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George Knapp Talks To Bob Bigelow About UFOs In A YouTube Exclusive

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posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 02:12 AM
The following YouTube clip was posted two days ago by "Mystery Wire," which is investigative journalist George Knapp's new website.

It mentions a date of August 28, 2019 in the video description, but I think this is the first time it has ever been posted anywhere. When I Googled on the subject of George Knapp interviewing Bob Bigelow, the only result given was this particular YouTube clip, which was posted on November 22.

Those interested on the subject of UFOs, may find this clip very interesting. It's a short, fascinating clip, so enjoy.

"It's the epitome of potential that we are barely able to even sniff at, and the magnitude of that is so profound in so many different ways, I can't think of anything that comes close that mankind has even started to approach, that even remotely equals the dynamics of that subject. It's beyond belief."
-Bob Bigelow

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posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: shawmanfromny

Many many thanks for bringing this to ATS.

Edit: here's a S&F

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posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 05:34 AM
I say add him to the list of Anti-Humanitarian Terrorists...anyone with this level of knowledge who refuses to disclose everything publicly is such.

Just spill it already.

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 08:53 AM

originally posted by: one4all
I say add him to the list of Anti-Humanitarian Terrorists...anyone with this level of knowledge who refuses to disclose everything publicly is such.

Just spill it already.

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?


posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 09:31 AM

originally posted by: one4all

I say add him to the list of Anti-Humanitarian Terrorists...anyone with this level of knowledge who refuses to disclose everything publicly is such.

Just spill it already.

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

What is it that he hasn't revealed publicly? The bombshell is that they know a phenomena exists that they have no evidence of where it comes from. That's why he says we're only able to "sniff" at it. That's true of everyone in this line of research. What is it that you think we're missing?

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: one4all

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

By the way, who do you think really dropped the true "bombshell" in this interview?

It appears to me that the "bombshell" is Knapp asking Bigelow about the "esoteric topic" between the 49 sec and 51 sec mark of the video.

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 02:31 PM

originally posted by: one4all
I say add him to the list of Anti-Humanitarian Terrorists...anyone with this level of knowledge who refuses to disclose everything publicly is such.

Just spill it already.

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

Every human on the planet has the ability to learn some "truths" about these topics for themselves. No 3rd party participation needed. For most of them it hit them in the face at least once but they failed to even register what happened. You can not blame any single person for not sharing knowledge that may or may not even be heard. People share mind blowing information all the time, paradigm shifting things. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink.

There was a time I shared your opinion, until I learned some things for myself and gained some perspective. There is a very good reason that there are few living in the land of the dead. That path is not for everyone, literally and figuratively.

The game is never ending. There is a secret club that exists, whos members dont even know they are in it.

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 04:25 PM

originally posted by: Deetermined

It appears to me that the "bombshell" is Knapp asking Bigelow about the "esoteric topic" between the 49 sec and 51 sec mark of the video.

This is already being discussed in the ongoing second volume of the GIGANTIC Bigelow thread, but nothing new has been added to Big Bob's 2017 comments on '60 Minutes', ie that alienzzzz are already here - accompanied by a curious chuckle that was read by many at the time as, "This geezer clearly knows something... but WHAT?"

As for the latest 2019 chat with Knapp, it's interesting that Bigelow is so slow on the uptake (is it age?) that he didn't expect George to ask him the obvious question about UFOs (George's current raison d'etre).

In fact, Bigelow seems positively embarrassed for a few seconds before rolling out the standard Navy stuff and TTSA-endorsed hyperbole. Of far more interest would have been a question about what on earth (or off it?) was going on at Skinwalker Ranch under his ownership for 20 years from 1996-2016...

In a recent AMA with George Knapp on ATS, I directly asked George if Bigelow's strange announcement on '60 Minutes' that UFOs are already here "under our noses" was in any way connected to what he had discovered during the scientific investigation at the ranch. To George's credit, his honest answer was a swift, simple "Yes". But otherwise, we are none the wiser... so this latest chat was a wasted opportunity to elaborate on that potentially important discovery and at least ease the climate of suspicion and growing scepticism.

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 06:06 PM

originally posted by: TotoMesch

originally posted by: one4all
I say add him to the list of Anti-Humanitarian Terrorists...anyone with this level of knowledge who refuses to disclose everything publicly is such.

Just spill it already.

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

He dropped a bombshell...however...did anyone get it?

Generations. can you connect that to the different types of so-called Aliens we see so often?....we experience accelerated cellular activity in an off-planet environment......perchance do we experience accelerated EVOLUTIONARY PHYSICAL CHANGES.....does our bone mass dissolve and do the macular aspect of our eyes begin to deteriorate rapidly? will Mother Nature compensate for these changes?...what would we relatively quickly LOOK LIKE PHYSICLLY if this was a process of evolution accelerated say 1000 times....say in 1000 years?....maybe like a Grey?.....maybe not ALL Greys but some?

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 06:31 PM
Respect shawmanfromny for trying to maintain a balanced output of information. Sorry about this long post. But this is an important subject and I think a lot of people just think of Big Bob as a rich and eccentric UFO buff. But the truth might not be as simple as that.....


If you have a short attention span then continue thinking Bob Bigelow is exactly as Knapp lets him appear to be. But don't expect to come back and argue against the points below if that is the case without citing sources to back up any opinion.

The TLDR point here is that the evidence points to Bob Bigelow becoming an asset of the national security state at some point in his life and this 'may' be why he doesn't make much information he has vacuumed up, publicly available.

Because I think people really need to question who Bob Bigelow really is? Who the people who surround him are and what his motives may be?

I would say he is not the man he appears to be in his chum George Knapp’s short interview provided. Because for over 25 years he seems to have sucked up UFO and other paranormal reports and rarely shares any information with the public. He might share it with other agencies that he has agreements with. I don't know.

But be the judge yourselves based on the evidence.

I realize this is where most people these days zone out because it’s too long for the twitter generation to read. But if you are bit more inquisitive then pay attention......

Here is a rough timeline I’ve provided in another thread.

The Bigelow Timeline

May 1947 - Bob's grandfather allegedly has one of the first modern UFO sightings BEFORE Kenneth Arnold. Although reports of it only surfaced 50 or 60 years later because Bigelow, as ever, kept these things a secret for a long time.

1970s Bob managed to build up his Vegas property business and simultaneously evade the reach of the mob. No mean feat. He should be commended for not just his business acumen but also his survival skills in such an environment. I think it proved the guy had character or powerful friends even back then.

In the late 1980s/early 1990s - Bob Bigelow, began funding studies into the paranormal. Perhaps driven by the loss of his son?

1989 he employs Bob Lazar and sets up a company to allegedly research ‘Element 115’, ‘Space Weapons’ and possibly biotech treatments. Although it doesn't last long when Lazar tries to pass off emulsifier as his secret Element.

1991/92 Bigelow funds the Roper Survey to seek out "abductees" from over 100,000 psychiatrists. Resulting in some 6,000 interviews from participants.

1993 Bigelow funded the start up of a paranormal radio show - 'Area 2000' with Art Bell, George Knapp and Linda Moulton Howe. It later became C2C AM.

1994 Robert Bigelow attempts a coalition of UFO organizations with MUFON,CUFOS and FUFOR. They formed the UFO Research Coalition (URC). One of the combined projects included working on something called the Ambient Monitoring Project aimed at measuring environmental changes during on-going abduction experiences. But it seemingly faded to nothing. As many things do when Bigelow gets involved.

Skinwalker Ranch was owned by the Myers family for nearly a century until 1994. There are no reports of unusual activity during that time. No more than any other place on the planet at least.

In 1994 the Shermans moved into Skinwalker Ranch. This appears to be where all the strange scary stories came from and are almost completely anecdotal. A few paranormal researchers were originally told strange tales. However someone convinced Bob Bigelow to buy it not long after. Possibly his assembled team of alphabet soup agents convinced him?

In 1996 Bigelow purchased the ranch. Strangely, the scared out his wits seller, Tom Sherman stayed on as a well paid ranch manager and was silenced with a Bigelow kiss (or NDA). Which I find very odd for someone who was scared off in the first place.

...Sherman, now employed by Bigelow to maintain the ranch, said he can no longer discuss the activity because of a nondisclosure agreement Bigelow had him sign.

Eugene Register Oct 24th 1996

Former MUFON State Director for Utah and abduction researcher - Elaine Douglass also recorded some very interesting information from Frank Salisbury (author of The Utah UFO Display) in her files. Perhaps Big Bob was getting a bit upset because only the Shermans were telling strange tales?

1996 - NIDS is set up and begins so called studies on the ranch. But all we have are some "stories" seeded into the local press. A credulous multi-millionaire/billionaire surrounded by intel people and 8 years of studies that appear to be big on stories and very low on actual proof of paranormal events. Maybe Big Bob eventually felt duped by these people. Especially after receiving the emails about the already debunked alien autopsy being sent to him in 2001. Because he suddenly started winding things down and by 2004 NIDS was closed with little in the way of evidence collected.

1997 Bigelow donated, $3.7 million to UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) to establish the Bigelow Chair of Consciousness Studies. It featured course work in metaphysics, near-death experiences and extrasensory perception.

1995 - 1998 Bigelow pays $14,000 ($100 per file) for 140 case files on people suspecting themselves to be alien abductees – to John Carpenter a hypnotist (and MUFON's Alien Abduction Researcher) . None of these ‘abductees’ were informed by Carpenter that he made such arrangements and had ‘sold’ their data to Bigelow. Many who had already paid Carpenter for ‘treatment’. Ethics of both men were heavily questioned at the time. But abduction reports are not given the same legal safeguards as medical records. So nothing illegal occurred.

2001 - The FAA changes its UFO reporting policies to instructions to notify Bigelow's NIDS. No wonder public UFO reports slowed down in the 21st century.

So when did Bigelow stop searching for Portals, Bigfoot and UFOs and get into designing and building military applications for space hardware? The timing is almost too coincidental..

November 2004. While out in the Pacific Ocean the crews of the US Navy are detecting tic-tacs on radar....Including Lt. Douglas "Cheeks" Kurth... someone who will eventually manage the AAWSAP contract at BAASS...

>>>continued below>>>

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posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 06:32 PM

At the same time FASTEAGLE flight was wrapping up its scheduled training, the CO of Marine Hornet squadron VMFA-232, Lieutenant Colonel “Cheeks” Kurth, was completing a post-maintenance check flight not too far away. He was the first fast-mover contacted by Princeton. The communication was strange and intriguing. He was asked to investigate an unidentified airborne contact.

Fightersweep 2015

....Bob Bigelow files a patent at exactly the same time. For a “satellite undetectable from the ground”. How would a guy who made his money renting property out even be capable of doing that. But more to the point – why?

In late 2004, right about the time that some U.S. lawmakers publicly unveiled a previously classified $9.5 billion program to build satellites that orbit the Earth undetected from the ground, Robert Bigelow,.. submitted a patent application for a satellite that proposed to do just that.

Bigelow’s patent, filed in November 2004 and approved a year later, follows a dozen or so previously filed inventions back to the early 1960s. Each outlined methods that could reduce or eliminate the optical and radar signatures that could be used to track, identify and determine the orbital parameters of a satellite from the ground...

.....This could include using radar absorbing materials and/or geometrics to reflect radar waves at angles that make detection of the craft difficult.” The patent goes on to say that shell could be “colored as to make visual detection more difficult.

Original Source

Had he been cajoled or coerced by the military industrial complex? Civilians don’t normally file patents like that do they? Unless they are themselves heavily involved with the military themselves?

It would not be long before Bigelow earned his $22m.....

Feb 4th 2007 TheFinalTheory leaks an alleged UFO video now known as the FLIR1 video on a German website.

Dec 2007 Douglas "Cheeks" Kurth leaves the Navy and becomes Program Manager for BAASS [Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies]. The same year that Lue Elizondo's predecessor James Lacatski is reported to have visited Skinwalker Ranch.

Jan 2008 BAASS is officially registered as a new company. Doug Kurth’s duties appear to be in line with managing what was also going on at Skinwalker Ranch.

Aug 2008 US Military issue official tenders for the AAWSAP contract. BAASS is the sole bidder and is awarded the contract.

Feb 2009 Bigelow uses the AAWSAP money to fund the Star Impact Team contract with MUFON. This was a $650k p.a. deal to provide an onsite investigation team for live UFO sighting reports that involved.. “landing, contact and altered reality reports”. But this allows him access to the MUFON database with live access to cases as they are logged and personal details of those reporting such events.

Oct 2009 Despite the legally binding contract with MUFON Bigelow tries to renege on it having paid only $334,000. MUFON backs down and International Director James Carrion steps down citing concerns about manipulation of the organisation who at the time were not aware Bigelow was using taxpayer money. A number of MUFON directors claim BAASS removed case files from their database and even sent their own investigation teams to investigate. Resignations and firings take place. MUFON is destabilized....

2012 - 2019 Three Guards on Skinwalker Ranch claim they were used as lab rats and a form of human experimentation was going on there. They claim they had to give urine samples and even submit to MRI scans. Tests results were not disclosed to the guards.

Mar 2015 - Fightersweep confirms details of the Nimitz incident and names Fravor and Kurth in the article. The same Doug Kurth who went on to work at BAASS as a Program Manager for Bigelow. Coincidence?

Feb 2018 Knapp leaks supposed executive summary of Nimitz incident but redacts Kurth's name. Why when this is already public knowledge as per Fightersweep?

May 2018 Bigelow's favourite journalist now even admits that Skinwalker Ranch was used under contract with the DIA for some form of human experimentation. Which is exactly what guards stationed there are claiming.

The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all. It used more generic terms such as future threats and .... as well as human interface and human effects, meaning Bigelow's team would study people who reported unusual experiences beyond seeing UFOs.

A ranch in Utah, known for decades as the site of bizarre encounters, became a living lab for the study.

I-Team Reports May 2018

Now if after reading all that you think Bigelow is an upstanding guy serving the wider public interest then I would ask you why?

But that's the story. You decide for yourselves.

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posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 10:33 PM
You don't need Bigelows money or power to figure all of this stuff can do it here on ATS...but to build it you need his assets.....IMHO lots of people have Neutral-Dimension Craft.....actually for christssakes anyone can build one.

It should ALL COME OUT...owning and hoarding intellectual property is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.....full stop.

posted on Nov, 24 2019 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: mirageman

An outstanding, spellbinding summary, MM.

Now that all the important ingredients are gathered together in a useful, focused and easily digestible form, it's clear that wider public interests are the last of Bigelow's concerns.

Rather than 4-5 minutes, Knapp's next interview with Bigelow needs to be at least 45 minutes' duration to even scratch the surface of what he is really up to. The continuing controversy regarding the Skinwalker Ranch guards and why they were subjected to MRI scans and then DENIED the results of such is a disturbing development indeed, but how much have UFOs/UAPs to do with any of this? I suspect George knows far more than he is able to disclose at present, and I don't envy his position at all in that respect.

That Bigelow was willing to go so far as to accuse the ranch owners prior to the Shermans of lying concerning previous paranormal activity begs further questions about why a paranormal 'cover story' was so desperately needed for whatever activities were due to take place.

posted on Nov, 25 2019 @ 07:02 AM

........... We know the physiology certainly changes.......... Researchers are now coming around to realising that the human physiology...errr, particularly if you are in space 2nd or 3rd generation..... Or on the Moon in 1/6th gravity is going to, is going to significantly change.

Well, for me, the question is, is Bigelow speaking from a position of authority, a position of knowing, or is it in more general terms? And what of the statement , "particularly if you are in space 2nd or 3rd generation"? Officially, we've been in space what, 50-odd years, so just enough time to have a 2nd/3rd generation of space-faring humans.

This was by far the most interesting 'take' from the 5min interview.


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