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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 02:23 PM
So I just checked and I've logger 38 hours questing on Divinity's opening (training) level , the Prison Island , I've yet to venture out into the world as there's still stuff I want to do on Fort Joy Island and there's things I want to find .... nearly 40 hours !

I've a history with isometric RPGs and a history with Divinity , loved the first game but it was punishingly hard and a time sink so when Original Sin 2 came out a couple of years ago I decided I wouldn't buy it as I really don't have the time .... then it went on sale.

This game is awesome , it improves on the original yet stays true to it , it's still punishingly hard and a time sink as my opening paragraph attests but it is just so good , it now has a narrator who fills you in on things happening around you at certain points , the crafting system is simple yet deep and the choices you make have an effect on the world so thinking before you act is a good tactic.

It doesn't hold your hand and there is no dotted lines taking you where you've got to go , it's easy to get lost and not know what your next step is but with a bit of wandering something will turn up , custom markers on the map are essential.

If you like old skool isometric RPGs and Original Sin 2 passed you by you could do a lot worse than investing a hundred or so hours in this , it's just so good.

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posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 02:55 PM
Looking to my right, at the pile of PS4 games that I need to get to, I see Divinity: OS2 is one of them. Havent had much time lately, but that is going to change this month and will have a lot more time to put into a game or 2. This is on the list.

posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 03:00 PM
I've played both. If you're a fan of CRPGs, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an absolute MUST HAVE. The first one is great too.

Keep with it, it gets WAY better after you escape the prison island and start developing your characters more. By the way, there's a couple ways to escape the prison - do all of them for the xp.
If you want a proper playthrough, I'd recommend NOT going lone wolf (using two characters instead of 4), as that makes even the hard difficulty effortless (unless you have no idea whatsoever how to play RPGs).

posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 07:23 PM
The entire Divinity series is good
Divine Divinity
Beyond Divinity
Divinity II
Divinity: Original Sin
Divinity: Original Sin II
Divinity 2 Ego Draconis most likely is my favorite.
(The first 2 are kinda outdated and old school)
I do not have Divinity: Dragon Commander , so I cannot comment.

Try :
Atom RPG
There is an up and coming game I am following called Encased.

posted on Oct, 6 2019 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: gortex

I couldn't agree more. The game is amazing. I play with my friend from Poland and we game maybe a few hours a week. Getting through one of the earlier ones took us just over a YEAR.

posted on Oct, 7 2019 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: gortex

This game was on sale for something cheep some months ago I think it was under 15 bucks, but turned based games not as cool as they once were.

Some many years ago when I was a kid, I would be all over it. Now a days, anything taking this much time as these games do, is way to much time. But it does look cool and freaking nostalgic as all funk.

How the hell is the arena mode even supposed to work in a turn based games. Do you have wait for the other players to go, what if the other team goes to the bathroom? Boy is that one long postponed game. But that alone sounds like something you can pick up and play for a few hours, then put it down, without sinking ungodly amounts of hours into the story mode, cool as the story mode does look.

Next time I suppose.

posted on Oct, 9 2019 @ 07:58 PM
I bought it earlier this year after reading so many glowing reviews. On the default setting it is very hard, and too much micromanagement to be a lot of fun for me. Maybe 20 years ago I would have liked it a lot more. Story is good and the customization options are pretty sweet. I thought the game was over when I got off the first island, and played a while on the new place. But I've just lost interest and haven't played in a few months, I'm just not enjoying it.

I'll probably get Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding next.

posted on Nov, 14 2019 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: gortex

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