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Kurds agree to pull back . Hopefully peace will break out .

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posted on Oct, 21 2019 @ 03:27 PM
Turkey, Syria Engage In Secret Negotiations To Avert War: Report

Turkey and Syria are conducting previously-unknown negotiations in an attempt to avert direct conflict in northeast Syria in the wake of a US withdrawal from the region, according to the Jerusalem Post, citing Turkish officials.

The announcement comes as Russian-backed Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad sweep back into the region - heading for incoming Turkish troops moving in from the north.

Neither Syria nor Turkey are really interested in fighting each other. As I've said before in other threads, Turkey's goal has always been to prevent the Kurds from having their own state.

With that in mind, it's easy to see the end game: The Syrian government will assert control over most of the Kurdish territory, except for a strip along the northern border that Turkey will hold. Once Syria is fully in control, the Turks will begin to pull back, ceded the territory back to Syria.

posted on Oct, 22 2019 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: thedigirati

First of all, Erdo would not have done anything if coward boy had not pulled out our troops in the area... your an idiot if you think so.. second, turkey has not really been a nato ally in a very long time, only in name...

which brings another actual point, we, NATO, could have stopped the whole thing.. easily... invoked article 5 and moved actual neutral nato troops in the void and kept peace... this has never been about the actual Kurds but always been about pkk which are only attacking inside Turkey... For those that say otherwise they are the one's who actually don't know this region and what is going on there at all...

We military and veteran's know the deal.. oh here another one for the coward trump, we did make promises to the Kurds, that was a bold face lie.... just like the cia made promises in Ukraine when we overthrew a Russian there... then we turned our backs on them as Russia invaded them and we still do as they continue the fight... we would not even sell them tanks to protect themselves lol...

We military and vet's call him what he is, a coward.. the kurds died by the thousands fighting for us so we would not have to, get it.. they protected and hid our air controllers who directed air and artillery... and even still the kurds had to fight and die by the thousands to destroy most of isis... oh yea, the fight still goes on..

your moron's for trying to defend this action... we don't leave allies to die, ever... it is strategic and having allies that support us in forward area's of any future conflict will be impossible and will cause the death of many of our brave men and women...

What a bunch of BS in this thread....

posted on Oct, 22 2019 @ 03:25 PM
a reply to: AndyFromMichigan

Seriously, lol, this is not about what is happening in syria or iraq lol... wow.. this is about the pkk and labeling all kurds as ypg terrorists, ypg is an offshoot of pkk, so as to validate him invading 2 countries and displacing the kurds in the first place lol.. wow... he has been wanting this forever... he has contended that all the pkk attacks that have taken place inside Turkey only took place because the pkk could retreat and hide in syria and iraq lol...

This ethnic cleansing is his way to stop what he can't stop... a fight for autonomy that has been going on for those of turkish kurdish decent for ever... the fact that they too had a hand in the attempted coup put the nail in the coffin...

as for turkey being in nato, well they have the worst human rights violations of any member, have aligned with russian and iran and actually helped and is helping iran subvert sanction... they also refused to help us fight isis in the first place. they have not been an ally in a long long time... in fact, we would be much better served swapping ukraine for turkey...

trump is a coward...

posted on Oct, 22 2019 @ 03:46 PM

originally posted by: matafuchs
a reply to: dlbott

First, I appreciate your service.


Thank you I appreciate that very much...........

However, we should not be in the business of taking sides in these matters. It is not our war to fight. Should we keep HUMINT alive and well in the Middle East, yes, because that is where we f'd up in 01. Many have a short memory but we fought the Soviets in Afghanistan by helping the Taliban which funded offshoots that became Al Qeada and others. Same thing here. Kurds, PKK, Shia,Sunni, terrorist and national. The US created this mess before Trump came into office. To me he called the bluff of the bully and the MSM went nuts with it. Even that tool Romney is talking about how it is a dark stain for Americans. The DARK STAIN is not taking care of the men and women who have come back from there hellholes.

If they want Special Forces on the ground in advisory roles fine but there is no reason we should have US Infantry on the ground in Syria.

As far as Pelosi...I am TIRED of these elected #heads going overseas to what...make things better? For some reason they can, even old officials and POTUS and go over seas and talk # but our current POTUS has a phone call and they want to impeach him....

Simply put, this whole area, the middle east, is the most strategic ground on earth... more so than any other place.. trump says no, but this just shows he does not listen to the military or intelligence who all tell him otherwise... you see, the world's economy comes from this place in that 2/3rd the world's oil comes from this area and it is all tied together. It is also the home of our most dear ally, Israel.. despite those libertards who clammer for us not to support Israel this has and will be a Christian nation and we will support Israel.

Reality check.. we did not fight Russia in Afghan and in fact there was no Taliban and never has been al queda that were afghan.. we gave the tribes that were fighting Russia small arms and ammunition to fight Russia. The Taliban came much later and actually is from Pakistan.

As for isis. first, there would be no isis if we had not left the void in iraq and let terrorist and iran wreak havoc there... that is our fault... when iraq dropped all their equipment and ran, we did not fight isis, the kurds fought them for us.. they died by the thousands... to try and defend leaving them to die even while they continue to fight isis for us is just criminal and cowardice... We did make promises to these people. Fact that trump said that we did not is just a bold face lie and one again that all the military and intelligence were telling him was not true...

Lastly, I completely agree the libertard's and commies have lost their minds and anyone who thinks that anything they have done in the last three years is about this country should check into the looney bin... including plastic poopoo, in fact I have been potus most staunch defender... but, as a veteran and military man I can not defend and support a coward who leaves those who fought and died and protected us to die... we don't do that, ever...

If he wants to save money and bring some troops home bring the thousands home from germany that cost us billions a year or one of the other many bases around the world that have been there since ww2..

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