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Feeding pigeons in a zoonotic pandemic

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posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 04:36 AM
"let fly my pretties" - who said that ?

Just seen a live report from Milan , where an old lady was dishing out grain to a large flock if town pigeons, just over the reporters shoulder in front of the cathedral.

Something important going by the by so far is what Corona might mean for animals.

From background research , dogs and cats can get and die from or even show no symptoms from , coronaviruses. They have some coronaviruses of their own which they don't share with us.

So whether Corona affects certain other animals , like cows sheep horses birds etc , and if they are to be considered potential vectors even if not susceptible , perhaps birds ?

If this was avian influenza , which it could be regardless of what we re told , and there the old lady is in italy , feeding pigeons ....

Moving on , the public at large have now caught on , big time. In Malta for example , a island in the mediteranean , they haven't got any cases yet but they've already emptied the supermarkets. Dockworkers won't unload recent supplies from Italy. There's a hundred and odd thousand Maltese with a 20000 strong and growing Corona thread . Some of them are a little over panicked , let's say, demanding masks.

In other news the markets are troubled , obviously , and a raft of new countries are reporting infections. There's violence against Muslims in the Indian capital Delhi , set against oddly put perspectives , but it might be because Iran has do many infections and returnees from Qom , where the mullahs are under fire for letting it go ahead or now Muslims in generalmay be blamed by some hindus for bring Corona to India.

Corona in India is very obviously going to mean a major disaster for the country where theres so many people and they don't even pick floating dead bodies out of rivers, let alone have any effective health system to deal with this.

Looking forward then , we can probably expect some panic mitigation techniques coming from the media , we ought to research the zoonoses facts which we can't really expect to be widely publicised ,
We can probably expect to see Corona get a near future worldwide grip at this point , but still hope for the best .

Planning for lockdowns would be a good idea as that send to be the precedent taken so far in response. Quaratining groups remains a policy which remains debatable because being stuck with someone at home whos being forced to self isolate is going to mean you're now more likely to pick it up too. Same of larger groups. We can hope roundups or quarantine camps are not being considered , doesn't appear that way atm. Comparing with say Fukushima VB incident , the Japanese govt didn't even have a plan for the scenario which presented itself . It's thought the state at least in the UK , is really quite vulnerable , NHS wise , prisons policy wise , the thinness of blue lines and even the military factions across the world are not immune. Units of any size are now obviously vulnerable to compromise , what one gets the others will too. The sea of state deskworkers , they'll be thinking about their (own)exact contract arrangements with the government , the same as nurses and doctors are .
Trouble again from this disease is that medics or any issuing treatment or care are at much higher risk of contraction , and when that happens , an initially high viral load. That's something to avoid in general , and that makes masks gloves and other avoidance policies a good idea . Despite what you might be told about the infectiveness of masks. It's completely correct though to be careful of hand to face contamination.

Currently in updates , false social media myths about c19 are being scrutinized and frowned upon. They're saying eg that garlic will not help and neither will soaking your skin in alcohol . Thereby it's questionable info because that differs from authorities advice , but balancing it out then on the other hand , alcohol gel ...homeopathy ... ? At least people are thinking about it , but it's not recommended from here to spray yourself all over with alcohol really . It's questioned wether they're sensationslising the irrelevance of , perhaps actually relevant , ideas the public have.
That said the UK stock of garlic bulbs just evaporating in one day , leaving a perceived health inequality which might cause unrcessary anxiety to the public , could be fair to mitigate.

Not getting wrapped up in any bother like that, there's not time for it anymore. Have garlic , throw anything you see fit at Corona especially if you contract it. Ncbi /pubmed has several suggestions on coronaviruses , none of theirs is bad advice , rather it's the best advice you can get .

On the title there's unanswered questions .

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: DoctorBluechip

while you raise an interesting point about animal "vectors" for viral transmission

They're saying eg that garlic will not help and neither will soaking your skin in alcohol

I'll bet my balls EtOH kills it when it's on your skin

It's when it get's into YOU that it can become a problem - - - and internal use of alcohol is, well .... you know

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: JohnnyJetson

.... Not likely to help .

Fairly speaking there are some rather wacky ideas circulating according to the kids .

That said the field of environmental medicine is anyone's game - we know that from issues like 5g , crop dusting, GMOs , sai s , a whole nefarious list

posted on Mar, 1 2020 @ 11:52 PM
a reply to: DoctorBluechip

No, but as it's more likely to be licked off your finger than snorted .... idk, something doesn't add up for me

I'm 50/50 on it's either a Major Distraction to keep our eyes from 'straying elsewhere'

It is strange at the reactions we are seeing around the world

I DO Know that I was able to "clear/kill" the Giardia I picked up travelling in India once, the First burp and that sulphury taste had me get to the nearest alcohol depot and 2 double whiskeys stopped it then and there ... it got no further in me, than that pub I'm pretty sure!

Anyhoo, cheers doc
Good a reason as any to give the old liver a bit of a fang and clear out the cobwebs ...whisky for me thanks

edit on 1-3-2020 by JohnnyJetson because: forgot the alcohol

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