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Timothy Holmseth vs Craig Sawyer

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posted on Nov, 8 2019 @ 10:52 PM
The issues of child sex trafficking is more than a bit of mud, it gets into the deep, toxic stinky swamp of dead bodies and destroyed lives all wrapped up in a cloud of deception that reaches to highest levels all around the globe. This is an important issue for everyone with at least a basic level of morality and concern for fellow peoples. Before the mud does start to fly on this one i do want to acknowledge respect for all those those that do work for human rights.

It all starts with Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer starting an organization called Vets 4 Child Rescue in 2017.

SECRET POLICE in America? VIPR teams silencing witnesses? On AMERICAN soil?

After some time and with limited results Timothy Holmseth has put together a criticism of the effectiveness of this organization. A 2018 incident at a Cemex property in Tucson caused a lot of controversy. The local police where involved and after a few days investigation it came to a stop.

Another main criticism is how the V4CR has mainly used a honey trap operation to catch some low hanging pedofiles rather than getting into and exposing the larger child trafficking networks.

Are Social Engineering Ops Targeting Threatening Truth? With Special Guest Craig Sawyer

Craig Sawyer has recently responded to some of these allegations in an interview with Jason Goodman. Staffing issues is one reason for a lack of exposure with the work Craig did promise to perform with the donations he has received. Work is still underway on a movie called 'Contraland' and should be released soon.

Amongst all this is a lot of mud slinging with many other people involved. What I do find concerning is the attitude Craig has to some of the whistle blowers of child trafficking networks. Looking in to it myself I do see a lot of complex and messy claims that do take time to go through. For an organization focused on child rescue it comes across that V4CR is still learning how to do the job.

The Epstein case does show a high level and organized child trafficking network does exist. The recent arrest of Field McConnell by Kim Picazio and others has a lot of problems with the jurisdiction of the family court being one. Kim Picazio has also tried to arrest Timothy Holmseth which was dismissed. A further breakdown of other problems with the arrest warrant are explained in the following video.

Field of Honor

Claims, counter claims, misunderstandings, distractions and outright lies are all wrapped up in the deceptions around child trafficking. The recent ABC leak with Amy Robach is another clear indication of the cover ups going on with these issues. Trust is in short supply around these topics. Getting to the bottom of it all is a tough job with a lot of dirt to dig through.

posted on Nov, 9 2019 @ 02:03 AM
a reply to: kwakakev

Maybe we need to spend less money dropping 30,000 bombs per year in the Middle East and take that money and spend it on crime enforcement of child sex trafficking and fighting corruption within government.

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posted on Nov, 9 2019 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

Sawyer's not fit to carry McConnell or Holmseth's jock strap. McConnell and Holmseth have exposed all sorts of corruption in high places and get arrested, attacked, threatened, persecuted for their efforts. In contrast Sawyer does nothing but look cool, do interviews, and collect money. I think he is a diversion for the casual observer and probably an agent for what ever shadowy group is running the pedo rings.

I do fear for McConnell's life especially if they take him to Broward County.

I would encourage anyone interested in Pedogate, Clinton Crime, Podesta, Epstien, and all the things we cannot talk about on ATS to look into this. Don't get sidelined by muck-rakers who's job it is to discredit the work.

posted on Nov, 9 2019 @ 01:08 PM
a reply to: DukeMisterio

I have found ATS to be open to these topics with some discussion happening over the years. Heaps better than what takes place with facebook, twiter and others. It is a tough subject to work through with personal attacks against other forum members sometimes getting banned. Putting this topic in the mudpit allows a bit more flexibility in the discussions that take place.

Lost Hillary snuff clip, Pedovore, SGT Report British Monarchy pedos

I agree that it is all linked up to a lot of high profile people. I do agree that McConnell or Holmseth are a lot deeper into these issues than Sawyer. I have not come across any evidence of Sawyer actively subverting any investigations, might just be a bit naive. If anyone one has something to add please do.

I can understand that Sawyer has not lived up to some of the expectations put on him with his kind of background. When looking at all the dead NYPD officers that just saw Winers laptop it is dangerous. It took a Navy and others to take down Epstein.

posted on Nov, 9 2019 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

It's a little upsetting that this post isn't getting more attention. Maybe people don't recognize the names in the title. Where is iamtat and the others who have done so much work on the subject? Probably banned, I would guess.

posted on Nov, 9 2019 @ 11:20 PM
a reply to: DukeMisterio

I am not surprised that threads like this don't get much attention, ignorance is bliss. The way the media and government covers it up and scares people off the topic does not help. There has been a long term campaign to affect the cultural cognition.

Even when presented with the information it does take a while to process it. Took me a few days to put this thread together. I don't want to unjustly accuse anyone of false allegations. I don't want to give evil a free pass with ignorance either. In starting this thread I hope it does give some people some leads and awareness to the scale of the problems.

posted on Nov, 10 2019 @ 11:52 PM
TIMOTHY Homeseth Can't be Telling The Truth Or The News Would Tell Us Myth Busted

DaveCaresForYou has put together a 15 minute presentation with a recent FBI release showing how cover ups of child sex trafficking has taken place. It does provide a strong challenge to the claims by Craig Sawyer that we would publicly know if 2100 children where rescued amongst the recent Californian fires.


This 43 min update by Liz Crokin goes into these details a lot more and covers how the government and media have been complicate in the cover up of these horrendous crimes.

posted on Nov, 23 2019 @ 10:31 AM
One thing that has been bugging me with with this Tucson incident, Sawyer has 9 official police reports when over 20 police and other officials attend the scene. Things may be different in Tucson, but what I know about law enforcement is that every officer has to make there own reports. Why does Sawyer not have 20+ reports?

If there is something doggy going on, then 11 officers have contradicting evidence about events. Could the system be so corrupt as to quash the testimony of 11+ officers? It is a tough one to believe with all the controversy around this event. It would have taken just one of these 11+ officers to speak out for this incident to go next level through the media, maybe?

It is possible that some of these officers where FBI, CIA and other unnamed institutions, good luck getting any of their reports anytime soon. When we have incidents like Finding The Finders Stream (10/27/2019 Archive) it is understandable for the public to be skeptical of official sources around these issues.

Unfortunately we are in the gray zone with this one, not too many things black or white. Time usually has a way from sorting the facts out from the fiction. I know what it is like to live with pain and hopefully Trump will drain this swamp before it kills us all.

posted on Dec, 5 2019 @ 07:13 AM
Just an update with Field McConnell. He is still incarcerated in his home city as the extradition process to Broward County continues to get dragged out. He has been about to get a daily commentary out to Youtube most days. It is good that a gag order has not been applied yet. His spirits are well and getting looked after considering the situation.

Globalists v POTUS and Broward County Dig

This episode by Amazing Polly from about a year ago looks into some of corruption and lawlessness issues with Broward County. Election fraud, terrorism, questionable legal practices, dead witnesses. Polly does not directly get into the issues Field has brought up with human trafficking and Ukraine. Polly does present a political culture where such things will be no surprise. Bringing up the legal issues with the Awan brothers is getting close to it all.

posted on Dec, 8 2019 @ 01:48 AM
Field McConnell On Lockdown for Jailhouse Infractions with Special Guest William Murtaugh

This recent interview by Jason Goodman is with William Murtaugh, who was one of the plantiffs in the past legal issues between Timothy Holmseth and Broward County. William does not have any direct issues with Field McConnell. Doxing the lawyer at the family court in Broward County and threatening her was going too far.

Jason has not seen any evidence of the claims made against this lawer apart from the book written by Timothy and does not put much weight in it.

No More Lies - Silence Of The Ram

Montagraph is another individual tied up in these allegations and receives some support from Jason Goodman. In this recent video Montagraph is quite happy to hear Field McConnell has been locked up and is now silenced. I do find it troubling to see at the 13:30 mark that Montagraph provides reference to a fake tweet by Donald Trump that discredits Timothy Holmseth. This does make me question that an arrest warrant for Timothy Holmseth that Montagraph also references is also fake.

I have only just started to look at Montagraph. With all the disinformation around these issues he looks to be muddying the waters.

Timothy Holmseth Update - Serious Findings Disclosed

Sarah Westall did look into the case between Timothy Holsmeth and Broward County back in Feb 2018. She does find it a difficult case with a lot of infighting and disinformation surrounding the issues. She did find enough to take the claims by Timothy seriously and raises concerns that there is no clear signs of further official investigation into these issues.

posted on Dec, 10 2019 @ 07:10 AM
Operation - Smartacus

At the 27 min mark in this presentation by Kirk Pendergrass, Timothy Holmseth has submitted over 15 000 pages of documents and other evidence to the Minnesota Family Court in his legal battles. These documents cover the claims that Timothy has been publicly making and are available upon request to the court. Once Timothy did supply this documentation to the court, the Judge stipulated that Timothy could go back to reporting.

This information does contain a lot of evidence and has helped gather support for the Pentagon Pedophile task force. Members of this group have been exposed to death threats, similar to those that Field MaConnell has been recently sentenced to 10 days of solitary confinement for making. This is a very emotionally charged topic when reviewing some of the details. The use of the family court to address these threat grievances under the domestic violence act is an uncommon practice not available to most people or jurisdictions.

Another issue is how Field McConnell has been detained for talking about child abuse issues. Field has not been officially charged with any crimes or considered a flight risk, yet bail has been denied while Broward County tries to sort out its paperwork and find something to support the extradition procedure. The similarities to how Julian Assange has been treated just for speaking the truth is concerning for everyones first amendment rights.

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 02:39 AM
Watch Ex-CIA Agent Blow Agency's Pedo-Pushing Involvement Wide Open!!

This 8 min presentation by HighImpactVlogs is not directly related to the issues in this thread, but it does go to show the political environment that fosters issues like this to develop.

John Kiriakou is an ex CIA agent that was jailed for exposing the CIA's torture program to a journalist. He would do it again. In this video John is at a seminar talking about how the CIA does look to recruit psychopaths and are taught how to lie, cheat and steal. He describes the lawless nature of the industry and the dilemmas faced when nothing is off limits to get the job done. If a source they are working with wants a child prostitute to get them on board, company policy is to provide it.

John's recommendation to address these issues is to disband the CIA.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 04:46 AM
To further look into some of the greater issues with this thread.

Patrick Howley is an investigative reporter who has recently been removed from the Epoch Times for calling out Dan Bongino and his lack of addressing issues within the Child Protective Services. Patrick is continuing his work with the National Times.

Patrick Howley Exposes CPS Child Trafficking, And Pays The Price


In this 2 hour video Patrick Howley interviews Cyndie Aboug about her interactions with the CPS, along with other issues. CPS took Cyndie's 7 year old child Micheal for possibly misrepresenting his medical conditions. Micheal does have autism with plenty of medical evidence available. CPS gave Cyndie a wrong case number and she has been unable to locate her son. An anonymous tip did provide an accurate case number after getting some public attention to her case. In reviewing this case she found a judge had ordered Micheal to be sent to Disneyland.

EMERGENCY! Foster Care Child Trafficking 8/12/19 8pm ET

In this 1 hour update to the case by Steel Truth, it took 66 days until Cyndie was finally able to have contact with her son. When she did meet him, Micheal repeatedly said he 'had a sore sphincter'. The CPS staff said to not talk about this now. The CPS staff also told Cyndie that she could not tell her son that she loves him or give him an comfort gift. The second time Cyndie meet Micheal, he had a black eye. Since this interview Cyndie has meet Micheal 3 times and each time he was hungry. Cyndie still has a 14 year old daughter in her custody.

In trying to make sense of this the corruption is rife. Cyndie moved to Colorado under directions of Micheal's doctor to get treatment. Once there the local school did not want to pay for the special needs of Micheal, but did not want to miss out on the government funding as well. CPS was called in and all the government slush funds for CPS staff, fake medical reviews, foster family funding and legal fees. CPS is charging Cyndie for child support, making her pay for Micheal's clothing while she is also trying to pay the legal battles.

No one in this corrupt system looks to have Micheal's best interest in the treatment and false allegations made against this family. Where do you go when no one is watching the watches?

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posted on Dec, 22 2019 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: kwakakev
Thank you for the thread.
Shameless bump.

posted on Jan, 9 2020 @ 07:49 PM
As an update to the Cyndie Abcug case, she has been arrested.

Parker woman arrested in Montana for conspiracy to commit kidnapping

PARKER, Colo. — A 50-year-old Parker woman was arrested Monday in Montana for conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, Denver7 news partner KPAX-TV reported. Following a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, police arrested Cynthia Abcug in Kalispell, Montana, according to the report.

An FBI agent assisted local police in the arrest. A heavily-redacted affidavit obtained by Denver7 Saturday alleges Abcug was planning to kidnap her child, who she apparently lost custody of, in a "raid"-type operation with the help of believers of an extreme right-wing conspiracy theory. The child was not with the suspect when police made the arrest, KPAX-TV reported.

The Parker mother of at least two children was the subject of an investigation by the Douglas County Department of Human Services and the Parker Police Department in September, according to the affidavit.

Parker police issued a warrant for Abcug’s arrest on October 3, first reported by the Daily Beast , after one of Abcug’s children told authorities that their mother is a QAnon believer, and Abcug and others were planning a “raid” to get the suspect’s child back, the document states.

The child who provided authorities with information on the alleged plot to kidnap Abcug’s child was removed from the suspect’s home on an emergency custody removal order on September 26. The child claimed that Abcug was “spiraling down” conspiracy theories and that she was living with a man who went by “Ryan” and acted as the suspect’s armed guard, according to the affidavit.

A Parker police officer noted in the affidavit that Abcug was previously accused of factitious disorder imposed on another, previously called Munchausen syndrome by proxy. However, details of that case are not known.

This case has received a lot of public attention. I do consider it quite standard for a parent to be distressed when a child it forcefully taken from them. Has this been blown out of proportion to justify further incarceration of Cyndie? Has her talking about options been used as a trial of precrime? There are a lot of concerning details with this case.

With the media painting Cyndie and Qanon as some crazy conspiracy, I hope Cyndie does get the support she needs to prove just how crazy it all is. With the FBI tipping off the police, looks like they are closing ranks and expect more percussion than support from them when it does come to getting to the bottom of things.
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posted on Jul, 11 2020 @ 03:28 PM
Just an update on the Field McConnell case,

Lt. Col. Field McConnell encourages all to TAKE THE OATH and answer the call - Canton Memorial 2013

It has been tough. He is looking well with a lot of good support around. Glad you are back Sir.

posted on Jul, 30 2020 @ 12:16 AM
Some of this tension between Tim and Craig is still going on.

Hillary Clinton's Bodyguard is PISSED OFF !!! ARIZONA CPS child trafficking operation COLLAPSING

In this episode, Arizona CPS workers have been fired for all wearing shirts with "Professional Kidnappers". Also an update for those interested in the underground 2500 child rescue. Animosity and questions about Craig's past still remain. Montagraph is still trying to kill Tim.

For Craig's credit, he has shrugged off a lot of the allegations against him as just part of working to clean up the swamp. At least the issue is getting some attention. The movie he was working on has been released.


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posted on Aug, 3 2020 @ 05:29 AM
Tim is still keeping the pressure up against Craig.

Hillary Clinton [secretly] behind [fake] child rescue group Vets 4 Child Rescue?

Did Hillary Clinton use her former bodyguard, Craig Sawyer, to set up the organization called Veterans For Child Rescue?

It is a good point, anyone closely tied to Hillary Clinton and John McCain gets a doggy question mark. As for this being reason alone to condemn someone is not fair.


A bit over budget and over time by the sounds of it, he finally got there. Some of the personal investment sounds tough.


He had over half of the police reports from the official investigation. Where are the others? is the Arizona police department or other officials also involved with this alligation?


When you work in cover operations with political leaders I guess you do.


When you work in cover operations with political leaders I guess you do.

Here is some of Craig in his own words.

Banned Human Trafficking Documentary #pedogate

Craig has seen the horrors of war. I am sure he has been wrapped up in some very nasty stuff. He might not be perfect but he does look to be trying for a better and more secure world. Without something solid I do not see a case to lock him up.

I do like a lot of Tim's work. The sacrifices he has made in exposing a lot of dark topics is tough. If you want to keep on pushing forward then perhaps Les Wexner is a better target. Where did Epstein gets his money? What is down that yellow brick road?

posted on Aug, 3 2020 @ 11:11 AM
This is a rabbit hole I’ve never been down. I’ve never even heard these names before, never mind that some of it is focused in the county I live in (Broward).

Jumping into this from the OP, I can’t really decipher it all as I’m late to the party. Anyone have a suggestion on where to start with all of this?

posted on Aug, 4 2020 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: Drucifer

One step at a time. As a starting point I recommend

For a quick take on the situation, Tim has done a solid job in uncovering some of the human trafficking going on. Has been threatened, harassed, locked up and now some what hiding. Some nasty people do not like him as he continues his work as best he can. Tim does claim to have support from the First Lady.

Craig is a special op army vet that use to work near Hillary Clinton and John McCain, powerful politicians with a bad reputation. He has since focused his efforts on child rescue and targeting predators. Tim is of the opinion that this change by Craig is as controlled opposition so he can continue to protect the elite pedophiles while making a name rounding up some of the lower cast perpetrators.

To turn up some heat on this conflict, Tim has recently gotten a message that Craig will be stopping by in a couple of weeks. Will it be good? will it be bad? Is it just another empty threat in a long list of them?

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