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The Lie at the Heart of the UK's Corona Virus Policy

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posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 05:34 AM

originally posted by: elysiumfire

A thinning of the herd.

...However, unless they have a vaccine and have applied it to those who think themselves more worthy than others, Parliament and the House of Lords are filled with older and susceptible to the virus folk.

I'd imagine such plans would be made be an elite few and they probably wouldn't mind getting rid of many an MP and Lord. They'd give the vaccine to only those they trust to vote with them. They wouldn't want this plan spread to thinly, risking a leak, i'd guess they'd administer such a vaccine without that individual's knowledge, which shouldn't be too difficult if it's taken orally.

Thing is, if history has taught us anything, it is that our species is capable of doing the most unpalatable things to other members of our species when they have a rationale they believe in.

If God can justify thinning the hers with a flood, then i'm sure these psychopaths can fabricate a rationale to ease their conscience.

posted on Mar, 16 2020 @ 07:24 AM
Here's the latest piece of spin hitting uk news sites. Apparently it's joe bloggs, the man next door, defending the government's non-containment stratergy...

Smells a little 'Produced' to me!

His interpretation only works if we know how many A-symptomatic people are in the population before quarantine. But we don't - we can't know this.

So if we wait for the hospitals to fill before quarantining, there will still be thousands who don't know they're infected developing symptoms while in quarantine. But won't receive treatment because they've let the hospitals fill too much already in this misguided approach.

With the global, as well as UK scientific community telling Boris' small team headed by Whitty that they are wrong it amazes me that people still choose to trust this flawed logic.

Looking at the Youtube replies many defend this reasoning - mind blowing! However, some are seeing through this snake oil salesman, such as this reply:

The big flaw to your argument is that there has been a complete failure to track cases, so the infection is out there in much larger numbers than we realise. If we wait until the glass is about to overflow that is too late. You have to stop when you have the headroom to take the continued growth. One day’s delay results in the peak being higher by a margin.

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