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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -22-

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

If I understood correctly, Umunna and Soubry also lost their seats? A bit of a spanking took place, it seems.

ETA. I have found a use for Twitter. Reading the comments on the feeds of defeated Labour Party candidates was good for a few laughs!

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 05:23 AM
Do you guys think Nadler put all this off until today to run interference on the Awan Brothers? From the sounds of the quick interviews after Nadler dropped the bomb, they sounded like they were almost to the finish line for the night. Just had a couple things left to do.
I dont even think Judicial Watch will be televised. Kind of sad that is seeing as this should be a HUGE story. They have their very own massive spider web.

Hold off is probably just for the grandstand I suppose.

Whats up with POTUS and all those tweets in a row? Are we missing something?

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 06:16 AM

originally posted by: liveandlearn
Guy's Brexit is winning bigly. ATS thread

Congrats to our British mates.

That vote is the MANDATE FOR BREXIT.. good job UK!

The leftist are on the run in Europe too. This could be a glorious year where our whole culture wins. Winning is nice when you have done nothing wrong and the other side calls you deplorable/racist/bigot and worse.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 06:17 AM
The POTUS tweet about Greta looks worthy of a DECODE:

So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!

Quote Tweet
Roma Downey
· Dec 11
Congrats @GretaThunberg

7:22 PM · Dec 12, 2019

1) Pointers from tweet text:
a) Anger Management = Jack Nicholson film
(His others films include Easy Rider (1969), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Carnal Knowledge (1971), Terms of Endearment (1983), Prizzi's Honor (1985), About Schmidt (2002), Reds (1981), The Witches of Eastwick (1987), Mars Attacks! (1996), Anger Management (2003), The Departed (2006)),

The picture centers on the life and career of John Reed, the journalist and writer who chronicled the Russian Revolution in his book Ten Days That Shook the World

b) Old Fashioned is a cocktail of Whiskey, syrup and bitters served over ICE - Chill Greta Chill = the Ice?

c) Is "Chill, Greta, Chill" linked to "COOL" in Q posts?

2) Timestamp of points to 07:22:27, which is a mirror of 72 around the 2 and points to:
a) Q722 This is not a game. RED_OCTOBER
Timestamp encodes Dec 13th.

b) Q27 Not everything can be publicly disclosed because so much ties back to foreign heads of state
Timestamp encodes Dec 13th.

3) CAPS only simple gematria gives:
a) Base = SGAMCGC = Q53 corrupt Foundations/IRS
Timestamp encodes Dec 13th, twice.

b) RemoveDupes = SAM (Special Air Mission)... Q33 Thread being monitored and recorded. God Bless

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

I missed those losses but they have both seemed to be cabal stirrers... so probably a good result!

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 06:30 AM

originally posted by: Sabrechucker
a reply to: crankyoldman

37 years..not a single Flu shot!

37 years without a Flu..

Thanks Mom!..You we're right

The last time I got flu symptoms was after a shot in Basic Training in the USArmy. I haven't had a shot since. I studied Biology as major and switched to Environmental Chem in Undergraduate study that included bacteriology. I was a true skeptic after learning what a vaccine is and how dangerous each iteration of a vaccine can be. YES, the polio vaccine and some of those childhood vaccines work. I am not harming anyone but me if I don't take a shot. So far, knock on wood, no flu since my youth.

I have sinus allergies that may protect me from exposure to airborne illnesses to make up for my suffering. I am sad to report I am allergic to things like the maple tree in my yard. The leaves that end up all over the place aren't helping I suppose. The last time I had a chance to get some good Maple syrup it didn't taste good to me anymore and I got ill, crap that bites. That isn't fair but that is life suppose. Fortunately for me, "Mrs Butterworth" is a good brand anyway.

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 07:25 AM
Looks like time for a change across the pond ! A long time coming !
Found this information during a search - sorta of a repository of intelligence history which led to a YOUtube
Flashback - from 1988

Excerpts from the Episode of After Dark called "British Intelligence".
Jock Kane

Duncan Campbell - Special Collection Service slides

The Special Collection Service (SCS) "Global Presence" map released by Der Spiegel as part of the Snowden revelations details 96 covert surveillance sites around the world (see legend in top left corner). This information was available to USA and FVEY - the other "Five Eyes" countries: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand. It is unclear whether this map is a complete list of operational SCS locations. It does not include Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

A great historical article (PDF) under the GCHQ tab - White Vans

The Eavesdroppers
Duncan's seminal investigation into GCHQ. Until it's publication in 1976, no news source in Britain had mentioned its existence.

....Home Office interference tracing is done
by a fleet of 32O specially equipped
vans. The larger ones carry a 30 foot
telescope mast with directional aerials
and wide coverage receiving equipment
to pinpoint any interfering signal.....


Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow !



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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 08:09 AM
The House Dems may have sealed their fate for 2020 and beyond. It goes against the Swamp’s normal survival instincts. That makes me wonder, why?

Why take so much political risk? In Congressional careers that have and will span decades, why risk it over one POTUS?

The things he’s done by EO can be undone.
Hillary is to blame for SCOTUS swing.
Obama is to blame for all of Fed judge appointments.
The economy is strong; that helps Dem supporting entities to channel $$ their way.
Trump won’t get booted by Senate.
Trump has high probability of reelection.

So, why take the risk? The risk/reward is so heavy on risk. If the House flips then you go from EO to laws.

There must be something(s) so horrific coming that they are this desperate. A cornered animal.

Q seems to paint a picture of accountability. That’s not happened as of yet. However, that fear would explain the Dem behavior.

We, as observers, do not have the insider knowledge of the investigators (Barr/Durham) or their targets (Dems).

Up until the IG report, it was debatable about how much FISA relied on Steele Dossier. Not anymore.

Up until Mueller Report, it was debatable about collusion. Not anymore.

Up until POTUS released the call transcript, it was debatable about QpQ. Not anymore.

The Dems went down Impeachment Alley with zero debatable points. Their attempts to paint a narrative or perception in the House is backfiring.

Why take all of this risk?

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 08:16 AM
A bit short on time as have Dad's memorial birthday meal with family today... however I just noticed couple of things on this POTUS' tweet this morning:

How do you get Impeached when you have done NOTHING wrong (a perfect call), have created the best economy in the history of our Country, rebuilt our Military, fixed the V.A. (Choice!), cut Taxes & Regs, protected your 2nd A, created Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and soooo much more? Crazy!
12:42 AM - 13 Dec 2019

1) After yesterdays 123 tweets, today the bolded bits give 1, 2, 3, 4:
Choice! = 1
2nd A = 2
Jobs, JOBS, JOBS = 3
soooo = 4

2) Ampersand method using "Taxes & Regs" links 2 Anderson Cooper posts: Q99 and Q113 because:
a) Taxes & Regs = TAXESREGS -S = 99
b) Taxes & Regs = TAXESREGS -E = 113
c) Anagrams of TAXESREGS include:

No time to do the other usual decodes but will try to do at some point if noone else does.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:08 AM

originally posted by: F2d5thCavv2
Dash's description of "D5" is thought-provoking.

I read a description once of a fourth-dimension entity. It was explained that such an entity, by seeing the entirety of our 3-D universe's existence as it moved through time, could easily "predict" the future as it could see what that future was going to be.

I'm now trying to imagine what 5D entails. A view of multiple 4D space-time continuums and "access" allowing the alteration of their components?

Makes one think once again about Mandela Effect. Maybe not so random after all ...


I question, was the creation of a collective consciousness (the artificial kind) to access this “plane” theorized, if not all out experimented with?

What could’ve been the results? I wish we could see some DECLAS from the 90’s programs that followed MKsearch, Often, artichoke, Aquarius (speculated) grill flame, many others, etc...

For now I’ll just speculate and, we shall call it,


posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:16 AM

BREAKING: The House has approved the second article of Impeachment for President Trump. 23 I’s and 17 no’s.

Quite frankly I'm almost sick of the number 17.


posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: SouthernGift

Pure speculation on my part, but makes me wonder if some of these "Mandela" surprises are experimental:

"Let's alter this minor detail and see what happens"

Alter small things first, to gauge the degree of downstream change. Once a sense is gained of how change mutates certain aspects of society, go for bigger game:

"What if Nazi Germany was the first to build The Bomb?"

Disturbing thoughts.


posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:21 AM

originally posted by: dashen

BREAKING: The House has approved the second article of Impeachment for President Trump. 23 I’s and 17 no’s.

Quite frankly I'm almost sick of the number 17.


17 It is Everywhere !!!! along with corruption ...

Detroit police probe yields allegations of widespread corruption in drug unit

Since the Aug. 22 raid, in which dozens of files and 50 computers were seized and analyzed, Chief James Craig has reassigned everyone in the unit with five or more years’ experience.
.....“This started with a small team of our own Professional Standards investigators, but as they starting seeing the scope of the issues we were dealing with, the team has since grown to 17, and we may ask for even more help,” Craig said. “This is a major corruption investigation, but I want to caution that these are just allegations at this point.....

GET this part

“The files we seized in the raid go back as far as 10 years, so the focus of our probe is roughly 10 years,” Craig said. “However, since the raid, we’ve only looked at the past year and a half. So there’s a lot more material to go through.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: SouthernGift
Both of your post were thought provoking.

I am thinking more along the lines of Quantum computing. There was few articles I read about quantum computers linking with other quantum computers in the past.
So if someone in the future connected to one of our first Q computers it would explain some of the coincidences we have seen.

A few years ago, a researcher found that a (time traveling) quantum computer can be used to solve a number of problems, such as, the NP-Complete problem. The theory of relativity also gave us the concept of closed timeline curves which can also be understood as paths between space time. If we chase the closed timeline curves, then a traveler is able to interact with his/her past. Coordinating these closed timeline curves with quantum mechanics is a big issue which has been continuously attempted.

Quantum computing promotes various phenomena, irrespective of the presence and absence of the closed timeline curve in spacetime.

Time traveling can be described as a communication channel (with respect to quantum) to the backward direction of spacetime. One of the best examples of a communication channel is ‘Quantum Teleportation’. Quantum measurement, on combining with shared entanglement and communication, allows the sending and receiving of quantum states. And, on combining quantum teleportation with post-selection, a way to the past is made via a communication channel. Entanglement arises on both the forward and backward parts of the curve due to which the quantum measurement is replaced by the post-selection, thus, precluding the need for a communication channel which gives birth to the time travel.


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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:41 AM
Slotkin from MI keeps bringing up her CIA background

She sounds like a soft no by the way.
On Fox Now

ETA I could be wrong about that soft no.
She sounded like an anti Trumper at the end

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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:51 AM
Excellent points Quad. I agree that it ties in somehow.

This is why I mentioned the 90’s particularly, imagine what kind of MK experiments theoretically could’ve been explored when you insert computers into the equation; much in the same way “drugs” were in the 60’s

What might have been the model for AI/quantum computing? Something found through studies on consciousness? From that past era, of course.

What’s happening now?

I am glad my posts stimulated the minds of some😉🥂-

a reply to: Quadrivium

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 10:05 AM
a reply to: Aallanon

I noticed that myself of her continued mention of being in the CIA or using her training from it rather. Seems like she is waving an invisible flag for us or someone to notice.

Maybe she is being pressured from that end? Or she is trying to tell us they have some sort of control over this. Not really sure whats going on with her with that, but I do feel we should at least keep it on the back burner

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 10:16 AM
a reply to: dashen


BREAKIN G NEWS: Judiciary Committee Democrats APPROVE two articles of impeachment

Two articles passed on party-line votes of 23 to 17

You cannt make this stuff up.

Democrat votes=23
Republican votes=17



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posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 10:27 AM
a reply to: PilSungMtnMan
Great post! Adam Schiff's abuse of power should be impeachable.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 11:03 AM

Taylor Swift calls out Soros and the Carlyle group

Kanye West preaching at Joel Osteens church?

10 years ago:

“Imma let you finish”

Alice in Wonderland - MK-WTF

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