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Screaming in silence

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posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 01:28 AM
In the silence, my heart breaks
I long to scream a thousand words
to cross the chasm between
two aching and lonely souls.
but it seems like they would fall upon empty ears
as if my efforts don't even matter.

to some, words are everything
each word chosen with care
carefully composed with heart and soul.
but to others words seem empty
and heartless- things to be twisted
and played with- and, weary of the games,
they close their ears.

but more of me is in my words
than anything else
for my heart is empty
a cavern of darkness
if you try to listen
youll hear nothing but chaos.
there IS a melody there
which I yearn to share
but its buried underneath the weight of the world upon me.
its this I find with my words
when I cannot grasp it with all my strength.

I know you feel the emptiness too,
only, you've
transformed it into a beautiful landscape
a veritable Eden- but the gates are locked
and I sit at the entrance looking in
wishing I could come inside
just to sit among the plants and animals
and rejoice in feeling truly alive.
I would not ravage or rampage
as most would, rather-
I would step with infinite care
I would tend to the plants and the leaves
and speak to the animals and the trees.
I leave gifts, hoping to gain entrance
still suspicion and mistrust remain
and it eats me alive.

still, I cant turn away.
for where could I go?
ive seen spirit move through this garden.
ive seen the very world stop and hold its breath
when the morning sun sets the sky aflame...
because in the embers, something truly wondrous
but wholly indescribable can just be felt.
otherworldy, and beautiful
like stumbling upon a rabbit hole which lead
not into the earth but
straight to the heart of reality itself.
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posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 10:39 AM
Oh, how beautiful your words were. They def touched my soul. Thanks for sharing your lovely words.

posted on Oct, 27 2019 @ 04:43 PM
Words have much power and beauty. Even in their sorrowful moments they capture our lives as they unfold or as they cling to memories in time, life with its changes and challenges, life with its struggles and chaos. There is joy and love, comfort and inspiration, wondrous things to behold and ponder through words. They can lift one from their darkest hours, shed light where light has faded and flickers. They reach deep into ones soul and makes a difference in their life. It brings heartfelt love that should mean the world to another.

Loved your prose so very much and many others will as well, how could they could not? I read it three times already.

Keep writing my friend.

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