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Dream of Intervention; the Soul

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posted on Sep, 21 2019 @ 03:44 PM
I had a dream once.. this dream was the cascading factor of a series of events that spiralled after this initial experience.

Before I describe what I was "shown", need to explain that from that point in MY timeline back to childhood I was a troubled sleeper and never dreamt, epecially vividly.

I could only recall "black/empty dreams". This dream was like a psychic-intervention, that I felt I had no control over which will be understood why, soon.

This particular night I was studying biology and cellular structures for end of term tests in high school..

I remember I got drowsy almost instantly out of nowhere compared to how I was previously feeling within the past 5 minutes.. this drowse hit me like a wall and I never felt like it before at that time (this happened again on two other occasions in the future of this timeline I'm describing).

Then helplessly fell into a very deep sleep rather rapidly, which was new to me. About 10:30pm EST was last time I looked at my clock before this .. hypnotic sleep.

As my body was "off" KOd on the bed, I immediately was awake and aware in SPACE. It was shocking, my consciousness and whatever body/vessel I was in, was present in what felt like a moment in real space, real conscious moments.

Within this moment i looked around and for sure i was in outer space floating-standstill in a random area of a galaxy. Wherever I looked was stars, bright coloured stars, blues, whites, reds, ambers... was fascinating and beautiful. Just blackness everywhere only source of light were the stars I could see throughout the space i was in.

This inspection and observations, thought trains of what was happening ceased to exist as these vivid-pictures showed up in front of my face. They were not like physical portrait pictures or canvas... it was light source and pictures of real organisms or organic matters would show up in sequence within this source of light (which I remember had a green light aura kind of around the space these images were being shown).

There were a series of images shown; Earth, humans/communities, natural environments, animals, bugs, down to bacterias and cells.

Things of our planet. Things in space (celestial bodies).

These were the images being shown; there was a mental process and construct being explained as each image morphed into the next, like a movie being shown image by image.. by being "explained" I mean that I somehow just knew the meaning/intent of what was being shown.

As each individual organism/creature/celestial bodies were shown, I was being shown simultaneously a blue coloured light source that existed inside each one. The size of the light source varied on the size of the creature/organism/celestial...

It was showing this blue light coming out of the dying creature/organism/celestial and returning to what now came into my mental vision as the SOURCE of the blue light.
As each creature or thing dies, that blue light would go back into this huuuge blue SOURCE (was just a vast/large "pool" of that blue light stuff coming out of dying creatures/celestial etc) it originated from.

Basically all things that have consciousness or perform an organic or cellular function, would die and return to this SOURCE of blue light. Almost looked like a star, but was not fiery/plasma and chaotic..

As each images came up, my brain just "knew" what was being "said" through these series of images. As if my brain or consciousness (my body was asleep, but I was fully aware and conscious of the moments hence I'm recalling them lol) was just recieving information and had no choice but to observe and receive.

Part of the meaning I was understanding was "all things that exist in the cosmos will return to the SOURCE which is came from.

That was clear and felt true to me in those moments.

During the entire time I encountered these images while floating in space (I could look around and even see stars through the transparency of the images I was seeing in front of me (about 5 feet in front of me these images were shown, so theres depth too).. I wasnt mentally thinking about what everything was and how it worked blah blah

As I said my train of thoughts ceased to exist the moment this light thing with images coming from nowhere. My consciousness was not thinking of anything just observing and somehow understanding all of what was shown.

Language is tough to use to explain things that we cant touch, taste, hear. But in this... "space" you can see everything vividly as real as my waking body, and feel it on an emotional level like empathy.

I understood the blue light in everything as "life force" or that which animates matter. I understood the SOURCE to be the SOUL, which was not disconnected from the blue light in everything (life force), but the blue lights in individual things were disconnected from the SOURCE.

Individually we (all creatures, organisms, celestials) are not Souls. We are animated THROUGH our SOUL which is everyone/thing that is conscious collectively.

We are all apart of this Source, we are of the force that gives life to matter.
We are the intelligence, the consciousness, the creative, that which exists outside of time and space.
Where the bodies/vessels/creatures/' organisms/celestials do exist.

We use them to experience the universe, time, space, matter. We use intelligence and creativity to erect civilizations and worlds, to exist in.

This is pretty much what I experienced and how my consciousness understood it. Another dream followed the next day but like the rest I couldnt recall it or remember seeing/being anything/where.
I just remember that drowsy thing came over me and I fell asleep upon moments following.

Thanks for reading.
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posted on Sep, 21 2019 @ 06:06 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

And there I was, considering once again about just not bothering with ATS any more but staying for those rare stories that light my fire. Boom.

What a wonderful gift or blessing you have gotten. In a way I think of it as a boost. I think that sometimes some of us need a boost, a shot of ''it all'' to lift us into our next frame of perception and that sure sounds like what you got to me.

I"m happy for you El.

posted on Sep, 21 2019 @ 08:01 PM
Wow, while reading that.. it was as if I was journeying through the dream with you. That was amazing.

posted on Sep, 22 2019 @ 06:33 AM
a reply to: Elementalist

That was beautiful! (The writing and the experience you described!)

posted on Sep, 22 2019 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: Elementalist

it must have been quite an Epiphany for you … many of us never get such a dramatic Awakening

i Awoke after reading Carlos Castaneda ~ (up to the late 1970s books)

posted on Sep, 22 2019 @ 11:25 PM

originally posted by: St Udio
a reply to: Elementalist

it must have been quite an Epiphany for you … many of us never get such a dramatic Awakening

i Awoke after reading Carlos Castaneda ~ (up to the late 1970s books)

It definitely challenged my scientific scope of life, as I've never experienced anything on that level before and it came out left field.

I remember the following day walking myself to school and my brain going like a Rubik Cube spinning every which way.

Looking at the clouds and thinking "what the heck is real anymore?". Was tough for a young student/athlete to endure this experience and move on with life

Especially considering more challenging experiences were to come...

I'm thankful it happened.
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