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Fishy Facts in RCMP Slayings? (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 12:24 AM
I watched CBC's "The National" reports tonight on the RCMP shootings. A real media links is provided and the first stories are about the questions surrounding what happened. Some facts seem out of place and exactly what happened is unclear at the present time.

Several stories on the following link.

Some Samplings:
Four RCMP officers were shot and killed during a raid on an Alberta marijuana grow operation. Three of the Mounties were from the detachment in Mayerthorpe, Atla., and one from nearby Whitecourt.
They were shot inside a Quonset hut on the Rochfort Bridge farm owned by the suspect in the killings, 46-year-old James Roszko.

Roszko, who was found dead at the scene, was known to police and had a violent past.

"They were prepared. They are trained officers. They were fully equipped officers."

The RCMP said the ordeal began Wednesday, when two of their members went to Roszko's residence with a court order to seize property. While there, they discovered a marijuana grow operation.

Two officers remained overnight Wednesday to secure the area and wait for members of the Edmonton RCMP Auto Theft Unit to search the property for stolen goods.

At around 9 a.m. Thursday, the two RCMP officers were joined by two other members of their force.

At that point there was no sign of Roszko on the premises, but he had somehow sneaked back, adds Oakes.

Fifteen minutes later, two officers from the Edmonton RCMP's Auto Theft Unit arrived. As they were getting out of their car, they heard shots being fired inside the Quonset hut.

The RCMP say that Roszko, armed with a rapid-fire assault rifle, came out of the Quonset and began firing at the newly arrived officers, who returned fire.

Roszko then ran back inside the Quonset, leaving the officers outside unsure of the fate of the four officers in the hut.

Shortly around 2 p.m, after emergency response teams had secured the scene, the four RCMP officers were found dead inside the building, along with Roszko's body.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The four officers were rookies (oldest was 34 others under 30) with one being on the force for only two weeks.

This incident took place over the space of a day with officers staking out the farm overnight. According to the National report (video) they either did not know he was home or did not notice him come back. That point is not clear.

Some accounts state that the four were killed inside the hut, but the pictures clearly show the bodies outside the hut. Who moved them and why?

The RCMP will also not comment (yet) about how Roszko died. So it's not clear if he did in fact commit suicide or died in the shootout.

They were supposedly there to seize a stolen truck. Why does that necessitate an overnight stakeout? And how big was that grow-op. The "shed" or "hut" is pretty big to be "guarded" by one man. If it was a large grow operation there may have been others involved?

While watching the report I kept thinking, "there's something fishy here".

Too much time on ATS?

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