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The 'sanity' of a fully conscious contactee, and why i choose to reveal what i've learned....

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 08:34 PM
Perhaps this will bring about some understanding of the individual contact process—
reactions, anyone?

(excerpted from what had seemed to me a rather indigestibly large file at P4C—nevertheless, cleaned up a bit and reposted briefly—with some gems, perhaps…)

from Blazin’
Why do I reveal what I have learned with ETs here? I do it so as to bring about an understanding, from SOME of the personal experiences i have had, FACE TO FACE with ET's. (it is possible)

Needs to be stated i think...ha ha. They are also not the greys or reptilians.

Maybe it is safest not to have a 'category' because they are equally diverse and have their own personalities, likes and dislikes etc...

Just a couple of examples here...One asked why you are having certain thoughts. They will find a thought that is 'bizarre' to them and then ask why that popped into your head. If you say, i don't know...they will say, why don't you know? (it is out of curiosity...and it is obvious, they radiate that from feel it. It is not asked to make us feel stupid or beneath them...some here do take it that way however and then react too quickly). Then they ask, What causes a person to not know and understand what is happening within them? ha ha...if you think you know things, believe me you suddenly realize a ton about what you don't know!

They think it is strange that a person does not know why they do things. NOT BAD, only strange. People here who feel inferior take that to mean 'bad. People that are in an arrogant mood take it to mean 'the ET is ignorant'. People that see truth will see truth. They think it is strange, nothing more. I have been asked, what causes dreams? And why do people have violent dreams if they are not a violent person by nature? Why do people in your world have desires to hurt one another? Why do they think things they would never do? Those that don't know violence in their world in thought/deed, just might freak a bit if they pick up the thought in our heads..."i want to pound someone". They think it is very possible you will. That is not a trusting, loving environment from their standpoint...ha ha!

The most important thing i have found, personally, is that the ones that stick it out with me, and walk with me through the whole thing, are what i term the 'decent' ones. The process is a long one, more like never-ending...ha ha. It takes a lot of patience from both sides, a lot of understanding and wanting to understand, a lot of determination to make it work, and a lot of letting go of preconceived ideas and false beliefs only learned in this life by 'society'. IMO. SOME of them have to learn to let go of their preconceived ideas about people here. As always, with peace, friendship and love as the MAIN DRIVING motivator from both sides. A person/being cannot be critical of others or it defeats attempts to understand etc...It has nothing to do with knowledge, not really...depending on where the being/person is from, depends on the knowledge' one has. If dealing with a being not of this world at all (at any time in their existence), they will not always have the knowledge you would think. When you meet one, you know NOTHING about them as a person, clear your mind of all that you THINK you know. You have to start there to be fair...leave this world behind for a time in your on ground in the middle.

Later you can go and compare what you see and are told to what is down here, like that will help...ha ha! It creates more questions. Get used to not knowing EVERYTHING, it is a way of life...ha ha! There is a reason i tried to say not to go with all the information in books, as it may not be accurate or apply to the being as a person that you encounter. If you want them to fit into YOUR BOOKS, which is an earth perception, you might be missing chances. It can end quickly before ever really embarking on the contact experience. We can honor and respect the work of others without making it GOSPEL from within.

And there are things about YOU as a person that they will question about. I will reveal a few things to show what it can be like. I speak for only those ones i have and do interact with, and not the WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!

They have to learn the language of the person they wish to talk to. Not something that is easy, because the 'lingo' down here is different from dictionary textbook speech. Makes for interesting conversation. Get your dictionary ready! There are words that exist we don't normally use!! ha ha! There are words we use that are sometimes not in a dictionary too! They have their own way of learning too. Their learning rates are down right mind blowing. Hopefully things like this can be stated without people feeling offended or inferior. Again it is a fact, not a glassy eyed worship thing...ha ha. Can't facts be stated without people seeing all of those other things? They think our abilities to 'fly by the seat of our pants' is awesome...ha ha. So there is a reverse situation. Then factor in the PERCEPTION of each person. Words can mean different things to different people, depending on perception. It can be a mess at times. A good sense of humor, even if it differs from theirs, is another good thing to have. Through interaction with any person we can change too. Same goes when you deal with 'contact'.

Some of the questions they have are very different than what people realize. They are not trying to offend or be critical or be 'better than another'. They really want to know and understand what causes certain things here. They do try to get to know EACH PERSON, because each person matters. Each person has different experiences, and views, and battle scars...ha. You might have thoughts that are all your own and unique, most people do. They will ask why, from you, as a person. The level that one knows themselves suddenly changes...ha ha! You have to get those answers too...even for yourself! And then there are some that come along after you struggle awhile on your own, and will tell you/show you what is going on within you that you are not seeing. They are kind and loving about it, NOT CRITICAL and cutting. It's on a very personal level. And these are the ones i say have tons of understanding and love for humanity. They will allow you to try on your own until you run out of energy...ha ha! They don't leave you without answers etc....but in reality, you are being left to explore and walk your path...and they are merely returning to their world!

They have asked, for example, why do people try to search for things in their books when the answers are not in your books? Nor are we? And especially when people know that their books have lies in them? (I'm giving actual examples of questions that have been asked). They do not ask in a degrading way, but in a curious way. There is a very big difference between the 'arrogant know it all' types and the curious ones. When you sense them and interact...when both happen...the differences are apparent. There is a difference in how they approach you. There is a difference in how they 'sense' and are in general. They do walk the walk every step of the way. People will only know that feeling when they meet and interact with it.

But of course, to the masses the things i say only come from the minds of the delusional right? ha ha! I say this world is more delusional than the reality of the ET's. I KNOW what is real in my life. I am not so quick to doubt my own sanity, or the experiences i have had, even if others do, because i KNOW what i have lived.

Even if we get answers to all the questions we can think of, those answers bring more questions. Do you know i still have questions. I am a questioning maniac...ha ha!! I think they run from me at times!!! Not because they don't want to answer...but because i never stop having questions! ha!! And sometimes they have no way to translate certain things at all. From their language into ours.

What most impresses me is that those ETs i have known, have stuck around, in spite of all the difficulties. They have stuck around in spite of the fact they don't have to. It is not that there are not difficulties that come into play. Sometime it takes time to get answers you seek. Sometimes they do not give them ALL!! They say people will get too dependent on them and loose sight of themselves as a worthy, living being who is just as special.

They do expect that you work for things...just as they did/do when studying you/your world.

When two people here do not know each other, and are attempting to do so, there are always misunderstandings and such that occur. Even more so does that occur when attempting to bridge the gap between a person here, and a being from out there. So there are always questions, always problems that do arise. The question then is they stay and see it through? Do they come back and are they as kind/loving, even in the midst of problems? If people cannot handle the differences between each other here between humans, in loving ways, they are probably not ready for 'contact' as those differences can be far greater. As i have said, it is not the EASY road. Those i have known, i call benevolent. I have been treated kinder and with more love by them, than i have by most people in my life. They don't always tell me what i want to hear, they don't always tell me what i want to know (in time answers come, it builds patience).

There are many different types of beings out there. There are others, that have had past lives here as well. These types are the ones that have the most understanding, love and compassion for people here. Have to give credit where credit is due. They do have the most power 'out there' too. Job wise and on a personal level. And it is inspiring when met with the levels of love/compassion etc...they have within them. They have moved past their ‘incarnation cycle'. They have BEEN HERE before, many times. They too are very humble, from what i have experienced and seen. They already KNOW how hard it is down here, and have similar experiences to what it is like to walk here. They also know the absolute VILE things that go on which I described before. They know it is not easy, they also have very high respect for those that walk here and try to live the ways of their world ‘out there', because it is so hard to do in this world with the way it is now. As above, so might surprise you how much these ones do know! There is no 'holier than thou' attitude within them, which is against all they stand for. And they too have had questions which indicates they do not know it all. They do not take offense to questions given them in return. At least not those i have found. I was shocked one time at the knowledge one of them had in reference to Earth. I asked...HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS? Naturally i thought they would not know things to the degree that is possible, because they were 'out there' perception! They said, i had lives on Earth before. I sat with my mouth hanging open...ha ha!

The ET's i know do love humanity. They do specify however, they don't love all the ways we live and treat each other.

If you ask in a forceful demanding way and are angry, you might not get an answer. But that is your fault. You were not living the ways of love, honor and respect. So if you TRULY live it, you can get your answers. (you do not have to attain perfection either...if you are going to that on your own time, not when you have a chance to ask questions...ha ha...being humble is also a definite plus). They do radiate a kindness and love from within that needs no words to KNOW what it is. There are no words to describe that when you see it/feel it. If you are hell bent on getting answers, and an angry person, one that is demanding, one that will blame ET's for the problems on earth, one that will not be understanding in general etc...your chances of contact are very slim if not none. Not to mention having lasting contact. If you are emotionally clingy, it is another thing that can drive it away, and also injure you. IF something does contact you at that point, i can say it probably won't be a great experience. Again love ye one another, it goes both ways. You have to hang onto those loving ways no matter where you walk, and what is thrown at you...always! You might have to work your way through several/many different ET's before you find one you click with. Just like 'friends' here.

They know many things about this world, because they have telepathy, not to mention equipment. And they can check into things that most people here cannot. They can know the secrets of any government, and do. They have been studying too. They KNOW the level of corruption, the liars, the game players, the vindictive angry one that spites others, the cold blooded killers etc...And when coming from a world that does not have it, they fear these things. Why don't regular people HERE go into 'high crime areas' at night? Most people stay far away from the real dangerous areas down here. Same concept. So fear on both sides, interestingly enough. This is a high crime rate planet. In deed, and also in thought. Many think things all the time but don't act on them. The ET's don't even have the THOUGHTS pop in. They do have their fears of us. One of the bigger ones is that humans would try to FORCE them into living/being HUMAN, as the only way to be. Or try to make them fit into OUR perceptions of how things are or should be. Because people do that to each other here every day. In religions, in life, in families. So fear on both sides.

There is fear here on our side over all the things we don't understand from ‘out there'. And there is fear as I’ve said on their side too. The only thing that combats fear is love and kindness and eventually understanding if you get that far. Why do they keep talking to us about all these qualities? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO TALK TO US TOO. If you don't think there are some pretty frustrated loving ones out there...think again. How do people here feel when they have been SERIOUSLY MISREPRENSENTED, lied about, stories circulating all around, half of it crap, etc…When the loving beings begin to look like they are not real to people here...what does that tell you? What is happening down here that this could be??? People say as above so below, and then negate loving ET's? Does that also mean there are no loving people left in your world too? Could it be that you are mistaken to believe that? They do exist and are already involved in this world, i KNOW it factually. Besides, if you do not believe, then odds of contact with any of these types is none. Nothing manifests that you don't believe in. Why should they? It again is OUR perception.

The only way this can work between the ET and the human, is if love/kindness and understanding are firmly a part of you. Contact is a life changing, soul shaking experience, so is all that comes after it. And just because they talk to you, does not mean they will talk to your family, or friends etc...The things coming from it all will continue to be reality/soul shaking...ha! It is because there are so many misconceptions, and misunderstandings that can occur when things 'begin'. Tolerance is a must. So is patience. Some people are driven mad because they demand answers, and then when they do not receive them "IN THEIR ALLOTED TIME"...they go crazy (sometimes literally). A firm grip on oneself and the emotions is a must. They will wait two years if you are freaking out, until it stops, so that they do no permanent damage. Don't grip YOUR reality too much ha will change!

Another thing that stops things: to them 'time' is nothing...
Earth is the only place i'm told that keeps 'time'. Don't forget, we are the ones that understand OUR NUMBER SYSTEM!! IT IS NOT THEIRS! So numbers in general can be WAY OFF from the actual truth. It could just be because there was a misunderstanding of OUR NUMBER SYSTEM.

These beings have their own lives too that they are living. They cannot just sit by the hour because we demand it. People here can get down right obnoxious many times if they don't get things their own way. Get used to it. It is a way of life once one steps on to the path of contact...ha ha! And nothing ever goes as ANYONE plans!!!

Sense of humor is very different. It is just as diverse out there depending on who you meet etc...What makes us laugh is not always the same thing as what makes them laugh. And again it depends on the being you are involved with. And even here, we have diversity in what makes us laugh. Yes there are ET's with a sense of humor. Some have a really broad one. In the humor area, sometimes we are similar. Depends on the being. I have laughed at something and they sit and look at you with a straight face. Which i happen to find even funnier...ha ha!! Then they ask you why you are laughing at that? (curious again). Again, not always is that explainable even to us. So now you sit and say, heck if i's just funny! Then you get in return, 'you don't know why you laugh?' They look at you like you are strange for not knowing why you do/feel what you do AGAIN...ha ha! How does one explain humor? It's ok, i have done that to them too: There are things they find funny that i don't. So I say....what's so funny? They look at you in the same way you do to them if the situation were reversed. Which makes me crack up...then i say...i guess we are not so very different after all are we? hee hee! Funny there are many similarities, and yet so many differences. They say we look strange sometimes because our faces are ‘like rubber' ha ha...(we are expressive) SOME of them don't have that as much, not that they do not have EMOTIONS however. They also have their moods, just as we do...I don't understand the information i have read about ET's not having moods, when they very definitely DO! i have not really had many experiences with those though...

Also IMO we should not be too critical of the parent/child relationship that some people have had with their ETs. Maybe for them it was necessary!! All forms of love are ok...that is what i think. To each his/her own! No ONE WAY, or TWO WAYS, even a third way, should be forced. You might be embarking on a 3rd way of...7...8. And you may find out down that road, there is still more yet!

The ETs have many questions, and so does the human when this whole thing starts That is expected and known. Those i deal with deal 'soul to soul'/person to person. They do not present themselves like this "we are from the federation..we are known as the Andromeda group" . They do not deal in ‘collective' type things. Not that they cannot do those things 'out there'. But they usually contact one on one. Those i know say "hi (insert your name)...then...(i am...(insert their name)." They do give their name too eventually. It is more individualized. And that is because YOU AS A PERSON...are SPECIAL!! All the care in the world should be taken by those you deal with, and those who deal with you!!

We are ALL individuals in reality. The only difference is they are further along in LIVING Love, honor and respect en masse. Ok and their telepathy abilities are beyond ours, not that we cannot get there. But they do it 24/ is a way of life...there are no secrets IMO.

I take a chance in this forum because i trust people won't be cruel, even if you want to think i am crazy or whatever...ha ha! You still have to pity me tho! ha ha ha!! Pity the insane!

But it would be nice if people take what i offer, as a POSSIBILITY.

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posted on Mar, 4 2005 @ 09:03 PM
This contactee reads like many I have read before. He/she/it even has a hard time communicating with humans in this text because a lot of it just read as very disjointed to me. And all the random "ha ha!"s included in there have me just as perplexed as the ETs this person has been in contact with.

Anyway this contactee still does not address some of the biggest issues I have with this subject. That being of why no full disclosure by ETs themselves. Sure we all have our ideas of why this is so, but since the subject is so secret I can never be sure. If ETs have such issues with how we live our lives, and our governments are doing nothing but ensuring we can't change how to live, then why not simply come out, show themselves, and let us all decide who is right and wrong and what way our lives should be lived from that point onward. Our governments would be outed as being liars and crooks of the highest order and faith in them would be destroyed. It should go a long way to establishing more of this harmony that ETs so wish to be had on this planet. Alas, that has yet to happen.

I'm glad this contactee decided to have some discussion on what the ETs know about our governments. Its rare that I read any contactee describe what ETs know concerning what our governments do to conspire against us on this subject. I personally feel that ETs do know what is going on and are trying to rectify the situation, but I guess since I'm on the outside looking into the subject I will continue to have frustration in knowing exactly what is being done.

As for ETs claiming reincarnation is real and that some have lived past lives here, I'm still unsure on this thing since I and most others on this planet continue to have no recollection of those past lives. You would think we all would remember them to some degree if reincarnation is such an absolute fact of life as some ETs make claim.

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