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When this is finally OVER.

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posted on Mar, 21 2020 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: openminded2011

I work in the manufacturing field, specifically printing consumer products labeling. Our workload has increased two fold the last two weeks. We are mandatory weekends now. I can already see the writing on the wall US manufacturing is coming back home. We cannot sustain this demand.

Some things I feel will change. 24/7 grocery stores (Walmart et all) will basically never go back to 24/7. Bars and restaurants will most likely come back online as usual. New businesses will open for grocery delivery, Uber eats type thing. New manufacturing sites will open to meet local demand, these are decent paying jobs, not minimum wage. Due to logistics it doesn’t make sense for a company like mine to out source to China and now we are seeing insane demand.

If you are in the service or hospitality business it’s time to really look to get into manufacturing. It’s booming right now.

posted on Mar, 21 2020 @ 06:46 PM

a reply to: 3sixand9

'silver tongued gas lighter'

Sorry, I had to laugh.
Trump is NOT silver-tongued by any stretch of the imagination!

Clinton, Obama- now those are a couple of guys that are some of the best public speakers I've ever heard! They could sell ice water to Eskimos!

Trump sounds like an incompetent, illiterate junior high drop out every time he opens his mouth.

Some people think Trump is doing the right thing to save our country's economy, while others think he's the one crashing it. I don't know enough about world economy to make that call, but I do know he can't act alone. We have checks and balances, and both parties are knee deep in what's happening on the financial scene.
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posted on Mar, 21 2020 @ 07:08 PM
It is like a world wide reboot of economies.

My hope is that America rebuilds and strengthens its infrastructure and we can finally get back to American made.

I really am not worried about after.
I think we will do just fine in the long run.

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