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Coronavirus China - Epidemic experiences slowdown & BBC - Sharp Increase in deaths and Cases

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posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:19 PM

So who's telling the truth here? The China Daily or The BBC. Both were released apparently on the same day. I have no clue and no opinion as I mean, who holds the cards. The only opinion I have is on the USA CDC which somewhat contradicted itself on the use of wearing Face Masks. That was puzzling as that story was picked up by Market Watch. They really spun it. Market Watch is a financial web based site for the USA wealthy. That thread is for another day.

From The China Daily web site:

Epidemic experiences major slowdown

Epidemic experiences major slowdown By Wang Xiaoyu | China Daily | Updated: 2020-02-13 04:14

From The BBC

Coronavirus: Sharp increase in deaths and cases in Hubei


Sidebar: Coronavirus N95 Face Mask

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posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:26 PM
They could just be having a lull in the storm in China for a day or so. Maybe people are getting better at hiding when they are sick too, everyone will be saying that there are no new cases after seeing people being forceably removed from their homes when they got a little fever from any illness. Then they take them to the hospital where they are exposed to the coronovirus because there are sick people there.

The government had to justify building those new hospitals, they are dragging snifflers into the hospitals.

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:38 PM
The numbers jumped because they changed the way they were counting. Before it was just who tested positive now it's who has/had matching symptoms.

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:41 PM
Hey. IF the virus is truly NOVEL, and there is no immunity in the populous world wide for it, and no ability for the human body to make immunity as it seems to use our immune systems to heighten its devestating affect (and I say IF, as I'm not even sure that what we are observing (people keeling over in the street, having gotten dressed and felt well enough to go out and then just keeling over) is a virus at work, after all.....then it follows that the second wave, third generation infections might just be devestating, especially if it mutates and "learns" (which is what mutation really means, behaviorally) to adapt to a populous NOT living in unsanitary circumstances, but that's all also dependent upon transmission (oral/fecal as opposed to aerosol, and this is all stuff not really known right now)........

So those are a whole lot of IF factors and unknowns I just introduced to an equation, meaning by math, we can't know the outcome nor predict it. Viruses, by definition, seek a virulent place to survive, thrive and procreate. But their behavior, until they run their course and are intensely studied, are largely unknown and therefore, unpredictable.

What I am getting at is it may be likely, considering non immunilogical response, that if you wear a mask while you are contagious, and you can't build antibodies for a second wave of infection and can become reinfected, you are simply reinfecting yourself.

My daughter tends to get the same flu every winter. I encourage her voraciously that once she is sick, to clean her cell phone, toothbrush, change her sheets, etc, as she tends to come down with it over and over again, after recovery.
regards and stay safe,

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:47 PM
Consider that China now has complete control of ALL news released about CV.

THAT exclusive control gives China the unique ability to control fluctuations in world stock markets on a daily basis based upon what information it chooses or doesn't choose to release on any given day.

That is a tool every government on the planet would love to possess.

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 03:59 PM
a reply to: tetra50

N95 Face Mask:

N95 Respirators for Use by the Public The FDA has cleared certain filtering facepiece respirators (N95) for use by the general public. To work as expected, an N95 respirator requires a proper fit to your face. Generally, to check for proper fit, you should put on your respirator and adjust the straps so that the respirator fits tightly but comfortably to your face. For information on proper fit, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not generally recommend facemasks and respirators for use in home or community settings. However, they may be appropriate for persons at increased risk of severe illness from influenza or other respiratory diseases. Please consult with your health care provider for more information about when to use N95 Respirators at home or in the community. The FDA has cleared the following N95 respirators for use by the general public in public health medical emergencies: 3M™ Particulate Respirator 8670F 3M™ Particulate Respirator 8612F Pasture Tm F550G Respirator Pasture Tm A520G Respirator


posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: Waterglass

Hey Waterglass: For those who have sleep apnea using CPAP masks, it may be useful to consider how important it is to clean such respirator devices. Get what I'm saying, vis a vis any kind of mask?
regards and thanks for the info.

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: tetra50

Agree I dont use one but my inhalers clog up often. I clean them with hot water

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 05:39 PM
a reply to: Waterglass
Since this can be contracted via eyes and ears isn't the half masks a half measure for protection? Shouldn't they be wearning full face and ear protection?

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 05:41 PM
they basically stopped reporting, some white house officials called them out on it

posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 07:04 PM
I've known about China's problem with Coronavirus data for awhile. For one thing, the amount of confirmed cases has been limited by the number of test kits, not the number of infected people. The WHO went into China and forced them to revise their data a bit to use a new type of imaging testing of the lungs in addition to the test kits.

As far as the death rate goes, there are two problems with the data. For one, it is the CURRENT cases / CURRENT deaths. That is inaccurate because there is a week or more delay from getting confirmed as infected to when you might die. So because of this delay, you should be looking at LAST WEEK's number of confirmed cases / current deaths or something like that.

In addition, only deaths of confirmed patients have been being counted by Communist China as part of their efforts to suppress the severity of the situation. And we already know that confirmed cases are limited by the number of test kits. These flaws in data collection are factual and are even admitted by China, but the MSM has been slow on the uptake.

This means that the case fatality rate could potentially be fairly high. And scientists are already saying that the R0 value is at least 4 - that means each infected person transmits it to 4 others. The flu is only around 1.2. In addition to this, both the case fatality rate and the severe hospitalization rate of infected far outclass the flu.

As far as the U.S. goes, experts are saying that we are only catching about 1/3 coronavirus carriers entering the country and that it won't be possible to keep the disease out, just slow it down.

Let's say that there are currently 15 cases found in the U.S. - that means that 30 or so cases are going undetected. After one week, there would be 30*4 undetected cases, or around 120.

2 weeks: 480
3 weeks: 1920
4 weeks: 7680
5 weeks: 30720
6 weeks: 122880
7 weeks: 491520
8 weeks: 2 million infected
9 weeks: 8 million infected
10 weeks: 32 million infected
11 weeks: 128 million infected
12 weeks: 100% population infected

That's the general U.S. situation.

It is not just the flu. There is no natural immunity to the virus in the population. Anyway, the math doesn't support this being an isolated event, in my opinion.
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posted on Feb, 13 2020 @ 09:40 PM
a reply to: Waterglass

Hey waterglass!

I do t want to keep reposting similar thoughts on different threads, but in our discussion on mine I just posted the speculation from the cdc that this virus may asymptomatic - furthering the idea that this is far worse than imagined. Yesterday I was literally reading an AP article on the subject where they stated it slowed down (new cases), only to watch the Johns Hopkins tracker suddenly leap to 60k plus within 15 minutes of the articles posting. I recognize that they changed methodology for diagnosis, but if people can’t even get to the hospital, what are we really seeing here?

posted on Feb, 14 2020 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: tetra50

Sorry but it's impossible to get the"same" flu.

That's not how viruses work. Once you develop an immunity to a virus, you will never get that virus again. That's how inoculations work. A weaker or dormant version of the virus is introduced, you develop antibodies and the other form of that virus can't affect you because you already have antibodies for it.



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