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Misterspock movie review... First Kill

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posted on Nov, 1 2019 @ 10:29 PM
Just watched this on netflix, listed as a movie from 2017 although it seems newly posted on the streaming provider.

It looked interesting, cuz bruce willis.

I've passed it over for a few days and finally watched it tonight. Good popcorn flick with a simple storyline and some decent performances. Sure, it's pretty predictable, but it carried itself well enough.

The usual, small town heist goes bad who do you trust drama. I figured the main selling point was bruce willis. While he did a good job, the nicer aspect was the interaction between a "involved against my will" robber and the child of a man we came to his hometown with his family and ends up kidnapped sub story.

It really played out about as you'd expect, but still had some nice scenes and the flow was good. Worth a quick watch if you just like an action/drama and already have netflix.

Also, spoiler......
Different to see bruce play a bad guy for once.


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