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MIB Case Study and Questions -- A Think Session

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posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 10:33 PM
Okay so this touches on an article I linked to before in my thread "Impossible Aircraft" regarding the subsequent MIB encounters the witness described.
I've gone back to this case and began cross referencing some other MIB cases with this one and noticed a lot of similarities but also a few differences and I wanted to consult the ATS crowd to see what everyone has to say about this particular case. This is the strangest and most detailed MIB case I've studied so far, and I know there are many more out there but this one grabbed my attention.

In the case, the witness first experiences a flying-thimble type craft with colored lights including a bluey-green neon light in the center. This craft moved up, down, left, right "aerobatically" in a small space at about 2000' up.

Some days later, he sees a large aircraft (300' wingspan, city block in length, 8 engines, V-tail, black, gray, silver in color, red 'Z' on the tail section, glowing windows) flying very low and very slowly. He phones the airport, gets the run around, they call back telling them they found nothing on radar to match his description, ask more questions, etc.

A "General McDonald" phones from Canadian Air Defense in Goose Bay, Labrador and grills him on the sighting.

23rd November 2000 (1:30 pm) - A General McDonald (?) phoned from Canadian Air Defence in Goose Bay, Labrador, and was on the phone 20 - 30 minutes asking questions about this report that had been "passed on to him"(!?) He asked Roy if it was O.K. to "put it on record". (tape it?) He provided longitude and latitude co-ordinates and stated that Roy lived under a flight path. He confirmed that another aircraft was in the sky at the same time. Roy agreed, but pointed out at a different location. He then proceeded to ask about electrical interference with the TV or computers? Had he (Roy) had any previous sightings? Did he take any photos? Did he drink, use drugs, or had he been institutionalised? Roy felt that was a personal affront to his integrity, made a rude remark at that point to the General and hung up. Within two minutes he phoned back, saying, "You don’t get rid of me as easily as that". He made no apologies but just proceeded to ask more questions, concluding with, "you have a poor vocabulary". Once more Roy brought him to a halt with a further offensive remark and again hung up. This time he didn’t call back. Intrigued by the nature of the call, Roy dialed *69, only to be informed that his system did not provide access to this number!

Days later, two men show up. This is where it gets really funky.

1st December 2000 (10:00 am) - Two men appeared at the door of his residence. They produced wallets, one black, one brown, containing photo I.D. that stated they were from the department of Canadian Air Defence. One was a Mr. Samuel, the other Mr. Graeme (spelling?) They asked to come inside. Roy extended his hand, neither of the men offered to shake hands, they simply ignored it. Moving into the house took them through the kitchen area, but they halted on seeing the microwave, as its position required they pass it.

Ignoring the handshake (classic MIB) and avoiding the microwave oven.
Why would MIBs avoid microwave ovens? Would their projected "energy" excite the magnetron in passing and cause it to do... strange things? Would the microwave somehow harm them? Why didn't they ask him to unplug it like the next guys does (see later on)?

On entering the house one of the men had noticed an unusual walking stick in the hallway, to which he remarked that the head of the sticks carving, painted red, reminded him of the primates back home!

Very interesting. If you click on the article I linked to, there is a photo of the walking stick. It is primate-ish. But if they're referencing "the primates" in a way that implies that they themselves are not primates, then what are they? That or the MIB meant it in a "monkey" way.

The two men were olive-skinned and appeared to have "Korean eyes". Each wore Buddy Holly type glasses with thick rims. They were wearing gray suits with black shirts, one had a white tie, and the other was buttoned up to the neck. The one with the tie had a clip that contained a red "stone" that flickered. Mr. Samuel had a ruby ring surrounded with diamonds. His watch was square but without apparent hands, instead being encircled with buttons that periodically illuminated from white to green to mauve. The strap appeared to be molded into skin and was a solid steel band. The belt on his pants was of metallic strips with a square buckle. They both had very large feet, Roy estimated size 14!

Classic John Keel MIB description. Asian features and darker skin. But I haven't read any that I recall that involved eye glasses, only sunglasses.
I wonder if the red stone in the clip on (presumably) Mr. Graeme's tie was somehow connected to Mr. Samuel's ruby ring. Perhaps it was a telepathy aid?
I'm going out on a limb here, but it could be that a species would evolve very large feet for walking in snow or on a powdery substance such as sand (think of those huge snow shoes humans wear to go on winter hikes)?

At one point Roy offered them tea or coffee, but one of them said, "We don’t drink that stuff". Instead one accepted a glass of water, to which the other stated, "your water contains a lot of strange substances". At no point were "please" or "thank you" offered.

I just want to add, if this is legit and these men are real, what a brave dude to actually accept a glass of Earth water. Was he nuts or just trying to be... polite?

When they questioned him they looked into his eyes and seemed to "pierce his brain" (Roy's description). They asked him what type of cats he owned, he replied "Persian", to which one visitor responded, "Oh, they breed those for their skins". Their interrogation went on from 10 am until 2:30 pm after which they left for about one hour, presumably for lunch, returning later. When it came time to leave Mr. Samuel looked at Mr. Graeme who said, "We have to go now, we have another rendezvous". Having taken notes and then tearing them up (?) Mr. Graeme was careful to retrieve all the pieces and took them with him! As they left they were again careful to avoid the microwave oven as far as was possible.

"They breed those for their skins" Peculiar way to make conversation.
Regarding the notes, between the weird silver pencil with a red top (see original article), the red stone on the tie clip and ruby ring, I wonder if what Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme were drawing and writing were being simultaneously transferred to another form of media somewhere "back home" (where those cool primates roam).

Ruminating on all these strange events he discovered that on the windowsill, only six inches behind where one visitor had been sitting, was a Windex bottle, partially melted as if heat had been applied to it. Alongside was a cassette tape warped in a similar manner. Whilst four feet from the two men was a cell phone that was already plugged in on charge, (prior to the visitors arrival) this was now beeping, indicating a low battery.

Same energy that could have excited the magnetron?
I wonder if any of these items had a "burnt" smell.

These are just the beginnings of my thoughts and questions on this particular case. I'll post another round tomorrow.

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 12:48 AM
I'm too tired to dig it up right now, but did you ever hear of the Mib case from Niagara falls where two MIBs are on camera?
The video is on YouTube.
I'll post the case tomorrow, but man was it weird.
I spoke with the hotel managers best friend - I got emails regarding the incident forwarded to me from the hotel managers pal.
Long story short, I investigated a sighting from that hotel.
The friend was the original witness.

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 04:48 AM

originally posted by: Macenroe82
I'm too tired to dig it up right now, but did you ever hear of the Mib case from Niagara falls where two MIBs are on camera?
The video is on YouTube.
I'll post the case tomorrow, but man was it weird.
I spoke with the hotel managers best friend - I got emails regarding the incident forwarded to me from the hotel managers pal.
Long story short, I investigated a sighting from that hotel.
The friend was the original witness.

What was your conclusion? Do you believe it was MIB or anything strange?

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: Alien Abduct

The sighting itself is listed as an Unknown.
But to be clear, it wasn't the MIB encounter I was investigating.

There was a sighting at the hotel that was the subject of investigation.
The MIB encounter was an after effect of that sighting.

The thing about it is, not only is their video surveillance of the two MIBs, but there was 5 total interactions between them and the hotel staff.
Each staff member - interviewed separately, had their own odd reaction to dealing with them.
One woman was in tears because she became so frightened from talking with them.
She knew something was off.

Here is a video of the case,

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posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: Crosswinds

This is the type of thing that brought me to this site a good number or years ago. Thanks for posting this. S&F for the effort.


posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: Kocag

Thank you.

a reply to: Macenroe82

RE: The Niagra case.
An absolute classic. What is interesting about that one is the lack of facial hair, no blinking, and a general lack of human-ness that's present in so many MIB reports. It makes you wonder if these guys are something else completely inhuman trying to look human.
Contrast this with Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme (and later Mr. Smith who is a little more like the classic MIBs) who almost had a human-like quality. They weren't described as having any weird hair, lack of facial hair, etc. The witness didn't mention any lack of blinking, however he did report that they sat upright with stiff backs the entire time.

Like the Niagra case when the woman described the men's eyes being of possibly "hypnotic" quality, they (S&G) looked into Roy's eyes when they questioned him and appeared to "pierce his brain."

Part II coming next post...

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 11:28 AM
Part II: The Sam and Graeme case, cont'd.

I took this out of chronological order because I wanted to highlight some of the most pertinent key points in my first post.
This was before the two men left Roy's residence.

They noticed that Roy was wearing a very unusual watch. Touching his arm, Roy said the visitor’s hand was cold and clammy. They asked where he had found it and when, plus additional questions as to the state of the field. On being told a metal detector had been used in locating it six inches below the ground and discovering the watch was still going, they questioned what a metal detector was! Amongst the questions asked was, "Who else have you told about this sighting?" "UFO*BC" was the reply. "What’s that?" "It’s on the Web", Roy responded. "What that?" "It’s the Internet". Which evoked from one of the men, "That’s communications".

The watch is a whole other dimension of this case. Once again, the watch is photographed in the original article ( at the bottom of the page. This case continues with the watch later on.

So, Sam and Graeme seemed to know what the "internet" was but not the "slang" term for it, the web. If they're aware of the internet, I wonder why they did nothing to go in, hack the web, whatever, and control the spread of information, and subsequently people like me writing about this and dissecting the information part for part trying to make sense of it all.

It's possible that they go on the logic of, "nobody would believe it anyway, what damage could it do, it's better to let it lay and not interfere because interference could make it look like a bigger deal than non interference would."
I always wondered with MIB cases--if the MIBs are so bent on stopping the spread of information about UFO sightings, alien encounters, etc, and their witnesses are so threatened by them, why do the witnesses often go run to the web and post all about it, even after being threatened by MIBs?

That's where the Sam and Graeme case differs. Roy never described feeling threatened in any way by his visitors. In fact, they appeared, although not very personable, to make light conversation with him (asking him about his cats, talking about the primates back home upon seeing Roy's walking stick, etc).
When they left, they didn't tell him not to say anything. All they said was, "we have to go now, we have another rendezvous." Not very threatening at all, just peculiar.

When Sam and Graeme were in the yard for the first time,

Outside in the yard they spent about half an hour scouring the ground with a Geiger counter. At one point the searcher called out to his companion, "Come over here and look at this". Roy was told to stay where he was. When he asked what they had found he was told, "Oh, it’s nothing." Prior to their departure he asked the two men what it was he had seen. They replied that it was an experimental balloon and the noise he had heard was the air escaping from it!

Roy said earlier that at no time during the visit did the two men speak to each other.
Up until this point, apparently. So, they do talk to each other. An experimental balloon, though?

As they rounded the corner of the house Roy went from the kitchen to the bedroom which gave him a clear view of the driveway and the road. Despite the very short period of time that it took him to achieve this, the two men were not in sight, nor was a car leaving, no car door could be heard closing and no cars were visible either parked on the roadside or driving away. So where did they go?

We started talking in my previous thread about the "experimental balloon" plane about how it was strange that Roy didn't see them out. Perhaps he was simply so puzzled and shaken up about the encounter that he wanted rid of them ASAP and had no desire to be polite...especially after they snubbed his handshake. He appears to be implying here that the two men "vanished" or were perhaps beamed back up to where they came from.
I personally believe, if this case was legit, that the two men were projected using some kind of high power radio wave type energy (think how they had to avoid the microwave oven, and appeared to "fry" Roy's beloved Rod Stewart tape).

They later came back to his yard (3rd December 2000) and investigated the sky while wearing white coveralls, using a headset, a Geiger counter and a parabolic dish. Once again, neither was seen speaking to the other.

Part III coming soon...

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 12:05 PM
There was another thread on here recently about the physical effects of UFOs.
If anyone has any particular cases they have in mind to discuss about MIBs causing physical effects (burning, itching, headaches, nausea, general malaise, etc), feel free to discuss them here as well.

Due to the fact that Roy was suffering from a severe migraine type headache ever since his two visitors had departed he called his doctor, who in turn paged the local "on call" doctor. A short time later this gentleman arrived and checked Roy out, pronouncing him OK despite the pain over his heart he also complained of. On examining his eyes he asked if he had been exposed to a welder’s torch. Roy said no. He also pointed out that Roy's face was sunburnt. Roy told him that his eyes felt gritty and teary. He gave Roy two 50-milligram Demerol tablets and told him that if taken together they would "knock a cow out". He was also provided with a prescription for 20 similar tablets. Even though taken as prescribed Roy was still not able to sleep properly, having weird dreams on two separate occasions that included 7 – 8 foot creatures with four fingers with suction cups on their ends. Roy described lying prone on a table in a round room with a bright light above him and then sensing being touched. Even now he states that he has a constant feeling of being watched.

There was another case studied by John Keel. It involved a woman who called herself "Jane" who had an encounter with a WIB who was posing as a librarian. This librarian showed her a book, a normal earth book, but when she looked at the page, the wording appeared to twist, turn, and shrink, before changing into some strange script about UFOs and ET visits to earth and certain people. The case seemed to me a lot like a vivid imagination coupled with possible hallucinogenic use, but it got interesting because "Jane" described feeling quite unwell after meeting this librarian.
Of course, that could have been whatever she was on...

I should add that in the Jane case, there was also mention of an Asian-looking MIB who came out of a car.
That's another strange point about Roy's case with S&G: there were no cars.
Mr. Samuel, Mr. Graeme, and later Mr. Smith who we'll be discussing shortly did not come from or go into any cars.
So many MIB cases involve black SUVs, cadillacs etc. But these men simply materialized, then vanished.

Anyway, back to the watch.

27th December 2000 (4:00 pm) - A man appeared at Roy's door, stating that he had come to see the watch. During the past month Roy had a call from a person who claimed his colleagues, (the two men in gray?) had told him about having seen Roy's unusual watch.

What could possibly be so interesting about the watch? Was it one of theirs, perhaps, and one of their men lost it during a landing, or perhaps when they projected themselves into this world, the watch somehow stayed behind when they un-projected (?) themselves? S&G were questioning Roy quite a bit on how and where the watch was located in the field.

Now Mr. Smith comes into play. He is described more as the classic scrawny, pale MIB, but also with very large feet.

This person stated his name was Mr. Smith (how original!). Roy asked him for I.D. and he produced a driver’s license with his photo on it (wearing dark glasses?) giving an address in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was wearing a dark charcoal suit, white shirt and black tie. He had a black fedora, "like gangsters wear" said Roy, and very large feet, "size 13 or 14", like Roy's previous visitors. His shoes were black and shiny, with no signs of dirt on them at all. He was between 4 foot 8 inches and 5 feet tall. "Just a little guy, very skinny, very pale-skinned with very long fingers, he was wearing black wrap-around glasses with silver frames". Roy extended his hand, but Mr. Smith ignored it.

Another snubbed handshake. If I were Roy, I'm not sure I'd even have tried at that point. I find it interesting that the two previous visitors also had ID (stating they were from the department of Canadian Air Defense). This one just had a fake driver's license.
Whoever they are, they seemed to be educated on human life enough to anticipate that when one shows up at anothers residence for some kind of authoritative purpose, an ID is almost always requested.
Most MIB ID cases I've read about involved a badge in a case of some sort, and certainly no wallets like Sam and Graeme had. That's another point that makes this case "strange" indeed.

Here we go again with the nuker,

Entering the house he commented upon the Chinese carved walking stick in the hall saying how interesting it was. On reaching the microwave oven he stopped and asked Roy to turn it off. Roy unplugged it.

This time, Roy unplugged it. I wonder why S&G didn't ask the same thing of Roy. Were they once again trying to not make too much of a nuisance of it? Or, maybe they thought asking him to turn it off or unplug it would come off as shady.
I would have liked to know more about the questioning Roy subjected the men to when they asked to not pass the microwave.
These guys did enjoy seeing that walking stick--I'm surprised they didn't want to buy it off of him... (more on the watch coming in part IV)

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 03:18 PM
This is gripping stuff. Cannot wait for the next part

posted on Mar, 17 2020 @ 04:31 PM

originally posted by: Crosswinds
a reply to: Kocag
RE: The Niagra case.
An absolute classic. What is interesting about that one is the lack of facial hair, no blinking, and a general lack of human-ness that's present in so many MIB reports. It makes you wonder if these guys are something else completely inhuman trying to look human.

On the other hand, there are MIB who are apparently much better at passing as human. Those seem to be the most dangerous. It's one thing for a creepy creep to target a person, but if they look and act like real people who could be in authority, they're going to be much harder to dismiss.

I've never crossed paths with them (that I can remember), but if I ever do I hope I have the presence of mind to recognize them for what they are (whatever that may be) and respond accordingly.
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posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 11:47 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

That's what's intense about S&G. They appeared as nearly-normal humans who happened to be probably some form of Asian or Pacific Islander in nationality with the only strange things being their behavior itself (and maybe the way they were dressed). I still wonder why they were also so much less threatening to the witness than most MIB accounts.

a reply to: chelsealad

Thanks! Part IV coming up in a few mins...

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 12:09 PM
Part IV: Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith apparently came to investigate Roy's unusual watch. This part is interesting because it makes me wonder what was so unusual about this watch. Once again, was it one of theirs?

Asking to see Roy's unusual watch he took a small pick-like tool from the breast pocket of his suit and quickly and expertly opened it up. He then attached a jeweler’s type magnifying glass to the glasses he wore and proceeded to scrutinize its interior. He also again asked where Roy had found the watch, requested that he draw a diagram of the field and the exact location. Roy obliged. He opened a black briefcase similar in appearance to the previous visitors, only this one had two gold closing clasps on the front. He removed some paper, a silver pencil with a red top (like the earlier visitor Mr. Samuel had) and a pen-like flash light that emitted a mauve, pencil thin beam, which he scanned the interior of the watch with. He took a small 2 x 3 inch camera (digital?), which through the backside displayed a purple screen, and with this he shot several pictures of the watch which he relocated on his black briefcase.

The "mauve, pencil thin beam" is interesting because Mr. Samuel's watch was encircled with buttons that periodically illuminated from white to green to mauve. I wonder if mauve is a special color for their kind. Perhaps they can see it differently, or it symbolizes something much like the color red often symbolizes "stop" in many human cultures, or "luck and happiness" in others. What I'm asking is, could mauve be a signal, or a special color for them in some way?

Mr. Smith doesn't appear to be a talkative type... but he sure was thirsty. Unlike S&G, Mr. Smith didn't appear to give a monkey's butt about the "strange substances" in Roy's water. In fact, he gulped 3 glasses of water down straight in a row without any pleases or thank yous!

During the whole of his visit he said very little and replied to questions asked of him very briefly. Roy said his speech was slurred. On being asked if he would like tea or coffee he said he would like water instead, drinking three glasses, right after each other, without any accompanying pleases or thank yous. Nor, during the whole time he was in the house, did he remove either his glasses or his hat. Roy's two cats were agitated even BEFORE Mr. Smith’s arrival and were even more so when he was in the kitchen. "Why do you have the cats?" he asked, "because I like them", was the reply. "Oh." Like his two predecessors, at no time did he smile or crack a joke the whole time he was there.

Mr. Smith also asked Roy about his cats. It's interesting that S&G were more interested in the cats, type of cats, and what they were bred for (at least, in their reality), whereas Mr. Smith seemed mildly annoyed and perplexed as to why Roy kept cats in his house at all. I wonder if that means S&G "studied up" on the relationship between humans and cats before their visit as to try to sound more human. That, or they're cat people...

In fact, Mr. Smith didn't seem to know much about human culture at all (or at least, not pop culture... or manners!):

As Roy was providing the requested water he saw his visitor slip the disc that was inside the watch into his briefcase. This disc contained a number and some unreadable script. Roy asked in a very pointed fashion for it back. "Oh, sorry", and it was handed over to him. "Do you want to part with it?" he asked on returning his attention to the watch. "If the Price is Right". "What do you mean?" "You know, like the TV show." "I don’t understand." "Like the TV show in California." "Oh." "Have you had the watch valued?" "Yes, at the Cloverdale swap meet, I was offered $45.OO." "How much do you want for it?" "Well it has sentimental value to me, and I don’t really want to part with it, but I’ll sell it for $500.00." "I’ll have to check with my colleagues." (No surprise or haggling over Roy's statement).

"The disc that was inside the watch" -- Okay, let me back up back to Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme for a second. This was shortly after they paused on seeing the microwave oven upon entering Roy's residence:

After some questioning Roy lowered a portion of a counter and they carefully sidled through the extra space. Sitting down they produced a small silver coloured tape recorder and inserted a small disc that was between a nickel and a quarter in size, replying to Roy's question that it would tape for eight hours or more.

Could that watch have been housing some kind of data? Did the disc in the watch have anything to do with these tape discs?

A watch would be a clever way to store sensitive data, but if it was so important, I wonder why they were being so relaxed about getting the watch from Roy. It appeared they weren't in any hurry to acquire it, just more hoping that they would. It appeared they'd be willing to pay whatever it took to get it, though. My question is, where did they come up with the money?

Once again, we're faced with some distortion of items in Mr. Smith's vicinity, including a ruler and a hair blower nozzle.
Roy also reported more physical effects:

Roy can’t recall how the visit ended except that he again extended his hand on departure and again it was ignored along with no thanks for his hospitality or co-operation. Roy went to the bedroom window right away but could see no sign of his visitor or any car in the vicinity! At that point he phoned me. It was 5:15 pm. Telling me all the above details, plus the fact that his strange watch showed a two hour (slow) time difference. His cell phone was again dead and on replugging his microwave in found to his astonishment that whereas previously the clock on it wouldn’t work, now it was working and already set at the correct time! Sylvia's hair blower nozzle, (a hard plastic) was found to be melted, as was a ruler in a drawer close to where the visitor had been sitting, this was bent into a slight S curve. Again Roy had another severe headache and an eruptive nosebleed.

The original article stops at the Mr. Smith visit, but on some scouring of the internet and humanoid encounters, I've managed to find the aftermath in which two new visitors, classic MIBs with white skin, bony features, and dark hats came for the watch. I'll dig it up shortly...

posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 01:26 PM
Part V:
The Aftermath.

This linked article starts with a long summary of the case we've gone over, but if you scroll down towards the bottom of the article, you'll find the last bit of the whole story that for some reason doesn't exist on UFO BC.

This, to me, is the most common description of MIBs. White as alabaster, very bony, tall and lanky. Interestingly, this time, it's not just the feet that are abnormally large, it's the head and hands also.
Could they be a different race, just like with humans how someone of hispanic descent looks a bit different from someone with, say, english heritage?
Or are these guys something different from S&G entirely?
It seems from the story we've been exploring that MIBs come in all shapes in sizes, just like we do.

In early January 2001, two peculiar strangers again visited the witness to a previous UFO encounter. These two were different from the others. They were at least six-feet tall, very bony, with head, hands and feet out of proportion to the rest of the body. They wore gray suits that seemed to be "oily", had black ties and hats plus wrap around sunglasses that they never took off. When questioned about the glasses they remarked that they could see perfectly well. Their ears stood out from their heads and their skin was pale white, whereas their fingernails were gray in color. They never removed the hats during their visit. And throughout the whole time only one of them spoke.

I'm curious as to what made their suits appear oily. Projection anomaly? Fancy fabric? Doused in the same brand of liquid described in this next block of text?

Here we go with the ID. Much like many other MIB cases, these two men displayed a badge like form of identification that came in cases, differing from the more earthly ID cards and driver's license that Sam, Graeme, and Smith displayed. These two MIBs appear to be the least human-like of all of Roy's visitors, and the most intimidating.

When asked for ID's they displayed "silver" cases that contained a photo an unusual symbol, plus their names in small print. Upon entering the kitchen they asked the witness to please unplug the microwave, they also told him to turn the computer off. The two Persian cats were going crazy dashing around the room, and trying to get out of the window, which was closed. Each man carried a briefcase with an inverted 'L' shaped handle. The man that did all the talking asked to see the witness unusual watch, he then removed from his briefcase four small containers, each had a different colored top. Opening two he proceeded to pour the contents over the watch.

The cats weren't fond of any of Roy's previous visitors, but it's clear they liked these guys the least. Like Mr. Smith, they asked Roy to unplug his microwave--but they said "please" which is oddly polite in contrast, considering Mr. Smith had no concept of the word.

I don't know where I've personally seen a brief case with an inverted 'L' shaped handle before, but that sounds familiar.

I've been doing some thinking about the liquid contents of those containers and was wondering if they could be a decontaminant, or perhaps liquid digital scanners (like nanobots) that sent an image of the watch to their dimension... or readied it for transport from here to there in some other way.

Where did these guys even get the money?...

He told the concerned witness that no harm would come to the watch. He was given $250 for the watch and told that they would give him the rest later. He told them that he was moving soon, to this they replied "We know, don't worry, we can find you if we want to." They soon departed without the common courtesies, staring blankly at the witness as he extended his hand. Once again the witness hurried to the bedroom window only to find, as before, no sign of either man departing, nor cold any vehicle be heard leaving. After the visit the witness felt drained, had a severe headache that lasted for two days and a rash on his arms, face and chest.

Once again, physical effects. I still wonder why Roy didn't put more effort into seeing where the men went. Of course, using telephony, intimidation techniques, etc, they could easily have prevented him from doing so. Or, more rationally thinking, Roy may not have wanted to look too curious as to where they went as to avoid conflict.
I still can't figure out why Roy kept trying to give these guys handshakes though. Not a quick learner I guess.

So, in conclusion, we have some very unusual and highly detailed accounts of 5 MIBs, all who appear mildly obsessed with this man's wrist watch, which may or may not have contained a disc of their data that may or may not have been left here during some kind of landing, visit, projection event, etc.

The sheer level of detail in the Roy cases had me wondering if he may have fabricated all of this, but I find myself also able to tell real stories that have happened to me with equal levels of detail--some people just have better memory than others, particularly during unusual events during which any witness is far more likely to pay close attention to what is going on in attempts to make sense of it.

Real or fake, these are classic MIB cases worthy of further investigation, even though they occurred 20 years ago. I'm surprised these cases aren't flagship stories for the MIB phenomenon.

I'll post more in this thread if I come up with any more thoughts, etc.
I hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to ask questions, post thoughts, similar cases, personal experiences, etc that relate to this case and I'll be happy to think and discuss it with you.


posted on Mar, 18 2020 @ 02:17 PM
a reply to: Crosswinds

Some great work here Xwinds, really interesting reading and some similar aspects to other reports found in this compilation by Gareth Medway (never heard about microwave ovens before tho).

A "General McDonald" phones from Canadian Air Defense in Goose Bay, Labrador and grills him on the sighting. 

That's also a bit weird as Goose Bay is one of the lesser known (but pretty infamous) UFO hotspots.

What is perhaps a bit surprising, however, is that there were so many saucer sightings at Goose Bay. In the 1940s and 1950s, there were 20 known reports, a considerable number for such a remote base. Most people were unaware of what was being seen and reported by pilots and other military personnel, although rumours of events persisted over the years. 

Goose Bay and UFOs

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Thank you!
I appreciate the links--one particular case struck me as extra interesting given they too claimed to be Air Defense personnel:

1965, August: Rex Heflin of Santa Ana, California, who had taken four Polaroid photographs of a flying disc, was advised by a Marine Corps investigator “not to talk about his sighting”, as did more than one telephone caller. He was then visited by a man purportedly from the North American Air Defense (NORAD), who asked to borrow his prints, but never returned them, and NORAD later denied any knowledge of the matter. Condon, Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, pp.448-49.

Okay, this gets deeper still. The same witness (Roy) had a previous encounter with a "Sgt. Major" MIB(?) when he took photos of an unidentified flying object in the 70s in Surrey, BC:
The witness (Roy) saw an object drop and hover. It was seen by other witnesses and the local paper ran a short article on it.
He took photos, but during a visit from a "Sgt Major" the photos were exposed without warning by the Sgt.
He had a subsequent visit from another odd character shortly after. Definitely worth clicking the link and reading that article.

There were no other photos, and no negatives as these were Polaroid shots. The Sgt. Major then took the witness’ camera, and without explanation or apologies, opened the camera and exposed the remaining film. He then put the photos and sketches into his briefcase, and abruptly left the house. Later they received a letter thanking them for phoning in their report (which they hadn’t done!).

Interesting how Goose Bay is a hotspot. Perhaps there's a "portal zone" or a small hole in the fabric of spacetime right there... and perhaps another in Surrey, BC.

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The witness (Roy) saw an object drop and hover. It was seen by other witnesses and the local paper ran a short article on it.

He took photos, but during a visit from a "Sgt Major" the photos were exposed without warning by the Sgt.

No worries mate and great thread.

Like you said in the first post there are quite a few similarities with other cases and was put in mind of this freaky one from Bolton in 1976.

..Neither man used names. Both had an air of authority and conducted themselves as if they had every right to do and say whatever they chose. The silent partner sat on a chair and held a square black box with no visible moving parts. It was said to be a high-tech recording device. Although this intense grilling session lasted three hours, at no time was any recording tape changed. 

Free Book

The case involving Dr Herbert Hopkins is also a very bizarre (and similar) one and apparently he was so disturbed after his visit that he destroyed 2 months worth of taped sessions about a specific UFO case. 

Also quite a number of accounts of them departing the house in very strange circumstances and enquiring about, confiscating or even destroying UFO evidence.

Another strange account from Kent Senter (although there are plenty more out there).


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Great book, I appreciate the link--I just started reading it, will report back some time soon once I've gotten a ways through it.

Comment: At about 39:45 in the video, the guy said when they were leaving he couldn't manage to get out of his chair.
This phenomenon could be similar to a (psychological?) effect that prevented Roy from seeing his visitors out.

Fascinating case.

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