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The letter

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posted on Mar, 7 2005 @ 06:40 AM
Eyes blood-shot
as her body aches for more
of the toxic substance
that has become her saviour.

Now, she lies still, not moving
as still as the air
A smile shows on her face
She somehow looks repaired

The note she left was full of sorrow and regret
for the daughter that she left behind
the one who truly loved her
but, to love she was blind

When her daughter found the note
she sat on the bed
tears streaming down her face
as she read what her mother said.

Dear sweetheart
I never meant to hurt you
I love you more than life
that is why I chose to leave this world
so that you don't have to constantly see mine

Live life my daughter,
and never do drugs, For if I had had this advice
I may have still been in your life.

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