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Masked Singer - Anyone watching this?

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posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:13 PM
Sure, it's cheesy, but it is fun to watch and guess with the family. We totally guessed the first show's reveals, but had no idea on last nights.

May be fun to keep track of who is being guessed. I always like a mystery, and the show gives clues about who is under the mask.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:24 PM
Of all the singing shows, thats probably the only one I'd say is worth watching. Its kind of fun guessing the identities. I caught a little of last nights show, the black widow is really good, no idea who she is though.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:25 PM

SKELETON = Martin Short, or Paul Schaffer

FOX = Haven't really seen enough yet....from clues, maybe Jeremy Renner, or someone from a CW hero show

EAGLE = Haven't really seen enough yet....from clues, maybe Willie Nelson or Bruce Springsteen

TREE = Anna Gasteyer (from SNL, etc.)

FLAMINGO = Jackie Aina (YouTuber)

BUTTERFLY = Ginger Spice (Spice Girls)

PENGUIN = Not enough to go on yet, haven't really seen them perform, etc.

LEOPARD = Dennis Rodman (though my daughter's guess is Billy Porter)

ROTTWEILLER = Chris Daughtry

FLOWER = Not enough yet, as hasn't performed, but from clues, Mayim Bialik (Blossom, Big Bang Theory)

THINGAMAJIG = Victor Oladipo

PANDA = This one was revealed last night, Leila Ali. (I totally could not guess this one, so I'm already one incorrect)

BLACK WIDOW = Just a guess so far, Vivica A. Fox, though could be any female singer off the Empire TV show....

LADYBUG = Kelly Osbourne

EGG = Was revealed as Johnny Weir (Olympic skater)

ICE CREAM = Was revealed to be Ninja (YouTuber), I had no idea, but my daughter guessed it.

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posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:26 PM
I actually guessed everyone right but Terry Bradshaw and the other football player last season. (just not a sports fan)....

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 12:32 PM
Masks, in general, are pretty creepy. Yep. a reply to: Gazrok

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: Gazrok


Actually I should reinforce my previous statement, HELL EFFIN NO.

The station has been flogging promo's like a dead horse, I've already seen it. Someone sings in a costume, it's like guess who? for idiots.

I apologise,if you see the show as dumb fun, you're innocent, however if you are truly hooked on this 'reality' TV then you are guilty of idiocy.

I don't watch 'em, I get national geographic and learn and look at rocks, rather than watching the batchelor and having rocks in my head.

The only talent show I watch is Penn & Teller: fool us, there is talent, but more importantly there is cleverness, trying to figure out the tricks, it makes you think and the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Now if you'll excuse I'm gonna watch keeping up with the Kardashians and see how many brain cells I can kill.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 01:32 PM
It's definitely a mental exercise to decipher the clues, and try to discern who is who.

I totally understand TV elitism, but it's like food.

Sure, we could eat great steak all the time, but every now and then, I just want a trashy burger with some fries.

It is definitely just plain dumb fun.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 01:45 PM
I haven't watched it, because I typically don't like singing shows for some reason, but I have a question.
Are all of the mystery people really singing? Or are some "enhanced" to sound good? I mean, can Terry Bradshaw really sing?

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 02:09 PM
I started watching, and I never watch these kinds of shows. Never watched things like The Voice, or America's got talent. Just not my thing.
But this, is pure fun. Not just the guess work but the banter between judges. I dunno how much is scripted or off the cuff but I loved it.
And seriously. ..Daughtry the Rotweiler?
Omg you might be on to something there....
Need to watch more.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: chiefsmom

Actually yeah, Terry has some country stuff out.

It is actually them singing. Some are good, some not so good. The singing isn't voice disguised, so there are a lot of clues to be had there. But when speaking, the voices are disguised. However, if you look at mannerisms, cadence, etc., you can start to put it together with the clues package (cryptic little videos) guess who is under the mask.

Just a guilty pleasure.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 07:24 PM
I confess I watch it too and I agree it is just dumb fun. With all the serious stuff Im always digging into and the mud drudged up, if just nice to give the brain a little break. Some interesting guesses up above!

Lol the only other goofy thing I watch is the WWE believe it or not. That gives the brain a great break. Kind of like watching a soap opera. People can say its fake all they want, but some of the stuff they are doing now, especially the air born work, trying to not hurt someone can end up hurting you. Plus the women are really coming on strong now and that has added a big boost to the show.

Anything else I watch is usually learning something about whatever, because I do like that as well.

posted on Oct, 3 2019 @ 08:07 PM
Changing my Flamingo guess to Adrienne Houghton (a YouTuber)...

I like to research the clues, and see who they fit, especially for folks I don't know, so have to do some Google digging to look for the clues.
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posted on Oct, 4 2019 @ 11:24 AM
As for scripted.... I do feel the judges purposefully throw out ridiculous guesses as well as good ones. For example, on one contestant, Nicole stated she knew that voice, and so when they got the judges' guesses, they purposefully did NOT ask Nicole for her guess. (or edited it out).

Of course, it's the mix of ridiculous and serious guesses that adds to the fun...trying to tell the difference between them, etc. In the end, the mystery of it is the fun part. Who doesn't like to solve a mystery? Isn't that why many of us are into conspiracies in the first place?

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