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Why no mention of the CA power outage and Fires?

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posted on Oct, 13 2019 @ 12:50 AM
The Common Sense Show

It's a "Dam" Problem
Q&A Session with Dave Hodges on the Port of Long Beach Controversy
Is a Snap Military Drill Taking Place In Morgan Hill, CA?
California Insurrection: The Focus Shifts to the Port of Oakland-Marilyn Rupar and Dave Hodges- CSS

These are some of the headlines on their website. Listening to their podcast also talking about the HAM Radio repeaters getting taken down as well.

Heads up people living there. Sounds like a storm.

posted on Oct, 14 2019 @ 10:16 AM

originally posted by: TheGreatWork

originally posted by: M5xaz
a reply to: TheGreatWork

There are power lines for thousands of miles everywhere else in North America, yes going through forests, and yes when it's 85F in the summer and NONE are so magical as California's to start fires everywhere.

The POWER is OFF in "at risk" parts of California

Regardless, Gov. Newsom indicated that over 200 fires started in the past 24 hours WHILE THE POWER IS OFF

The power is off- this proves that the vast majority of California wildfires are ARSON and have always been caused by ARSON

I know
Politically incorrect to speak the TRUTH

Libtards.....always creating Alinsky-style artificial disasters for political purposes and CONTROL


Right, then they say they are going to close the tunnels because it wont have lights and it violates safety codes, yet they will still teach kids at school in the dark, which I am sure violates many codes. Something is afoot!

Close tunnels - too dark...riiightttt....
Close roads at night too ?
Because California libtards have yet to discover that the shiny glass thingies in front of the car , called "headlamps", produce light....FFS....

Something is afoot - Agenda 21 excuse....incoming...

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