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Misterspock movie review.... The Intern

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posted on Nov, 22 2019 @ 09:56 PM
I've seen it once before, so It's not really a fresh review(though I may be drunker than the previous time, so there is that).

I'll keep this(and future reviews short, because I know you bastards don't care anymore...sniff).

It's a nice popcorn flick, A light hearted character movie that has some good actors doing their job(just choke back the puke when you see TDS bobby, see my other thread).

It's a nice story, that jerks at your heartstrings(if you have a heart, or feelings, humans).

A bit of a chick flick, ripe with feels and characters you may actually care about in a storyline that is pretty predictable but manages to stay somewhat fresh.

An old man, with plenty of time, trying to pass a few things on to a women who seems to have none. Bonds form, stuff happens and a few corny millenealls(I'm refuse to look up the correct spelling) learn that they could actually learn something outside of twitter.
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