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More example of trigger happy troops? - Article

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posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 12:51 PM
This is an article from the Vermont Guardian. I'm posting this because it is similar to other articles I have seen here. This is the first time I'm posting an article here, so if I break any rules, my bad. Well, here we go...

U.S. soldiers investigated for shooting Afghan villagers

SHINDAND — Several U.S. soldiers are under investigation for killing
two Afghan villagers outside a U.S. base in western Afghanistan, the commander of the base, Lt. Col. Ashton Hayes, announced last week.

Witnesses and local officials said the two villagers were shot Feb. 11 while they fled across a field, according to witnesses and local officials. In an interview with the Pakistan Tribune, two witnesses said that after the initial gunfire, soldiers approached one of the wounded Afghans and shot him dead at close range.

“They did it on purpose, I think,” said Muhammad Ismail, the brother of one of those killed. Witnesses believe the shooters were Special Forces soldiers, but that couldn’t be confirmed.

The incident prompted a demonstration and shouts of “Death to America.”

The deaths could stir up animosity in the area, a strategic region bordering Iran.

The men were cutting firewood beside the road when a carload of Afghan National Army soldiers drove past, followed by Special Forces soldiers in a black sport utility vehicle. Seeing the SUV, the two men fled across the field toward the village, said two witnesses.

Initial reports in the local media said U.S. forces had killed two members of al Qaeda, and that three more had escaped. But Hayes later admitted he had seen no evidence of Taliban or al Qaeda activity in the area.

The military subsequently gave the families of the victims $2,000 each

I know what the problem is. Those damn gun triggers are so sensitive.

Seriously, though, why do we see more and more of these kinds of articles? Sure, I know some will label this as more anti-US stuff, but this wasn't Al-Jazeera or someone like that. Anyway, what do you think?

And what's up with the payoff? Seems like someone knew they had done wrong...

posted on Mar, 6 2005 @ 01:09 PM
More examples?

I would say more propaganda. There is nothing there to back up any claims made that the US were/are trigger happy.
As for the cash settlement, i find this ludicrous.

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