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A turn from center

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posted on Feb, 21 2020 @ 10:39 PM
He looked thru thou crack glass,
Only to see the pain,
Washed out from the stains,
Seeing no fault,
In my heart,
She melt besides my hope torn apart,
Leaving the ghost that we knew, disappear in the open darkness, as wee beg for the light,
I hold still, in the shadow of light,
Praying we will be alright,
Finding a long echo of candle light,
From south to north, depending of the disgrace of the winds misplace,
Yet the scorn, left in the torn thorns of mans delight,
On the surface of the space that continuously proves to have no place,
Finds me burying my heart,
Deeper and deeper in the soiled space,
Filling the void where and when the void opens the darkness to see the light..

Upon the misplace I found the soul bellow the sauls of souls,
It was in a open space in a hot desolate desert space,
Where feeling down was the center of sound,
Yet the dryness is my mouth was,
The normal some how.

That was the hardest part,
Watching and feeling it all go down,
Seeing them smile and clown it all around...

Seeing them smile and clown it all around...

posted on Feb, 21 2020 @ 10:46 PM
The a shadow was found in the reckoning,
They spun round and round again,
Only to die with the lying sun,
Left with the swallows of doubt,
Leaving nothing to black and white,
He had to hold back his mind,
Effecting the sublime, in a line somehow...

A time before a man understood how to make a flame,
He died in a crying shame...

posted on Feb, 21 2020 @ 10:57 PM
Then comes the waves of rain,
It disopated the disdain,
And made men think of love,
As they looked up to the sky for a dawn,
Leaving those that arise wishing for another side of a rise,
Up to the above before another dawn,
Leaving the birds to fly on, letting the calmest ones glaze thru another,
Rise of surmise, where all is glitter and gold, in the fabrics where the tunnels find the canals, and somehow make the smell even with the taste somehow,
Left in space so many times before the disgrace,
I saw once before, even before the breaking of the first ocean floors,
An idea, it was once more, it was once more....


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