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SWAT Drills For 'Taking Down' Infected!

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posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 02:39 PM
OMG! the chinese use a butterfly net to capture them?
this is So crazy stupid.

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 05:03 PM
Yea i dunno ehich is more believable:

coronavirus SWAT

manned moon MISSIONS

(Whether US or Chyna... Same Difference!)

posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 07:44 PM

originally posted by: PraetorianAZ
Stay strapped or get clapped China.

If swat was surrounding me and trying to take me down for being sick it would come to hot lead.

thank you for being an example of why swat is needed and should train for this.

you just showed that you care more about YOU than (if this comes to pass) protecting people from a deadly pandemic outbreak.

there are many people that would have this "me" attitude with some justifying excuse why they should not be quarantined

but let me be clear.
the condition to allow police to detain you for a pandemic MUST BE CLEARLY spelled out.

BTW sir you would not be "taken down" just for being sick... but being sick with specific disease or suspected carrier of such until cleared by medical


posted on Feb, 26 2020 @ 08:08 PM

originally posted by: deltaalphanovember
a reply to: pressident

so funny, I watched the first video.

The delusional man goes "look! the clock says 9:11!" The clock shows 8:55.

On topic, it's good that your Rapid Response type agencies are training for all situations. Wish ours did too.
At 8:55 the hands of the clock are basically pointing to a nine and an eleven. Just sayin.

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