real truth is, everything leads to the door of the NWO Elite.


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