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What the Democratic and Republican Party stand for Now, A tale from the dark side

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posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 05:25 PM
Republicans under Trump made sure private prisons were not only still in use but growing. Democrats are fighting to end the entire practice. The both sides crap is nonsense. Republicans are anti-freedom all the way. For christ sakes Trump just tried to permanently install every part of the patriot act that was set to expire. And not a word from anyone on the right, so I'm guessing you all are fine with it.

If you have no problem selling out freedom in the form of corporations enslaving imprisoned people, don't care about government spying, and have no problem with the drone program being handed over to the CIA with the purpose of less transparency, vote Republican. Because those are their actions in reality.

If you have no problem with any of that because of a few extra dollars in your bank account, we aren't the same.

posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 06:43 PM
I want you all to notice something else that is happening as the major parties keep fighting and diverging to father
extremes of the left and right.

Class warfare - More and more the Republicans represent the well to do, the upper middle class and above

- and the Democrats represent the lower middle and lower classes.

This pure Marxian class warfare as predicted by Karl Marx way back when - And his prophecy that it will destroy our
representative democracy and leed to his 'dictatorship of the proletariat' is more of a threat now than ever.

There is no advantage to political parties continuing to divide America further apart - And yet they keep going at it.

Turmp running as a Republican in the last election appeared to be in many ways an independent and that is one reason
he won.

Seems to me since then he has become a solid Conservative Republican and is not really unifying America as he had

Meantime the Democrats keep leaning further Left - making the whole situation worse than ever.

Show me a real Liberal, but not extremely so, Democratic candidate for President
= And he, or she, mght very well defeat Trump and become President in the upcoming election.

One other thing - the candidate would need a touch of charisma [Like him or not Trump has some charismatic
qualities] - And he or she would have to 'rank-out' Trump in the abilty to thow our one line insults.

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posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 07:45 PM

Class warfare - More and more the Republicans represent the well to do, the upper middle class and above - and the Democrats represent the lower middle and lower classes.
a reply to: AlienView

This is a myth...

Yes, Republicans are favored by the upper middle class... but the really wealthy (think tech billionaires, wall street, entertainers, etc) are typically Democrats. Remember, Democrats look down on blue collar fly over country.

posted on Aug, 20 2019 @ 08:49 PM
The way I see it, both parties are full of crap. The Republican party does tend to favor the wealthy over the poor, but the difference between them and the Democratic party is not that cut-and-dried. The Democrats are not for the poor, as much as they are for taking advantage of the poor. The real difference is that the Republicans are for the privately wealthy having power, while the Democrats are for government having power.

If it comes down to a decision between government and private enterprise, I will take private enterprise any day. Private enterprise actually does something productive; government does nothing productive unless forced to. As an example, the big, bad oil companies are often blamed for everything from asteroids to kittens stuck in trees, but the truth is that they produce a product (gasoline/diesel) that society cannot function without. The oil companies and the government both make money from that production (government probably makes more than the oil companies), but the government does nothing except raise the cost. At least the oil companies make the gasoline.

I felt like I had a choice when it was between Republicans wanting mostly private enterprise and Democrats wanting mostly government. But it's not that way today. The Republicans haven't seemed to change much as far as I can see, but the Democrats have. They do want open borders, which will and actually already has hurt the average blue collar American in the form of depressed wages and less job opportunities. They do want to heavily restrict energy production, which will lead to overall inflation. They do want to simply ignore the Second Amendment and literally steal my ability to protect myself, which will cause an increase in violent crime, as it has already done in "gun-free zones."

I'm no fan of the average Republican leader, especially the RINOs. But I am certainly not going to assist the Democratic party platform at this point in time. As bad as Republicans would love to make a mess, the DNC makes them look sane and reasonable. The only politician I support right now in Washington DC is President Donald Trump. He's done a few things I disagree with, but thus far nothing in the same ball park as the Republicans in general, and nothing even resembling what the DNC has already tried to pull.


posted on Aug, 21 2019 @ 07:49 AM

originally posted by: Plotus
Reminds me of the farmer telling the democrat not to go in that field, and the democrat yelling back, 'don't tell me what to do' ..............................and the democrat screaming..

You may of heard a variation of it.

Down here in Texas it's about Game Wardens (who by law can go anywhere outside)
- and ends with "Show 'em your Badge!!!"


posted on Aug, 21 2019 @ 09:03 AM
Butt seriously folks, what's being talked about is the ultimate expression of identity politics. Certainly, the European method of implementing that "system" results in 30 different parties and every government having to establish a coalition to operate. A recent news in UK & Italy show, coalition governments can fold at any time. Something we Americans usually think is abhorrent. Remember the "government shutdown" doomsday scenario just s few months ago? Boogey man didn't materialize during that except maybe at the southern border.

Truly, the two party system is doomed and it's time for it to evolve. Darwin shows us evolution is 'complicated', actual results may vary, items in your mirror appear closer - from the throes of evolution, outcome cannot be determined. From my (our) perspective, the choices are truly bleak given the current identity affirmations that abound.

Perhaps a BigGov Party, Fleece-the-Bankers Party, Tax Everything Party, Green Party, MedPot Party, Follow-the-Stars Party (Pedo Party) - the list of choices is more diverse than the number of genders now taught to our kids.

So will political interaction fragment into a myriad of individual cause groups fighting for their one and only issue? Will voters be faced with choosing to vote for what they "believe in" rather than a direction of policy, set of goals from a candidate, a real person to represent them as constituents in this republic?

Or does Idiocracy[b][i] become the new "1984" as a model for future politics and thus society?


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