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Death of Sam Cooke: Maniac, Conspiracy Target or the Obvious Answer??

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posted on Aug, 27 2019 @ 10:30 PM
Sam Cooke: Target, Maniac or the obvious answer.

If anyone , like me before stumbling on this case, doesn’t recognize the name sam Cooke. I will star off by saying the same thing the podcaster I was listening to said...

“Sam cook made some of the best music in history”

At this point in the podcast I paused it and went and you tuned “Sam Cooke”....

He ABSOLUTELY made some of the best music in history.. about 35% of Oscar winning movies likely have one of his songs in the soundtrack..

If you doubt me , try it.. on to the topic

SamCooke was shot dead in a hotel room in Los Angeles in 1964. He was close friends with Malcom’s X and Muhammad Ali and had just started testing the waters of the civil rights movement at the time of his death..

Also he had been screwed on his record contract and had just discovered it. He planned to fire his manager and start a new company solo. Because of that he was carrying 5,000$ in cash..... in 1964 that is equal to 100 billion dollars .. I’m pretty sure... :p


The official story is this..

Cooke had met a young woman out at a club. She claims Cooke, dunk, attacked her . Smacked her around, made her strip and basically said he would rape her..

He then undressed and went to the bathroom, at which point the girl took the chance to grab her clothes and run. By mistake she grabbed Cooke’s pants as well when she fled..

Cooke exits the bathroom , sees her hon and runs naked into the parking lot looking for her.. he then goes to the managers office where the female clerk is there alone..

Cooke Demands to see the girl, but the manager has no clue what he is talking about.. He then, still naked attacks the manager. At which point she shoots him dead.


Lots of people speculate Cooke was murdered by the FBI in a civil rights stamp down or the manager who , I’m quite sure profited off Cooke’s death days before he was to be fired.

(The obvious answer imho)

I tried not to totally give it away in the set up but one piece of the puzzle that makes it all make sense is the fact the “rape victim” was a known prostitution who commonly stole the wallets of Johns when they fell asleep or went to the bathroom..

And boom... there it is.. the piece of the puzzle that makes it all make sense...

There was no rape attempt..

Cooke has “purchased her services “ for the evening and goes to the bathroom.

Cooke had been flashing the 5,000 in his pocket at the club earlier, so she was probably after the money from the jump..

So the prostitute takes her shot and grabs his pants and runs..

Cook exits the bathroom, sees she robbed him AND she took his clothes.. BUT HE NEEDS THAT 5K... so he runs out into the parking lot naked, furious and desperate.

He runs to the office looking for her and the manager just sees some naked black man banging on her door and doesn’t ask any more questions than that....

And I’m not sure how many people of whatever race would act super differently..


Guess what my theory has that the others do not????

Everyone involved can act like totally normal people put in the situation they are in...

Don’t get me wrong, people can act like crazy people, but unusually they do not.. usually everyone does what they think is in their own best interest. So show me a theory where that is the case , and that’s the one I go with..

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posted on Aug, 27 2019 @ 10:37 PM
We shall add this conspiracy to the list.
I'm going to start a folder for this and put it after JFK assassination and before Gulf of Tonkin.
Not sure what threat level to label it with yet, however.

posted on Aug, 27 2019 @ 10:54 PM

originally posted by: EmmanuelGoldstein
We shall add this conspiracy to the list.
I'm going to start a folder for this and put it after JFK assassination and before Gulf of Tonkin.
Not sure what threat level to label it with yet, however.

People think he was assassinated by the FBI ,it isn’t far from the same MLK conspiracies

posted on Aug, 27 2019 @ 11:13 PM
a reply to: JustJohnny

Assassinated the FBI, that's a lot of shooting...

Oh... wait... assasinated by the FBI.

For a minute I thlought we had a John Wick situation.

posted on Aug, 28 2019 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: chr0naut

Real renaissance man..

Great voice, Jason borne type assassin skills. Well except when naked.


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