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how to fish amongst fisherman's

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posted on Aug, 9 2019 @ 05:00 PM
Me and my dad would often go fishing on the lake next to where I grew up.

I always found it a bit boring to be honest, and there is a lake and i could swim in there, but people fishing are not very fond of kids swimming.

I stay on land wondering around i get to see all these fisherman's with all their equipment, and baits, and techniques. Each with what he has trying to catch the biggest or the most fish.
I learned a lot about fishing and myself, sitting there with my dad watching the waters and never loosing the floater out off sight!

The slightest ripple on your floater and you pull the rod, sometimes they bite sometimes they don't.

It gets quickly boring only looking at the floater.
The tricky part is to watch the waters for bigger fishes and always keeping an unconcious eye on the floater.

Three basic rules for a successful fish.

Know the waters!

Is it Shallow or deep, sweet or salt, flowing or stagnant.

Know the fishes!

Small fish or big fish, predator or herbivore.

Know the other fisherman's

who fishes for what, how, where, and why!

The secret rule the biggest fish can only be catched once and by all!

"Fisherman's friend!
If it's to strong you are to weak!"

Sincerely NoClue


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