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Willy X Wally Hope Stonehenge Festival The Third Man

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posted on Aug, 13 2019 @ 07:29 AM
Wally Hope is credited with starting the Stonehenge Free Festivals. Gatherings that were reincarnations of the mass gatherings of ancient times.

The State got worried and Wally Hope promptly died. Infiltrators moved in and guided the Free Festival movement to destruction.

The travellers were crushed with the Beanfield ambush. The miners were crushed with Orgreave. The ravers were crushed with Castlemorton. The football fans were suppressed with Hillsborough.

All these events were orchestrated by the state for that purpose.

I can't think of any other groups on the Island of Albion that would gather and effectively defeat the demands of 'authority'.

Willy X says Wally Hope went into the police station with three others. Two left when they realised Wally Hope was going to get arrested.

My question is, who is the third man? What was his part in the subsequent death of Wally Hope?

There are ATS members who will know something about this.

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