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Tying It All Together: Russian Collusion

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posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 05:58 AM
This is a working theory and it's long. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I'm going to start with a breakdown of events then I'll explain how they all tie together. Much of this timeline is from the glenn beck chalkboard on how the DNC was working within Ukraine to smear trump and get hillary elected. I have added some other stuff that was going on in the region to provide more understanding of why trump was such a threat.

The players:
ISIS, Obama, Biden, Romney, Pelosi, Podesta, Clinton, and of course, Trump

The places:
Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Syria, and Iran

The events:
Civil war in syria
Energy investments in ukraine
The Iranian nuke deal to lift sanctions
Russian aggression towards ukraine
Germany's reliance on russian natural gas
The russian collusion narrative
Hillary's sabre rattling against russia

The timeline:
2011: Civil war erupts in syria, russia begins aiding assad, US and EU aid rebels, fighting continues for three years always along oil pipeline routes
2013: ISIS begins to emerge as serious player and threat to syria and assad looks like he might lose. Guess what they're after? Pipelines.
Feb 2014: Russia invades crimea, ukraine
March 2014: Obama appoints biden to oversee ukrainian relations
April 2014: Joe biden and devon archer travel to ukraine
May 2014: Devon archer and Hunter biden named to ukrainian energy company "Burisma" board
Nov 2014: Obama/biden give Burisma $1.8B and demand an "anti corruption bureau" (NACB) be created
Early 2015: Burisma puts $1.8B into bank that is owned by the same guy that owns burisma, money is promptly "lost" forever.
June 2015: Trump declares bid for presidency
July 2015: Iran deal agreed to, sanctions lifted
July 2015: Trump declares support for both ukraine and russia
August-Dec 2015: Obama's WH counsel, Bernie's chief strategist, Tony podesta, Hillary's chief strategist, and two obama campaign pollsters are made advisors to the Ukrainian president.
Dec 2015: DNC hires ukrainian immigrant, Alexandria Chalupa, to dig up dirt on Trump in ukraine
Jan 2016: Chalupa begins trying to tie trump to russia, zeroes in on manafort (manafort was not on the trump campaign yet).
Jan 2016: Obama invites Ukrainian national police chief, Ukranian prosecutor general, and NACB president to white house.
Jan 2016: Prosecutor generals office tells 'the hill' that there was a lot of emphasis on paul manafort case and the americans needing help with it. There was also pressure to not look into burisma and ihor kolomoyskyi (this message was relayed to the hill in 2019 but was about the 2016 meeting)
March 2016: Biden gets ukranian prosecutor (shokin) fired by threatening to withhold another billion in aid.
Side note: Shokin has a sworn statement in which he states that obama and biden were telling ukraine who and what to investigate and pressuring them not to investigate others
March 2016: Ukranian bank loses another $2.2 million and $1.8 billion in loans guaranteed by US tax payers
March 2016: Manafort joins trump campaign
March 2016: Shokin replaced by lutsenko
March 2016: Alexandria Chalupa (DNC) moved to Ukranian embassy in US, starts working with ukrainian govt (lutsenko) on manafort
April 2016: DNC hires fusion GPS
May 2016: Chalupa emails about pointing mike isikoff (yahoo news) in manaforts direction and connecting him with the ukrainians (wikileaks). In this email she also says she has news that's going to hit soon that she's been working on concerning the trump team.
May 2016: Steele dossier leaked to isikoff (yahoo news) and mccain sends staffer to pick up copy from UK
May2016: Obama appoints Marie L. Yovanovitch as ambassador to ukraine
May 2016: Lutsenko sworn in as Ukranian AG
May 2016: Yovanovitch tells lutsenko who he cannot prosecute (including biden/soros companies)
June 2016: Obama DOJ begins working with ukranian NACB (the bureau obama demanded they create)
August 2016: NACB releases black ledger on manafort lobbying payments
August 2016: Tony podesta closes his lobbying firm, which worked closely with manafort
Late 2016: Yovanovitch (US ambass to ukraine) denies lutsenko a visa as he tries to bring documents to DoJ proving:
A) Misappropriation of $7B
B) $3M in payments to biden
C) Dirt gathering operation on trump
D) Ukraine meddling in election by releasing black ledger
E) Biden pressure campaign to fire shokin
F) US interference in prosecuting cases in Ukraine
Nov 2016: Trump wins election
July 2017: Sarah sanders tells media the DNC was working with ukrainian government in off camera briefing
Oct 2017: Head of NACB (that obama demanded they make) get's convicted of meddling in 2016 US election
July 2018: Trump tells germany to stop buying russian natural gas
April 2019: New anti-corruption president elected in ukraine (zelensky)
May 2019: Trump fires Yovanovitch (lady who denied ukranian AG visa to show evidence of DNC collusion)
May 2019: DoJ begins looking into ukrainian connections and mueller
July 2019: Zelensky fires his US ambassador for suspected corruption

The explanation:
Here is how russian natural gas flows to europe. The vast majority of it goes through Ukraine:

In 2011, after the failed russia reset, it was decided (by the US and EU) that Germany (and the rest of the EU for that matter needed to get it's natural gas from somewhere other than russia. The arab spring was in full swing so whether the opportunity was invented or was simply siezed I can't say, but they decided on syria. The US and EU backed forces began fighting with the anti-assad rebels. We didn't intervene in other nations that had arab springs, but we did in syria, why? Natural gas for europe (blood for oil, er, energy!) that's why. If the US and EU were able to run a pipeline from syria to germany they could cut russia off at the knees. The EU could get all of their energy needs met by this pipeline having been fed by iraq, qatar and iran.

You see where this is going by now, at least along a few lines. The EU needed this energy. In order to get it they needed syria. In order to get that they needed to be rid of the pro-russia assad. In order to get rid of assad they needed a civil war where they could install a puppet. In order to get natural gas from Iran they needed sanctions lifted.

Ukraine was already sympathetic to the US and had been trying to get into NATO since at least 2008. Once the syrian oil route was in hand, the US and EU would use ukraine to shut off russia from the EU as far as natural gas is concerned. As 2013 continued on, assad (in syria) looked like he may be defeated in the next year or so. Then something happened, but not in syria, in ukraine. In early 2014 russia invades and takes over crimea, ukraine. This threw a major wrench in the works. If the US couldn't guarantee ukraine remaining sympathetic because russia would just take it over, they'd still have to compete with russia for natural gas.

Or maybe they weren't going to shut it off to begin with, maybe they simply wanted to have a kill switch for russia for some future nefarious plans. Who knows. It was obama, maybe russia was a threat to the caliphate he was trying to help usher along.


posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 05:59 AM
So lets step back a moment and appreciate our position:
It's 2014 we're trying to win a civil war (by backing extremists) to get a pipeline in syria so we can cut russia off from the EU as their main natural gas supplier but russia has countered by taking over part of ukraine. Obama begins working on the iran deal because all that sweet natural gas that the EU needs can only be gotten from Iran. Sanctions can't be lifted because of Iran's nuke program. I also believe their was a second purpose to this and that was to separate Iran from Russia. If Iran could supply the natural gas needed to the EU they'd no longer be reliant up on russia as they'd have a major stake in the global economy.

This is where the story forks in two. Plot line 1 continues with the geopolitical battle to cut russia off from the EU. Plot line 2 is the dirty deep state corruption. The plot lines intertwine throughout but as far as I can tell they are not necessarily connected. What I mean is, the money laundering scheme that's about to unfold in ukraine has little to nothing to do with the geopolitical battle, it's purely deep state greed. This is what they do, they take legitimate or semi-legitimate moves then dirty them up with corruption to line their own pockets.

So plot line 1:
It seems russia's move into ukraine halted progress in syria. Suddenly russia, syria, and iran were beating back the rebels and ISIS. I believe the reason for all of the following moves is to build up ukraine before another attempt at cutting russia off:

The month after Russia invades ukraine, Obama puts biden in charge of ukrainian relations, the next month biden and archer fly to ukraine. The month after that hunter biden and devon archer are added to the board of burisma, the largest natural gas holdings company in ukraine. Over the following months many others are added to ukrainian natural gas companies boards, from pelosi to romney. Then at the end of 2015 the president of ukraine takes on a bunch of new american advisors: Obama's WH counsel
Bernies chief strategist
Tony podesta
Hillary's chief strategist
and two obama campaign pollsters

The addition of the pollsters makes me think this move was for the purpose of making sure their guy, Poroshenko, remained in power. Of course, ukraine being the corrupt hellhole that it is makes it highly likely they were up to some "side hustling" while they were in these positions.

Plot line 2
In late 2014 the obama admin gave burisma $1.8 billion. They also demanded the creation of an anti-corruption bureau. Burisma promptly puts the $1.8B in the bank, except oops, it's a bank owned by the same guy that owns burisma. And guess what? It's lost! Where did it go!? Also, around this same time the obama admin takes the owner of burisma off the US VISA blacklist. Yes, he was on the blacklist because he was known to be corrupt as hell.

Now, at the same time in 2015 when all of the top democrat people were made advisors to the ukrainian president, the DNC in the US hires a ukrainian immigrant named Alexandra Chalupa and tasks her with digging up dirt on trump in ukraine. So, you have the obama administration trying to make sure their guy in ukraine stays in power and you have obama at home sicking the DNC on trump specifically "looking for" ukrainian dirt. These two events happen within weeks of one another.

It's now early 2016 and Chalupa says she "feels like there's a russia connection with trump." That's weird, she hasn't found anything but she just feels like it's there? A few days later obama has a meeting with the ukranian national police chief and the ukranian prosecutor general. The prosecutor generals office later tells us what happened in this meeting:

Obama emphasized that they needed help nailing paul manafort (kinda random since he wasn't on trump's team yet) and told them they could not look into burisma or the owner of burisma. The prosecutor general has said he was told over and over who he could and could not look into.

A few months later (march, 2016) is the famous biden meeting where he tells the ukrainian president that if he wants the US aid he'll have to fire the prosecutor general. The prosecutor general is fired and replaced by a guy named lutsenko, who biden says "was solid at the time." Remember that statement, it's a weird thing to say.

Right around this same time, the IMF had given ukraine another $1.8B by the IMF and that loan was guaranteed by US tax payers. Unsurprisingly it disappeared from the banks records.

Now at the same time (march of 2016) manafort gets hired by the trump campaign and miraculously, chalupa gets moved to the ukranian embassy in the US so she can work with lutsenko (prosecutor general) on manafort.

Fast forward a couple of months to may and we have lutsenko being sworn in as prosecutor general in ukraine. Obama appoints a woman named yovanovitch as ambassador to ukraine who then tells lutsenko who he can and can't prosecute in his country, just like the prior guy was told by obama in that meeting. In june the obama DoJ starts working with the ukranian anti-corruption bureau they had demanded ukraine create, and two months later in august manaforts "ukrainian black ledger" is leaked by the ukrainian anti-corruption bureau. Manafort is fired/resigned from the trump campaign.

The day after the black ledger is leaked, tony podesta (you know the guy that was appointed as an advisor to the ukrainian president 9 months prior?) closes his lobbying firm in the US. I wonder what he's been doing professionally for the last three years?

Back to plot line 1:
2016 marked a slowdown in tensions and an alignment between russia and the US, in syria. the islamic state was threatening russia's ally assad and stealing pipeline property from the US backed rebels. They had a common enemy, and enemy who had something bigger than either of them: religious motivation. It seems the obama administration decided to bide their time while committine as few resources as possible to fighting ISIS while also pretending they cared about fighting them. The strategy seemed to be to let assad-russia weaken themselves wiping ISIS out then swoop in and finish the overthrow. With the iran trade dealin place, a shiny new gas route from iran to germany could ensue. Riches would be had.

This strategy explains why the destruction of ISIS was so slow under obama and the turn to corruptly enriching themselves in ukraine. What better way to kill the time?

The main obstacle to these goals were the elections. Ukraine needed to keep Poroshenko. The US needed a 3rd obama term otherwise known as hillary. They couldn't have bernie waltzing in and screwing everything up, so they rigged that primary against him. They certainly couldn't have trump winning as he would never allow an iranian pipeline to the EU.

So a brilliant plan was set into motion. Obama/hillary were working to destroy russia, they could use russia to destroy trump. To do so, russia must be seen as an enemy. So hillary began her sabre rattling. Threatening war with russia over their attempts at messing with our democracy (the irony cannot have been lost on her since she helped rig the dnc primary). The obama administration would use every power it could to try to tie trump to russia using ukraine as a stepping stone. I won't go into the details of how, because most of you here already know about the entrapment schemes.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 05:59 AM

There's not much left to say. It's all about the oil (natural gas). It's kind of ironic coming from the party of "no war for oil!" They either threw an entire region into chaos for it or simply took advantage of the chaos.

If you ask me this all makes perfect sense. The only question I am left with is why? Why was obama so obsessed with destroying russia? I can only speculate on that and let's just say it is either due to russia standing in the way of the caliphate he was trying to usher in or because russia isn't part of the NWO crowd and as such is the only real opposition standing in the way with all of their nukes. I would theorize that in 2009, with the russia reset, hillary and obama tried to bring russia into the NWO fold. Russia told them to pound sand.

I forgot to revisit the weird biden line about the prosecutor (lutsenko being "solid at the time"). So when they put lutsenko in, who biden claims he approved of, they thought he would be good. But in late 2016 he tried to come to the US to bring the following evidence to obama and lynch:
A) Misappropriation of $7B
B) $3M in payments to biden
C) Dirt gathering operation on trump
D) Ukraine meddling in election by releasing black ledger
E) Biden pressure campaign to fire shokin
F) US interference in prosecuting cases in Ukraine

Remember the yovanavitch? The ambassador that obama appointed to ukraine in 2016? The same one that told lutsenko who he could and could not prosecute? She blocked lutsenko from coming over by denying him a VISA. Yes, the obama administration denied the visa of a guy they installed as prosecutor general in another country. So that explains the whole "solid at the time" statement. Biden and obama were obviously aware of his request otherwise the solid at the time statement likely would never have been made.
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posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 06:23 AM
Yes it is true, Europe and especially Germany is very dependent on russian gas. Our former Cancelor Gerhard Schröder made some deals with Russia, that today make him look like a traitor to many Germans.

I smiled at your remark that the EU and US decided that for Germany. Because we are a puppet state to the USA, good observation, no sarcasm here.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: Dfairlite

Thank you for taking the time and joining the dots.

Rarely does quality work like this appear on ATS

Well done

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 06:42 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
a reply to: Dfairlite

Thank you for taking the time and joining the dots.

Rarely does quality work like this appear on ATS

Well done

Yes, it is well noted

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 06:46 AM
Very well thought out thread.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:27 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
a reply to: Dfairlite

Thank you for taking the time and joining the dots.

Rarely does quality work like this appear on ATS

Well done

I have to second this sentiment.

I've never seen work this meticulous, that isn't just insane ramblings.

Well done. Extremely, well done.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: Dfairlite

So the tldr is Obama bad , trump God.

Oh and in the meantime, Putin , Iran, Turkey, trump's associates (in jail or free), oil execs and billionaires were all singing at choir practice

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:43 AM
a reply to: odzeandennz
Yes, that is exactly what this thread is saying. You got it all figured out. Now return the safety scissors and get in line for the apple juice.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 08:15 AM
a reply to: odzeandennz

So given the facts presented, do you have an alternate theory of the reasoning behind the Obama administration's actions? Or is Reeeee your only counter argument?

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: Dfairlite
great thread
outstanding work

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 08:51 AM

originally posted by: odzeandennz
a reply to: Dfairlite

So the tldr is Obama bad , trump God.

Oh and in the meantime, Putin , Iran, Turkey, trump's associates (in jail or free), oil execs and billionaires were all singing at choir practice

Astonishing the opening poster, and others, are so gullible.
Slightest manipulation and they believe anything.
Only thing it lacks is but her emails...

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 09:27 AM
Well done in laying out this complex mess. Two issues.

We didn't intervene in other nations that had arab springs, but we did in syria, why?

I do disagree with this statement. I have one recent post that names the US participation in Libya here. With Egypt it is a bit more messy, Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood is one thing that stands out. With some of the other color revolutions happening, George Soros is one name that keeps popping up.

Why was obama so obsessed with destroying russia?

It was under Obama that Russia got kicked out of the G8 to make the G7. US policy in the Middle East and Ukraine was causing major problems for Russia. Russia has a Navy base in Syria, Assad probably would not of survived if it was not for Russian help. Russia was in the way of US/EU imperialism.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:38 PM
a reply to: kwakakev

Good points. Now that you mention it I do recall some shenanigans in greece, I never considered libya a part of the arab spring but that was just me. It probably should be included.

posted on Oct, 8 2019 @ 07:50 PM
a reply to: odzeandennz

LOL, if that's what you take from this you're really doing it wrong. When doing the research and compiling this, it made some of the moves the obama admin made, that I thought were done with nefarious purpose, look a lot better.

Now the question is, why did they want this pipeline? Was it for nefarious purposes (like enriching themselves at the cost of blood) or was it for purely strategic reasons? What was the threat russia posed that the obama admin seemed so adamant about cutting them off? Was it a threat to global NWO stuff or was russia making strides elsewhere that threaten the western world's way of life?

posted on Oct, 20 2019 @ 05:43 AM
a reply to: Dfairlite

Well, I'll be damned, poroshenko's allies are fleeing the country (he was the president before zelinsky, the guy hillary and obama wanted to make sure got re-elected.

Link to ukrainian article

Today, the closest friend of Poroshenko Oleg Svinarchuk tried to leave the territory of Ukraine, but he was detained with his face on the floor.

Due to the fact that the name Kononenko is mentioned in the context of many criminal proceedings, he was stopped at the border to determine his current status.

The airports of Kiev and big cities of Ukraine are blocked for officials. All suspects are under surveillance by special services.

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posted on Oct, 20 2019 @ 06:36 AM
Escobar: Syria May Be The Biggest Defeat For The CIA Since Vietnam

With the establishment of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), for the first time Turkey allowed foreign weaponized groups to operate on its own territory. A training camp was set up in 2011 in the sanjakof Alexandretta. The Syrian National Council was also created in Istanbul – a bunch of non-entities from the diaspora who had not been in Syria for decades.
Ankara enabled a de facto Jihad Highway — with people from Central Asia, Caucasus, Maghreb, Pakistan, Xinjiang, all points north in Europe being smuggled back and forth at will. In 2015, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha set up the dreaded Jaish al-Fath (“Army of Conquest”), which included Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda).
At the same time, Ankara maintained an extremely ambiguous relationship with ISIS/Daesh, buying its smuggled oil, treating jihadis in Turkish hospitals, and paying zero attention to jihad intel collected and developed on Turkish territory. For at least five years, the MIT — Turkish intelligence – provided political and logistic background to the Syrian opposition while weaponizing a galaxy of Salafis. After all, Ankara believed that ISIS/Daesh only existed because of the “evil” deployed by the Assad regime.

For those who paid the slightest attention to this mess that is not new news..

The first major game-changer was the spectacular Russian entrance in the summer of 2015. Vladimir Putin had asked the U.S. to join in the fight against the Islamic State as the Soviet Union allied against Hitler, negating the American idea that this was Russia’s bid to restore its imperial glory. But the American plan instead, under Barack Obama, was single-minded: betting on a rag-tag Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a mix of Kurds and Sunni Arabs, supported by air power and U.S. Special Forces, north of the Euphrates, to smash ISIS/Daesh all the way to Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.
Raqqa, bombed to rubble by the Pentagon, may have been taken by the SDF, but Deir ez-Zor was taken by Damascus’s Syrian Arab Army. The ultimate American aim was to consistently keep the north of the Euphrates under U.S. power, via their proxies, the SDF and the Kurdish PYD/YPG. That American dream is now over, lamented by imperial Democrats and Republicans alike.
The CIA will be after Trump’s scalp till Kingdom Come.

It is a long detailed article which much of us already know.

Rebuilding Syria
The reconstruction of Syria may cost as much as $200 billion. Damascus has already made it very clear that the U.S. and the EU are not welcome. China will be in the forefront, along with Russia and Iran; this will be a project strictly following the Eurasia integration playbook — with the Chinese aiming to revive Syria’s strategic positioning in the Ancient Silk Road.

As for Erdogan, distrusted by virtually everyone, and a tad less neo-Ottoman than in the recent past, he now seems to have finally understood that Bashar al-Assad “won’t go,” and he must live with it. Ankara is bound to remain imvolved with Tehran and Moscow, in finding a comprehensive, constitutional solution for the Syrian tragedy through the former “Astana process”, later developed in Ankara.

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