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Something Sinister on Facebook

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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:28 PM

originally posted by: JAGStorm
a reply to: gallop

Facebook is the literal electronic version of hades. I left there long ago now, even those you know well, and consider friends will stab you in the back in their private groups.

Pays to be unscrupulous and know how to get in there, to see the nature of the beast.

Just like here on ATS, there are a lot of lurkers. FB stalkers. I don't think FB is all bad because it has really helped me stay in touch with relatives. I know you can call etc, but that's just not how things go these days.

Back to FB stalkers. I had a neighbor that was a friend on FB I moved and never removed this person. Three years later I was at the store and saw her and started chatting. She knew everything about my recent posts on FB. I had forgotten that she was even a friend on there. That was a little shocking.

Funnily enough it was my family members who live no less that 10 minutes away, who found me on facebook.

Eventually I told them all to go effinate themselves and havent spoken to them since.. 25 years, not a call not a visit, not a letter, just screen shots me when I'd say they were all bastards after my dad died and they left me and mum alone and ignored us.

"Don't cry steve, but look at this.." as she showed me a screen shot, after I was misled to visit an aunt, and the rest of the family were there... I just laughed.. the next screen shot she probably has is of me telling her to take a screen shot of this ya gunny slapper.

I hate my family... Ahem, but this is all beside the point.. Facebook doesn't keep you in contact with relatives.. It just lets them see what you do when you think no one is looking.

Facebook... the doorway to hades. enter into it, it looks like heaven, till you have a seat over here..

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:36 PM

originally posted by: RickyD
a reply to: gallop

Thank god I don't have or use any real accounts. I keep a pretty small footprint online as far as my identity because swatting and doxing is a real thing. As well as other scams and ID theft. Not to mention an, albeit small, sense of privacy. Its disheartening that a site like this would remove that, however I guess I could see the issue with people abusing account mechanics as you mentioned.

Oh I used a fake account for years, mostly to sign up to websites that said log in with facebook, and I didn't have to go through the rigmaroll of having to make up a new email.

But then once day, long ago, someone enticed me to join facebook, because ATS was being Dossed, and there was a group there who had joined in a secret group to keep in touch. She felt I was a good sort, and enticed me with bobbies and goat sacrifices.

I though "This is a lark, they surely can't want me, it's a trap!" and then I thought "If so many people want to trap me then haha, that's an honour!"

so I joined... worst mistake I ever made.

nothing but hell and drowning even since. I helped some folks there, who were in need and I could offer kind words and advice, which they thanked me greatly for... but as soon as the shtf, the knived were out, and one by one I was stabbed in the back.

But I was now addicted to it. The salacious groups, the hellish banter... the trolling... then when more dastardly things happened, I decided ENOUGH.. and left... and by god it was as if a shade of darkness had been lifted.. no more was I enticed to check the bull# out.. see my PM's with strangers telling me how much they hated me. See people posting on my wall about personal things.. never again. never again will I be ME on the internet. I was once a solid singular soul, and to that I will return.

Steve is all you get. the rest, is a compendium of multiple accounts across many forums, mediums, and domains. Not even metasploit could find me in the mix of emails, usernames and accounts...

Ahhha I have you now, Internet.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:40 PM

originally posted by: Darkblade71
a reply to: Eyestosee

It's like a huge demonic community on Facebook.

Every type of spiritual community you can think of has a spot on Facebook.
I don't know why that surprises you.

Try ChristiansAgainstDinosaurs... that's a hoot... well, till they completely doxxed Kirsten and made her lose her job.. that sucked.

She's kinda hot too for a POE.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 09:55 PM

originally posted by: Specimen88
If you think Facebook demonic, you should seen and some of the Dark Souls user names.

I play minecraft. YES I DO, shut up. It's better than minesweeper or solitaire. I raid houses and get warnings, but who cares.And nothing beats finding an unfound villiage and killing all the villagers so no one can find it and trade. ahhaha.. ahem..

/warp wild is always fun, always head west. Head west young soul, and bring a boat. There are places out yonder that have unlocked chests and diamonds to pillage. well, I usually get sucked in by finding other random boatd and going under the sea to see what they died for... then as it hits my last air bubble /home saves the day...

Yeah I'm a nerd.. a nerd who likes a bit of torture...

But princesspoopy, who I later found out was princesspoppy, ... her name is alicia. I found that by mistake when I accidentally put her name into google and found a defunct webpage but somehow I went to the wayback machine and saw her there... Full name and all.. Oh how I used to torment people whod try to troll me on youtube, a single username, used on many accounts, some with details, emails, real names.. I made one guy leave youtube post haste when I emailed him pictures of his house, with his parents name, his sisters name, the car they drove, the dogs name, and how the lawn needed mowing.. Never seen an account disappear so quick.. not like usenet, where I made someone beg me to remove all the posts I made detailing his mental history, work history where his boss had called him lackadaisical and he quit, and where he lived... and this was in the 90's... before the art was posted on crappy youtube channels.. begged me to remove them, and I said "Stop trolling soc.culture.australia" and I will.. and he promised.. so I deleted them.. never saw him again.

Much like the kid who was in he had one of those obnoxious webtv accounts that back in dialup days would slow down pages loading. we all told him to remove his signature, with his large animated gif.. he refused. and started to berate us with hilarity... till I found him in a pedo group salivating over young girls and wishing he could play with them.. Once I posted that in the usenet group, well.. suffice to say, we didn't have any more problems with his animated signature..

Or when I used to write code to use wingates to connect through each other, so one IP connected to another and then another... and log into IRC and use the IP range of a mod in the perfect channels.. I'd con the op command to give me op status.. and then run my scrip to kick everyone and ban them from the channel.

"What are you doing, I thought we were friends!" said one lowly pedophile.

That worked until I just did it for fun, until dalvenjah saw me on usenet and threatened to call the police for harassment.. His logic was "If we ban those channels whats to stop people from wanting to ban nintendo channels"... dumb prick..

I got k-lined from there more than once.

Never TRUST the internet.

Demons abound... I'm a kind one. Or one of a kind.. I can't tell any more.

posted on Dec, 21 2019 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: gallop

I had a run in with the false-god Baal once on the internet. He threatened me. So then I moved to an apartment right next door to the deep state. Don't want them creating a carbon footprint if they come for me in their suv's. They say 'play the game' so that's what I'm doing. We are going to have a roundtable discussion with God at the head of the table. I'm getting bored with the tit for tat play and the war charade. Now that I experienced God's holy love and goodness, a much better version of the future I now envision.

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posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 08:35 AM

originally posted by: gallop
God has one, I used to follow it because he'd damn the evil people who mocked him... ahha he was hilarious.

And I don't mean the god account from the tv show, he's a nefarious evil doer wot likes to play with miles and his hottie bint, whom I've seen nude in googl eimages, and boy she sure has a nice looking umm... smoo.

I don't understand what you're saying. I'd ask you to explain but it looks like you can't.

posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 09:38 AM
link's like talking/typing about buying new socks and then getting bunch of ads about socks?
I really don't see any conspiracy here. Algorithms doing their job
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posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 10:03 AM

originally posted by: usernameconspiracy
Satan might not have a Facebook account, but he definitely has a Twitter account...

Excuse me,you wrote he instead of SHE.happy to correct you.

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